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Mastermind Primary Breakdown?

Umagon 23

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Thugs, top tier nice mix of aoe and single target, does not have to wait until 32 for aoes

Demons, top tier, same as thugs but more varied damage


Beast/Ninja, mid tier, melee, single target damage for the most part.  beasts are a newer set and have more tools to survive a bit better

Bots, low tier pre 32, top tier post-32.  ever since thugs came out its like regen to willpower or SS to StJ.  Still amazing


Mercs and Necromancy are low tier always.

Mercs are held down by lethal damage, a low damage tier2 and being unable to control its CC abilities is meh.  And the short range on a few attacks of the commando.  narrow aoes are also a turnoff

Necromancy pets are slow, watching them go downhill is agonizing because of their landing animation that plays every.  god.  damn.  inch. they. fall.

Tier1 zombies have a lack of attacks

Tier2 zombies are mostly lethal and kinda bug out because sometimes they cant decide if they are melee or ranged

Tier3 zombie is also low damage and since his CC abilities cannot be controlled it can use its hold at the start of a fight, or as the target is keeling over

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