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Water/Martial Blapper Build Help


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There's plenty of other options to Blap other than Martial. 

But Martial is CRAZY good fun. 


If you can squeeze it in, I recommend the Experimentation Pool as well.  Speed of Sound/Jaunt, <filler>, Adrenalin Boost.

The Combination of Burst of Speed and Jaunt will let you pretty much bamph around the battlefield at will.  

Pop directly into melee unless a few attacks, Bamph out to range, and blast away. 

Melee gets close?  Bamph, now you're 30 feet away and across the Whirlpool or Tar Patch or Freezing Rain or whatever your team has. 

and Adrenalin Rush is just a very tasty thing to have on tap. 


Don't overlook Ki Push and the Kicks.  

Ki Push is a mag 4 hold (gets bosses in one hit) for 4 seconds and does ragdolling after.  That's like 6 seconds of free hits on anything less than an EB.

The Kicks can easilly knockdown mobs, ragdolling them until Ki Push is back up. 


Admittely, if you're AE'ing for a team, you're probably not using Ki Push at all.

But it reallllly makes your life easier soloing.  And it's hilarious to watch.

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