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Weekly Discussion 65: Build Your Own Powerset Suggestions

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This information was way too much for one spoiler in our thread. So I'm posting our weekly findings here and will link it to the suggestion thread that is pinned. 


*Note most of these were copied directly from players - so please excuse the spelling errors. ūüėĄ


Here is a link to the forum thread for the weekly discussion

Here is a forum post on recycling power sets, I didn't want to pick favorites, so ill link it here: Some great stuff here!


Popular Ideas Without Extra Info:

  • Sorcery Blast
  • Melee Affinity Sets
  • Whip Assault/Melee
  • Munitions Control
  • Sniper Blast
  • Staff Blast
  • Poison Control


Full fledged Power Sets:


Mastermind Primary


Praetorian Police Squad @Megawatt



The Thin line between order and Chaos, the few, the proud of the Praetorian Police department are here to serve and you have the honor of leading a small number of them. FOR PRAETORIA!

T1 - Force Gauntlet (Bolt): a single charged shot fired from your force gauntlet - its not enough to put a rebel down but it may keep them off you long enough for backup to arrive (Basic blast, maybe a KB)

T2 - Summon Trooper: Activate an emergency beacon to call in 1-to-3 PPD Troopers, they have your back. (i dont know if there could be a third like Pyro or not, maybe trooper 3 is a surpressor with a couple of force cage like stuns ?)

T3 - Force Gauntlet (Burst): rapid fire tripple shot from your Force Gauntlets (Energy blast so possibly a stagger or KB chance?)

T4 - Threat Escalation Protocols: Authorizes your squad to escalate to more agressive methods, its really too bad the hostiles didnt surrender when they had a chance (standard upgrade, probably just adds attacks and such)

T5 - Force Gauntlet (Cage): some times the best way to handle a threat is to lock it down while you focus on more pressing matters. (works as a Stun or Hold)

T6 - Summon Justicar(s): when the going gets tough Justicar's can be called in to provide heavier backup, Useful for strike breaking or door breaching (Summons two Justicars)

T7 - Flash and Clear: Some times the enemy comes in overwhelming numbers, thankfully you are equipped for that - employing your force Gauntlet on overload to create a bright flash and concussion to stun enemies in an area around to allow you and your squad to work.

T8 - Summon Sargent: this officer is the one that's really in charge of the squad, or so the old wisdom goes, Sergent's come equipped with the best equipment among the unit includeing a few extra tricks that may not technically be regulation. (equivalent of a commando obviously)

T9 - Extreme Measures: some times the odds are against you and there's dangerous work to do, thats when you authorize extreme measures, going weapons free with lethal options (including possibly force grenades and other fun toys)



Malta Cell @Megawatt



T1 - Burst:  Short. controled. Bursts! not those wild trigger pulls some folks prefer

T2 - Summon TacOps: Call in a black helicopter or SUV loaded with the offensive side of your cell (calls in 1-to-3 Malta TacOps)

T3 - Marksman Shot: a single well aimed shot is usually all thats needed to bring down a normal foe, let's hope this one at least hurts the meta (a single damageing shot, give it the sniper annimations but it doesnt have to BE a sniper shot)

T4 - Go Loud:  The time for subtlety is at an end, it's go loud or go home (basic upgrade)

T5 - Shock Net: For when you dont wish to kill the Meta or their supporter but bring htem in for questioning you can deploy your launcher to do so (limited stun or similar, maybe with the electrical control cage effect for the duration)

T6 - Summon Operations Unit: Heavy support can be had in the form of the Operations unit, consisting of the often seen Operations Engineer....and the rarely seen Operations Gunner. (Ops engineer maybe with out the turret but with a shotgun and some Debuff ability, give the gunner a big backpack and a heavy minigun )

T7 - Sapper Grenade: What do Meta's hate the most ? thats right a sapper gun.....yours may not actually be a full sapper gun but you have an experimental underslung sapper module to introduce them to the concept. (an AOE sapper attack - give this to actual malta too it will be hilarious!))

         Alternate T7- Suppressing Fire: Hose down an area with bullets to keep the enemies heads down (Minimal damage but holds or stuns or fears enemies in the targeted area.)

T8 - Summon Gunslinger: He's got spurrs that jingle jangle jingle and he's here to kick Metahuman behind at your command

T9 - Thermopylae Protocol:  Thanks to advances in technology you can remotely activate the nanite enhancements in your cells equipment, now it's an even playing field. (i am not sure what all this would do upgrade wise though i'd love to see the OPs Gunners heavy machine gun turn into a Railgun and the Gunslinger get laser pistols or somthing)



Time Gladiators @Drakwatch



‚ÄúYou summon forth warriors from the depths of time and the far future to fight under your command. Time Gladiators have a variety of training and fighting styles to counter nearly every situation and can be improved with additional armor and abilities.‚ÄĚ


Features a crossbow as a primary attack -  could customize from wrist crossbow or full size crossbow.


T1 - Crossbow Shot: Ranged, Minor Damage (Lethal)

T2 - Summon Warriors: Summon 1-3 Warriors

Calls forth one to three Warriors (depending on your level) to fight for your glory. These warriors will be a Samurai, a Viking, and a Cowboy.

Samurai - Katana, Invuln.

Viking - Battle Axe, Shield

Cowboy - Dual Pistols, Frag Grenade (dynamite)

T3 - Crossbow Volley: Ranged (Cone) Moderate Damage (Lethal)

T4 - Armorer: Ranged, Train Time Gladiators

Upgrades armor for smashing and lethal resistance and unlocks additional abilities.

T5 - Exploding Bolt: Ranged, Area of Effect, Lethal, Foe Knockdown

T6 - Summon Challengers: Summon 1-2 Challengers

You summon two powerful Challengers to fight for your glory; a cyborg from the future and a Falconeer from the Roman Empire. These Challengers have various buffing abilities and can do various forms of damage. 

Cyborg - Nano Heal (single target heal over time) + Recov, Pulse Rifle Blast, Seeker Drones (?)

Falconeer - Call hawk, Caltrops (?), Call ravens, Tactics

T7 - Rally Gladiators: Toggle PBAoE Henchmen, +Dam, +Res for every foe defeated. Stack to 6

T8 - Summon Mecha Champion: Summon 1 Mecha Champion

You summon an incredibly powerful robotic mecha champion from the future. This champion is massive and uses energy fusion attacks to obliterate foes. You can only summon 1 at a time.

Mecha Champion - Fusion Smash, Fusion Crush, Fusion Blast, Earthshaker, Grant Force Field, Invuln. (See Gotterdammerung from Summer Blockbuster event. This is a less powerful version. It would also be melee focused in regards to Assault Bot from Robotics. Could also use Titan Weapons, and Invuln as well.)

T9 - Pollice Verso: Ranged, Single Target Train Time Gladiator.

You single out a gladiator of your choosing - This gladiator gains resistance to mez effects, increased accuracy, and a recharge and speed boost to all attacks, and gains a taunt aura. Depending on the gladiator, if the gladiator falls in battle, the Mastermind and all summoned henchmen gain this effect: T2 Henchmen, +Resistance + Recovery, T6 Henchmen, + Dam, + Acc, or T8 Henchmen, +Heal +Resist Mez +Def +Recharge.


Knights @ZorkNemesis



The ranged powers in this set involve a two-handed crossbow, and would be available for at least recoloring via tailor.  Said crossbow is used by many foes already, such as Luddies, CoT Guides, and Warrior Earth/Battle Maiden.  Note that this isn't a bow compatible with Trick Arrow, so be careful of redraws.


T1: Crossbow - You fire a shot from your crossbow.  Deals minor lethal damage but reloads quick.  Damage: Minor, Recharge: Fast


T2: Call Squires - You summon up to three squires to aid you in battle.  These knights in training aren't too powerful but their armor and training make them competent fighters in melee.

-Squires wear leather armor and have minor resistance to Smashing and Lethal damage.  The melee Squires also gain Melee defense and further S/L thanks to having a shield with the second upgrade.  Squires are also resistant to Taunt and Placate effects

-The first Squire wields a shortsword and does lethal damage with his attacks

--Base attacks: Hack and Slash, First upgrade grants Slice, Second upgrade grants Deflection (a Shield) as well as Headsplitter, his sword is upgraded from a shortsword to a longsword

-The second Squire wields a cudgel and deals smashing damage

--Base attacks: Bash and Pulverize, First upgrade adds Crowd Control (the mace attack), second upgrade adds a Deflection and Shatter and his cudgel is upgraded to a war mace

-The third Squire is an Archer.  He will remain at range and attack with a longbow instead of melee weapons, but can Brawl enemies that get too close.

--Base attacks: Snapshot and Aimed Shot, First upgrade adds Blazing Arrow and a weaker version of Aim, second upgrade adds Fistful of Arrows and Stunning Shot


T3: Steady Shot - You take aim with your crossbow and strike at a vital area on your foe.  This attack deals more damage than Crossbow and has a small chance to knock them down.  Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Moderate


T4: Train Knights - By providing additional training to your knights, you can permanently increase their effectiveness in combat.  Descriptions of upgrades are with the pets themselves.


T5: Explosive Crossbow - Your crossbow bolt is fitted with a payload that explodes on impact.  This attack deals moderate damage to all targets in range and can knock them back.  Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Long

-The animation for this can easily be pulled from Luddite Crusaders or the Maria Jenkins version of Battle Maiden


T6: Call Knights - You summon up to two Knights to aid you in battle.  These knights are fierce melee combatants who also strive to protect their charges.  They bring to the battle a strong blade and a strong shield, granting defense to their fellow Knights pets. 

-Knights are fitted with chainmail, granting them more resistance to S/L than the Squires.  They also come with a shield granting them defense to Melee.  With the first upgrade they gain Grant Cover to provide additional defense to nearby Knights pets, much like Thugs Enforcers.  They are also resistant to Fear, Taunt, and Placate

-The first Knight wields a longsword and deals lethal damage

--Base Attacks: Hack, Slash, Slice.  First upgrade grants Throwing Knives, Parry and Grant Cover, second upgrade grants Battle Agility (extra ranged defense), Disembowl and Whirling Sword

-the second Knight wields a war mace and deals smashing damage

--Bast Attacks: Bash, Pulverize, and Crowd Control.  First upgrade grants Throwing Knives, Whirling Mace, and Grant Cover. Second upgrade grants Battle Agility, Clobber, and Jawbreaker


T7: Crusade - You champion your cause and empower your knights.  For a short while, any of your pets in Supremacy range will receive an additional damage, to-hit, and resistance bonus to all damage.  They will also receive protection from most status effects.  Recharge: Very Long

-This power probably needs something to make it less generic


T8: Call Champion - You summon a Champion to assist you in battle.  The Champion is a noble and honorable warrior who has faced many opponents in battle.  He also seeks to protect those who are loyal to him as well as the ones he is loyal to and will frequently draw attention to himself rather than allow his foes to attack those weaker than him.

-The Champion is equipped with Plate Armor, granting him even more resistance to S/L damage.  He also has considerable combat experience giving him some extra resistance to Cold and Toxic damage.  He wields a Titan Weapon in lieu of a one-handed weapon and shield.  He will Taunt opponents whenever he can, forcing their attention on himself.  He has minor resistance to all status effects and extra resistance to Fear, Confuse, Taunt, Placate, and minimal resistance to Knockback, but stronger KB effects will still cause him to fall.

--Base Attacks: Taunt, Defensive Sweep, Crushing Blow.  First upgrade gives him Dull Pain, Follow Through, and Titan Sweep, second upgrade grants Rise to the Challenge (Willpower aura with a taunt effect), Whirling Smash and Arc of Destruction


T9: Upgrade Knights - Additional training and equipment can turn the tide of battle.  This ability will permanently upgrade your Knights with new powers and equipment.


Duplication @Tyrannical



You possess the ability to create duplicates of yourself. Duplicates exist as a near exact mirror copy of yourself, and as such possess very few abilities all of their own, but have the potential to overwhelm your foes with an array of surprise attacks. Their ability to think and act as a sort of 'hive mind' comes with a number of benefits that set them apart from your average henchmen, allowing them a greater means of defense when close to one another, and possessing an inherent resistance to mind-altering affects.


 Flanking Strike: Ranged, Moderate Damage (Smashing), Foe -Def

You create a temporary copy nearby a foe that strikes them with their fist before disappearing into nothing. The unexpected strike reduces their defense.


Create Simulacrums: Summons up to three Simulacrums

Summon up to three Simalacrums. Simalacrums are basic duplicates that possess little power of their own, able to use similar means of attack as the Mastermind. You can only have three Simalacrums under your control at any given time, if you attempt to create more Simalacrums, you can only replace the ones you have lost in battle. If you already have three, the power will fail.

Tier 1 Powers: Brawl, Flanking Strike, Unity (+Def nearby other Pets, +Res Psionics, Taunt, Placate, Confuse, Perception Debuff)

Tier 2 Powers: Boxing, Ambushing Blow

Tier 3 Powers: Kick, Surprise Attack


Ambushing Blow: Ranged, High Damage (Smashing), Foe -Def

You create a temporary copy nearby a foe that delivers a heavy and unexpected blow, reducing their defense.


Improve Duplicates: Ranged, Improve Duplicates

You hone the image of your duplicates and imbue them with additional power. This bestows new powers and abilities upon your duplicates. The powers gained are unique and dependent on the duplicate you improve. This power only works on your duplicates, and you can only improve a duplicate once with this power.


Surprise Attack: Cone, Moderate Damage (Smashing), Foe -Def

You create several temporary copies by your side that charge the enemy, the sudden appearance of these copies throws off your foes defense.


Create Clones: Summons up to two Clones

Summon up to two Clones. Clones are near exact copies of the Mastermind, and possess an aptitude for duplicity, often catching foes unaware and confusing their location. When upgraded, these Clones can even conceal themselves and deliver critical hits from stealth, and make use one of your initial secondary powers. You can only have two Duplicates under your control at any given time, if you attempt to create more Duplicates, you can only replace the ones you have lost in battle. If you already have two, the power will fail.

Tier 1 Powers: Initial Strike, Flanking Strike, Unity (+Def nearby other Pets, +Res Psionics, Taunt, Placate, Confuse, Perception Debuff)

Tier 2 Powers: Heavy Blow, Ambushing Blow, Placate

Tier 3 Powers: Surprise Attack, Hide, Power 1 from Secondary Powerset (higher Recharge/End cost)


Outnumber: Summons up to 10 Mimicries

You create a number of Mimicries. These Mimicries cannot be commanded like normal henchmen, nor will they appear in your pet window. you must select an enemy target to attack before activating Outnumber. The Mimicries are plentiful, but they are also weak, and are incapable of further copying themselves. Because of this, Mimicries can only use their fists to overwhelm your foe.

Powers: Brawl, Boxing, Kick or Initial Strike


Create Perfect Copy: Summon one Perfect Copy

Summons one powerful Perfect Copy. The Perfect Copy is completely identical to you, and can mimic many of your secondary powers. In addition, it aids in coordinating your other duplicates as if it were a mastermind itself, giving a boost to your inherent 'Supremacy' power. You can only have one Perfect Copy under your control at any given time, if you attempt to create more Perfect copies, you can only replace one you have lost in battle. If you already have one, the power will fail.

Tier 1 Powers: Flanking Strike, Power 1 from Secondary Powerset (higher Recharge/End cost), Unity (+Def nearby other Pets, +Res Psionics, Taunt, Placate, Confuse, Perception Debuff)

Tier 2 Powers: Ambushing Blow, Power 2/3 from Secondary Powerset (higher Recharge/End cost)

Tier 3 Powers: Surprise Attack, Power 3/4/5 from Secondary Powerset (higher Recharge/End cost)


Uncanny Image: Ranged, Improve Duplicates

You futher improve the image of your duplicates and imbue them with greater power. This bestows new powers and abilities upon your duplicates. The powers gained are unique and dependent on the duplicate you improve. This power only works on your duplicates, and you can only improve a duplicate once with this power.



Support Sets

Spirit Summoning @Darkneblade



Tier 1 [Spirit Touch] : (Melee range Click)You sap vitality of target healing you and nearby allies and giving enemies [Lingering Touch], -regen, -damage.

Tier 2 [Haunted Visions] : (Click)(Can only click ground)(Lasts 1 min?) You haunt target's mind and anyone near that giving enemies To hit debuff, -Recharge and pulse of Fear aura every few seconds.

Tier 3 [Spirit Insight] (Click) : You absorb some knowledge from defeated targets. Giving you and nearby allies +Perception, +To Hit and +Endurance discount. More enemy the more powerful buff up to 10 stacks. (Buffs have halved value if enemies are alive)

Tier 4 [Ethereal Presence] (Toggle) You and nearby allies masks presence with spirit touch. Giving you and allies +Stealth, +Def (All), Resistance to Energy, Negative Energy, Cold, Fire, Psionic. And protection to Confuse, Fear, Immobilize.

Tier 5 [Spirit Veil] (Click) You opened dimension between living world and spirit world for protection. Giving you and nearby allies +MaxHP +Regen and Resistance to Smash, Lethal, Psionic, Energy, Toxic.

Tier 6 [Summon Spirit] [Toggle] You summon spirit from spirit world for help. This spirit is intangible and does only debuff your targets but has taunt aura. Enemies that attacking spirit is terrorized. Giving them To hit debuff.
(Passive : To hit debuff aura with mag 3 fear that pulses every few seconds in melee range)

Tier 7 [Ethereal Walk] [Click] Your insights into how spirit works giving you edge against living world. You and nearby allies has increased +Recharge +Movement Speed and +Defense to all.

Tier 8 [Summon Ghost] [Click] You summon ghost from one of defeated enemies. Ghost is resistant to smash, lethal, negative energy, toxic, cold but vulnerable to energy, fire.

(Ghost attacks : Spirit Punch : Minor energy/smash damage with knockdown/damage debuff)
(Lingering Touch : Ghost touches living enemy. For 30 seconds after that if enemy is defeated, it automatically rises as ghost. For up to 10 ghosts may be active anytime.
(Alive enemies only = Gives them 3 mag stun with regen/recovery debuff.)

Tier 9 [Summon Wraith] [Click] You summon Vengeaful Wraith by sacrificing your ghosts. More ghosts you have before activating [Summon Wraith] the stronger the Wraith will become after summoning.

(Wraith : Ethereal Grip : Minor to High Smash/Negative Energy damage with To hit debuff. Chance to hold.)
(Lingering Touch: Same as ghosts.)
(Fearsome Stare)
(Dark Obliteration)
(Passive : +Def to All and +movement speed. Resistance same as ghosts.

(After Wraith dies it releases negative energy damage burst that terrorize nearby enemies.)

(You can technically summon Wraith without ghost. But it is only stronger then normal ghost little bit.)



Battle Tactics @Barneysaurus 



As a master of the battle field, you come with both preparations and presence.

Unique mechanic: Battle presence. As you continue to make tactical calls, any allies near your will gain confidence, boosting their courage.

This toughens them up and gives them greater endurance. (Stacking Passive PBAoE: +resistance, +max endurance with each recent Battlecry)


1. Coordinate fire!

Ranged, -Def/-Resistance (all) Battlecry

When this power is activated, you focus your senses to analyze your target's defensive capabilities and discover their weaknesses. All allies will strike the target more easily, and do more damage.

2. Med Pac

Targeted AoE heal

You toss a medical pack to targeted ally, which as it deploys heals them and any nearby allies.

3. Toughen up!

Ranged, ally +resistance +max Hp,+absorb Battlecry

You target an ally that may be weakening, and give them a commanding shout. Your presence and encouragement will instill them with vitality, causing them to be able to withstand much more punishment for a while.

4. Defibrillator

Ally revive

You are prepared for the worst- when an ally goes down, you have an advanced device at hand to get them quickly back on their feat, and back into the battle!

5. Hold Your Ground!

PBAoE Location, -KB, +Satus protection, +regeneration +endurance Battlecry

You shout the order the take the ground on which you stand. The area where you stand is marked, and all who rally there will be given a surge of endurance, will be more difficult to manipulate, and will recover from their wounds faster.

6. Battle gear

Location (summon) +damage/+defense

You call in a drop of munitions and armor to a chosen location. Any Ally can grab supplies from it. After doing so, their defense and damage will both be improved.

7. Charge!

PBAoE +Move speed +ToHit +Damage Battlecry

You sound the charge giving you and all nearby allies a burst of speed, and a surge of power and accuracy to all of your attacks.

8. Stun grenade

Small Targeted AoE +Stun (Mag 2)

You lob an advanced concussion grenade at a foe and any nearby enemies, causing many to be disoriented for a short time.

9. Last Stand

Location toggle (timed) +resistance +Absorb +Recovery +revive(AoE) +AoE Heal per resurrect  Battlecry

You make a final stand....all nearby allies will have greatly increased resistance to enemies' attacks, able to absorb far more damage, and will fight on tirelessly. Any fallen allies nearby will be revive, and any of the suddenly arisen allies' presence will give you and all nearby allies a burst of vigor and health. This will remain active for a time, but you and your allies will only be able to fight on for so long. Choose when and where to make your final stand carefully!


Comment: This would be the natural style support set. While there are some armaments involved, most of the set is meant to use your character's presence and experience, choosing the right moment to pivot any battle with the right calls.


Natural pairings:

Mercenaries/Thugs (MM)

Assault rifle/Dual pistols/Archery (Corr/Def)

Mind control (Controller)



Grenade Support @Megawatt


Tier 1: Web Grenade: Foe Immobilize, -Fly, - Recharge
Tier 2: Glue Grenade: Area Effect, Slow, -Recharge
Tier 3: Foam Grenade: Moderate Dot (Crushing), Hold, -recharge, -speed
Tier 4: Flash Grenade: Enemy blind, -acc
Tier 5: Wide Area Foam Grenade: same effects the foam grenade but more targets
Tier 6: Acid Grenade: Dot, Stun
Tier 7: Anti-friction grenade: works like ice slick
Tier 8: Sonic Grenade: foe -resistance (All)
Tier 9: Gun Drone: summon a small hovering gun drone



Devices Control @Drakwatch



You are a master of various gadgets, tools, explosives, and techniques used for area denial, incapacitating foes, and controlling the battlefield.


T1 - Electrified Bolas - You hurl a pair of electrified bolas at your target, shocking and entangling them.
Ranged, Moderate DoT (energy), Foe Immobilize -Recharge, -SPD, -Jump, -Fly

T2 - Flashbang Pellets - You throw a bundle of flashbang pellets in a wide cone in front of you, blinding and disorienting everyone caught in it’s range.  Additionally, the explosives in the pellets burn over time.
Ranged (Cone), Moderate DoT (Fire), Foe Disorient, -Acc

T3 - Acid Foam Grenade - You toss an experimental sticky foam grenade at your target. The foam expands in a chain reaction to nearby targets, slowing and immobilizing them, while noxious fumes choke them.
Ranged (Chain AoE), Minor DMG (Toxic) Foe Immobilize -Recharge, -SPD

T4 - Sonic Locator Device - You deploy a device that sends a wide sonic pulse around you, pinging the location of hidden enemies. This gives you and your teammates a chance to prepare for attack, increasing accuracy, perception, and resistance to damage.
PBAoE Team, +To-Hit, +Res (All), +Perception

T5 - Sleeping Gas Pellets - You throw a bundle of gas pellets laced with a narcotic chemical.  All affected targets may succumb to the narcotic effect of the gas and will fall asleep. The targets will remain asleep for some time, but will awaken if attacked.
Ranged (Cone), Minor DMG(Smash), Foe Sleep

T6 - Acoustic Hailing Device - You deploy a sonic device that sends ear piercing audio-kinetic pulses in a wide range. The sonic pulses damage the inner ears of those caught in it’s area of effect, incapacitating and throwing them off balance.
Ranged (Location AoE), Foe Hold, Moderate DoT (Smashing / Energy)  -Res,

T7 - Electrified Razor Wire - You throw an expanding bundle of electrified barbed wire at a location of your choosing. Enemies caught in the wire are cut and shocked, immobilizing and slowing those who try to escape.
Ranged (Location AoE), High DoT (energy / lethal), Foe -SPD, Foe Immobilize

T8 - Guard Dog - You summon your trusty Guard Dog, a helpful canine companion who can knock down and scare foes, and help track down targets, increasing your accuracy.

Bite (Melee, Minor DMG(Lethal), Foe Minor DoT(Lethal)),
Resistance (Resistance (Auto, Res ( S25 L25 F15 C35 E15 N50 P20 T50 ), Res(Sleep, Immobilize, Hold, Stun, Knockback, Knockup),
Charge (Ranged, High DMG(Smash), Foe Knockdown, Self Teleport )
Intimidating Bark (Ranged, Foe Fear)
Tactics (PBAoE, +Acc, +Perception)



Martial Control @Darkneblade



Tier 1 : [Crippling Finger] : You cripple enemies movement by damaging target's pressure/weak point. (Melee ST Immobilize moderate lethal DoT. - Fly/jump )

Tier 2 : [Pressure Kick] : You damaged target's vital pressure/weak points with pressured kick making them vulnerable to further damage and locking them in pain. (Melee ST Hold moderate smash damage. Special = %5 Resistance debuff.)

Tier 3 : [Spinning Kick] : You spin your legs while targeting enemy's pressure/weak points to launch them into air. (Melee Cone Immobilize(After knockup) Minor Smash DoT. Special = Knockup - Fly/Jump)

Tier 4 : [Thunder Kick] : You strike enemy with your kick so hard that enemies left disoriented and crippled. (Melee ST Stun Minor Smash DoT. Special = -Recharge/Speed/Movement)

Tier 5 : [Hypnotizing Strike] You strike your nimble fingers on targets vital pressure/weak points and making them sleep. (Melee ST Sleep. Special = -Recharge/Speed/Movement after sleep is broken) [No Aggro]

Tier 6 : [Limitbreak] : You break your limit by pressing vital pressure points. (Toggle Self: +Recharge +Movement Speed +MaxHP +MaxEND.)
(Toggle off only : After toggle drops either by loss of endurance or mez you get status protection to all. (So it acts essentially as breakfree) And enemies near you will terrorized with penalty to their movement speed recharge and damage. Possible you get +stealth or regen/recovery as well.

Tier 7 : [Throw Sand] : You grab some nearby debris and fling it towards a nearby foe, obstructing their vision and dazing them. (Ranged Cone Foe Stun, -Perception.) (This is taken from Martial Combat)

Tier 8 : [Martial Aura] : You unleash your aura on nearby foes weakening them and lock them in fear. (PBAoE Hold) (Special = -Damage -To hit)

Tier 9 : [Distorted Perception] You strike on special pressure/weak points. Targets unable to move and locked in slowed perception. (Melee (Targeted AoE) Stun. Minor Smash DoT (-Recharge/Speed/Movement and (Perception/Range Debuff after Stun is broken)



Tech Control @Mainframe



Wire Grenade (T1): Immobilize, does some S/L damage, jams up Flight. Standard web grenade FX, maybe colored grey/metallic.


Mega Taser (T2): Hold, Energy Damage DoT. Fires a short stream of lightning into the target, the Hold FX is the 'twitch in place' animation, maybe with some sparks coming off.


Sonic Disruptor (T3): Cone AoE Disorient, Smashing/Energy damage, small -Damage Resistance. Uses the Howl Sonic attack FX to weaken enemies.


Defense Drones (T4): PBAoE Toggle, Tiny Energy Damage, +Defense. Deploys 2 of the small 'targetting drones' that float around the Controller, which fire small lasers at enemies that get too close. Grants a bonus to Defense (particularly Ranged Defense).


Command Override (T5): Targetted AoE Confuse, affecting only Robots.  fires a small drone (or possibly psychic mind zap?) into the targetted area, which then Confuses all Robots, causing them to turn on their allies.  Maybe add a weak disorient or something to it for non-Robot enemies.

Smoke Bomb (T6): Targetted AoE.  has a chance to proc Confuse, Disorient, and Hold on enemies in the AoE.  Guaranteed to apply a small To Hit Debuff.  using the Venom Grenade FX.

Flamethrower (T7): Cone AoE Fear and Fire dmg DoT.  ideally the FX involves them catching fire and running around screaming.

Combat Drone (T8):  deploys a drone that attacks enemies.  Basically the Gun Drone from the Blaster Device Secondary.  Lower damage obviously.

Build the Robots (T9): the real standout power, Build the Robots plays the 'upgrading your robots' animation from Bots Masterminds on the Controller, which then replaces their appearance with that of a large mech suit (Minimum FX options available if you want to use your existing mech suit).  It acts as a Toggle, granting BIG buffs to damage and Resistance to the Controller, but at the cost of reduced speed.  The Toggle would be of the 'on for 1 minute, off for 4' variety, so that Controllers can't use it constantly, but can deploy their super suit when needed.


Insect Control @Blackfeather




Storm Armor @Mainframe


Zephyr (T1): Toggle, grants strong Defense, and very strong Ranged Defense
Hurricane (T2): PBAoE Toggle, knockdown, chance to proc cold and energy (electrical) damage
Gale Shield (T3): Toggle, more Defense, resist vs. Cold and Energy Damage
Windling (T4): Passive, +Speed, +Recharge, +Defense
Rain Wrap (T5): Toggle, Mez Protection, some small END Drain resist
Stormstruck (T6): Passive, boost to all Resists (except Toxic and Psi), Larger Boost for Cold and Energy
Vortex (T7): PBAoE.  Pull Toward, Knockdown, deals S/Cold Damage. 
Twister (T8): basically a weaker Lightning Rod, dealing S/Cold damage
Maelstrom (T9): Clickable, buffs Defense and Damage, doubles chance of Proc on Hurricane


Temporal Aura Darkneblade



Tier 1 : Past Sense: You learn from your mistakes in the past to overcome challenges ahead of you.
Toggle +Res to All. +Max HP +Special (Particular +Res values are increased if damage being done to this type Ex : Enemy deals smash damage. Smash resistance increased for 10 seconds. Total stacks is 5 stacks.If you use regression at 5 stacks enemies around you slowed and their resistance and damage decreased. And all 5 stacks is consumed.)

Tier 2 : Present Sense : You are moving at fast pace compared to others.
Auto +Recharge +Movement Speed +Special ( +Recharge and +Movement Speed are increased if you use Regression)

Tier 3 : Future Sense : You sense future of your timeline to predict future (duh).
Toggle +Defence to all -Def resistance. +Perception +To hit +Special (Def and To hit values are increased lower your HP gets.)

Tier 4 : Regression : You regress your body into past to heal wounds.
Click Heal +Recharge +Special (Heal now also include Heal over time for X seconds if you use Temporal Discharge)

Tier 5 : Erasure : You erase yourself from current timeline to make you invisible.
Toggle : +Stealth +Def to all. (This power becomes Phase Shift for 5 seconds without accompanying drawbacks of Phase Shift if you use it with Regression and making it Detoggled.)

Tier 5b: Forgetfullness(Stalker): You tap into teamstream to delete memories of foes around you making them forget you.
PBAoe : Placate. Self : +Recharge +Movement Speed

Tier 6 : Temporal Patch : You tap into timestream to change and alter temporal energies of certain area.
Click Location Aoe : Foe -Slow -Recharge -Defense. Self +Recharge +Movement Speed +Defense. (This power doesn't do anything if at least 1 Foe doesn't standing in patch.)

Tier 7 :Temporal Hijack : You select one foe, you and foe switch places in time.
Click Targeted Aoe  Foe Disorient, Slow. Self + Stun,Hold,Immobilize,Confusion,Terrorize Resistance. Slow and Recharge resistance. (Selected Foe will become stunned and rest of the foes CC'ed from various controls Confusion is most common one)

Tier 8 : Temporal Protection : You protect yourself from outside influence by making barrier of temporal energies around your body.
Toggle : Self +Absorb +Special Foe -Recharge -Damage (Absorb values are increased if you use Regression)

Tier 9 : Temporal Discharge : You discharge temporal energies around you causing anomaly around reality.
Click PBAOE. Foe Chance to Hold, Disorient,Confusion,Terrorize, Slow. Self. +Def +Recovery +Regen. +Special (Everything is increased if it is done in Temporal Patch)



Psionic Armor @Puma



This would a psy based armor set designed around keeping not just yourself, but the entire team alive. It offers less direct personal projection than other sets in exchange for more "team" protection. 

Tier 1: Telekinetic Aura: A resistance toggle to Smashing/Lethal/Psy

Tier 2: Pyrokinetic Shielding: A Resistance toggle to /Fire/Cold

Tier 3: Precognition: A Defense toggle to Energy/Neg/Toxic/AoE

Tier 4: Mental Fortitude: a status affect toggle that also offers strong def debuff resistance and moderate psy resistance.  


Tier 5: Brain Drain: A PBAoE power  where you briefly stun nearby foes and drain their endurance, increasing your own endurance and regeneration.  The more enemies in range, the more endurance and regeneration you'll gain, but the weaker the strength of the stun.  So in a mob, you get lots of end and regeneration but just stun the minions. In a small group less end/regen but stun the luits. One on one even a boss could be stunned.  (Foe -end, stun, self +HP/Regen)

Tier 6: Feedback loop:  You create a psychic feedback loop with either an ally or an enemy. It's a toggle tic over time.  If connected with an ally, you transfer your own hit points from yourself to the ally, healing them and slightly buffing their damage output (Ally heal, +DMG, self Damage over time);  If looped with an enemy, you drain HP from the enemy, lowering their maximum HP, to buff your own. It would reach its maximum potential on an enemy after 20 seconds and your boosted HP will last for 1 minute after the loop is ended (Foe -max HP, self +Max HP. ) 

Tier 7: Psionic Field:  A telekinetic field that gives you a nice Absorb layer while active. 

Tier 8: Astral Projection: You send out a psychic clone of yourself at a targeted location which draws aggro until it's defeated. Its attacks do no damage but will draw aggro onto itself, essentially doubling your aggro cap briefly and helping take incoming enemy damage from the team.  When it is defeated it releases a psychic burst of energy that does minor psychic damage to nearby foes and slows their recharge time.   

Tier 9: Psychic Empowerment:  You unleash your full psychic potential, surrounding yourself in a psionic bubble that gives resistance to all damage, +tohit, and heal over time to all teammates within range, and adds additional psychic damage to your own attacks. Like old school tier 9s this would have a long recharge and probably leave you exhausted.  



Density Alteration @Laenan



You are able to alter your body's density, either increasing or decreasing it, and otherwise using your altered weight and mass to your advantage.

Tier 1: Increased Volume: Your powers have increased your max HP and slightly increase your resistance to damage. (Max HP+ 10%, Resist All +5%)
Tier 2: High Density: (Toggle, High End Cost, +Resist(All))Your greatly increase the density of your body, gaining resistance to all damage types, and becoming virtually immune to knockback. However you will be so dense you will be unable to fly. This power will suppress while intangible and cannot be active at the same time as Low Density. (End Cost: .52/sec, Resist 30% (all), 30 points of knockback protection, self -fly 1000%)
Tier 3: Specific Gravity: (Toggle, AoE Slow, -Recharge OR AoE chance for stun) By greatly shifting your own mass, you create a small gravity well around you that will decrease the speed and recharge of nearby foes while in high density mode, or will have a chance to stun nearby foes in low density mode. (Mag 2 stun, 25% chance, Mag 3 vs mechanical enemies, 3 second duration, (End Cost: .33/sec)
Tier 4: Low Density: (Toggle: High End Cost, +Defense (All)) You lower your density allowing you to move more quickly to avoid more attacks. While active you also gain access to Intangibilty. (Intangibility- click power clone of the power pool set power, including cooldown and duration) This power cannot be active at the same time as High Density. (End cost: .52/sec, +12.5% def (all))
Tier 5: Pressure Equalization: (Auto: Protection against hold, sleep, stun, confuse, and immobilize effects, self minor healing when density changes) Regardless of your Density, you have become resistant to hold, sleep, stun, confuse, and immobilize effects. Additionally, when you shift from high density to low density mode, you will heal a small amount of hit points if you hadn't shifted recently. (1% self heal on activating either high density or low density toggle, 10 second cooldown.
Tier 6: High Buoyancy: (Self: Flight, increase max flight speed, +Defense(All), increased flight control, Low Density mode must be active) While in low density mode, your mass is low enough to fly with great control. (Defense(all) +1.88%, end cost .28/sec)
Tier 7: Mass Conservation (self Heal) You take a moment to realign your body's mass and heal restore some of your own hit points. (Recharge: 120 seconds)
Tier 8: Cannonball: (self teleport+ aoe damage + knockdown or stun (mag 3, mag 6 on machines only) You leap into the air, then into a group of enemies. While in high Density mode, this attack deals high damage and will knockdown foes that it strikes. While in low density mode, this attack deals moderate damage and has a chance to stun. The stun is more effective against robotic enemies as your low density form will disrupt their circuitry. (Animation could vary based on high vs low density mode if possible, high density would leave a brief impact crater like foot stomp, low density would be great if you briefly disappeared under the ground before popping back up)
Tier 9: Combat Phasing: (Click: self: chance for intangible when attacked) While this power is active you will automatically phase through some of your opponents' attacks, quickly altering your density back and forth. (Self: All attacks that would have hit you have a 25% chance to instead miss you. [When the effect triggers, Phased! will appear above your head] Duration: 30 seconds. Recharge: 180 seconds)



Super Speed Defense Set @Cyvert



Tier 1: Improved Senses - your budding speed has allowed you better reflexes, granting you some defense at all times as well as minor resistances and defense debuff resistance.

passive defense to ranged/aoe/melee 3.75%, defense, 7.5% resistance to all except psionic, debuff resistance 25%


Tier 2: Vibrational Shielding - you are capable of temporarily phasing your body out of sync with this dimension granting you resistance to various damage types. You also gain protection from some knockback effects. If you take the Phase Master power these effect is improved and also grants some defense while Phase Master is active.

Toggle 17.5% resistance to s/l/neg/en/fire, 3 points knockback protection. 7.5% additional s/l/neg/en/fire resistance if you have Phase Master as well as 50% toxic resistance and 5% defense and 25% defense debuff resistance and mag 9 kb protection while Phase Master is active.


Tier 3: Shocking Speed - your speed has begun to come more naturally granting you increased defense, defense debuff resistance and movement speed. This defense scales with lower HP. You also gain resistance to immobilize effects. You gain protection from immobilize and movement speed debuff resistance  if you have Phase Master.

toggle - 12.5% defense to melee/ranged/aoe, 15% defense debuff resistance , 25% movement speed, 85% resistance to immobilize, defense scales to 22% at 10% hp , Grants mag 6 immobilize protection and 85% slow resistance if you have phase master.


Tier 4: E=MC Squared - your knowledge of speed as it relates to matter allows you to regenerate at a faster pace than an average person by converting energy to health. You also gain a bonus to recharge speed.

This power grants a passive bonus to health regen and recharge but can be activated temporarily to increase these effects at the cost of endurance recovery and speed.

Passive: Regen buff 50%, recharge buff 25% Active: 150% regen, 75% recharge, - 33% endurance recovery rate, - 25% movement speed for 15 seconds. Active Duration 20 seconds, recharge on active ability 60 seconds (ignores recharge rate effects)


Tier 5 can choose one of three powers

Tier 5: Sonic Boom - You can accelerate to super sonic speeds, doing so in limited space around you causing a small sonic boom. This boom stuns and damages foes in the nearby area leaving them with less defense and resistance for a time. More challenging foes may not be stunned but will still have their defense and resistance reduced.

PBAOE 12ft, max targets 10, Mag 2 stun , damage = to a tier 1 attack, -5% defense, -7.5% resistance, recharge 15 seconds


Tier 5: Vortex - You sprint to a location and spin around a location so fast you create a vortex, pulling in enemies nearby, knocking them down and taunting them.

Location based AoE - 30 ft radius, 100 ft range, max targets 12 , pulls targets to center location, knock down and taunt targets, recharge 45 seconds


Tier 5: After Image - you move so fast you create an after image copy of your self. This after image deals no damage and fads away quickly but can temporarily taunt foes. Doing this causes some strain on you, reducing your damage for a while.

Summon clone of player character that fades out of existence after 3 seconds. Clone has a taunt aura twice the magnitude of a typical taunt aura. Summoning the clone causes the player to have a placate effect as well. 10% damage debuff for 12 seconds on player, self debuff can be stacked. Recharge 10 seconds.


Tier 6: Uncanny Resolve - you are so used to moving at faster speeds that the usual things that bog people down dont phase you as much. Additionally, the more foes you face the stronger your resolve gets, granting increased damage, these foes are taunted. Tougher foes also increase your protection to crowd control effects. You gain protection to crowd control effects (hold/sleep/stun (mag 3 scaling to mag 9 at level 50, also scales 1 mag for every boss , elite boss or AV in range). The damage buff effect is increased if Phase Master is active.

2% (5% with Phase Master active) damage buff per enemy in 16 ft pbaoe range, max 12 targets, mag 4 taunt for 15 seconds on enemies in range. Damage buff is 10% (20% with Phase Master Active) for each boss, elite boss and AV in range.


Tier 7 can choose one of two powers


Tier 7: Phase Master - you are so used to high velocity that phasing through dimensions is as easy as breathing for you.  You gain a passive bonus to your defense and resistance at all times. Phase Master can be activated to temporarily increase these effects as well as improving other powers you may have, but when the effect wears off you will be drained of some endurance and unable to taunt for a time.

3.75% defense to all (7.5% while active), 10% resistances to all (25% while active), 35 endurance drain after 25 seconds, player placate for 15 seconds after 25 second delay, duration of active effect is 25 seconds, recharge is 100 seconds (unaffected by recharge). This power reduces the endurance cost of flight and teleport by 50%.. Teleport Foe gains a damage effect equal to a tier 3 attack.


Tier 7: Velocity Master - you are highly adept at maneuvering at high speeds granting you improve accuracy, speed and mobility. You also gain access to all three tier 5 powers (these are unslottable variants that pop up in an extra power tray). 10% tohit buff, 15% run/fly/jump speed, +25% max fly/run/jump speed, +jump control, 15% recharge buff. This power also increases the damage of Flurry by 25%, and reduces the endurance cost of Jaunt, Super Speed and whirlwind by 50%.


Tier 8: Kinetic Divergence - you can siphon speed from your foes to aid yourself and allies healing you and providing an absorb shield and a recharge boost.

2% recharge buff 20 hp heal and 60 absorb shield per foe hit, max targets 10, PBAOE 30 ft, Hitting Bosses, elite bosses and AVs double these effects. Foes get -33% recharge for 20 seconds and -20% regen.

Recharge time 3 minutes. The heal effect and regen debuff are doubled if you have phase master, the absorb shield and recharge debuff are doubled if you have velocity master.


Tier 9: Super Luminary Outburst - you run around a target location so fast that you surpass the speed of light. Enemy targets in a 30ft radius of the center location have their tohit debuffed heavily and you transform into a being of pure energy. This form grants your attacks extra energy damage equal to 25% of the attacks damage. While transformed you gain 25% defense and 50% resistance to all damage. This transformation lasts for 45 seconds. Enemies hit by the tohit debuff effect have -45% tohit for 10 seconds (target cap for debuff is 50). While transformed you gain an 600 hp absorb shield if you have phase master or gain 75% regen buff if you have velocity master. If you have neither phase or velocity master, attacks deal an extra 100% damage instead of 25%. When this power wears off you lose 50 endurance (25 endurance if you have velocity master) and phase out for 15 seconds (5 seconds if you have phase master). Recharge 6 minutes.


Powered Armor @PeregrineFalcon



Powered Armor (Defensive set for Brutes/Scrappers/Tankers)

Hardened Armor - Toggle, +Res(Lethal, Smash, Toxic, Disorient, Sleep), +Special
Battery Pack - Auto: +Max HP, +Regen, +Recovery, +Res(Slow, End Drain), +Special
Hostile Environment Suit - Toggle, +Res(Hold, Knockdown, Immobilize), +Def(Energy, Negative, Fire, Cold, Psionic), +Special
Adaptive Armor - Toggle, +Res(All), Foe -Res(All), Taunt, +Special
Ablative Armor - Self, +Absorption, +Regeneration
System Mode - Self, Gain Efficient, Defensive and Offensive Adaptations
Conduction Panels - Click, PBAoE Minor DMG(Lethal/Toxic) Foe -Regen, Taunt, Self +HP, +End, +Special
Nanite Field - Toggle, PBAoE, Minor DoT(Toxic), -Damage(All)
Automated Defense System - PBAoE, Self +Absorb, +Regeneration, +Recovery, Foe -DMG, -Speed, -Recharge



Acid Armor @Greycat



So what should Acid armor be?
- Resist based. I just dont' see Acid giving a defense of any sort, really. Though it may affect tohit.
- Damage enhancing. Probably Toxic.
- Weakness would *likely* be cold.
- AOE based. Yes, an AOE damage toggle - but I could also see this creating an area for team resists (the enemy gets too close, acid in the air affects their ability to fight as well,) *potentially* defense (same reason,) and/or enemy -tohit.
- Buffing regeneration. Since, after all, whatever caused you to have this acidic armor probably doesn't want you dying of it. Or maybe it's just your body's reaction.


- The set builds off and reinforces itself, not just by having more armor, but in a fashion similar to how the Fighting pool's attacks are more effective if you have more of them.
- Having a heal that also gives a damage buff. You're healing yourself with an odd acid, it should have other odd effects. Or maybe it just *hurts* and punching something harder makes you feel better. I'm not judging.

- Should probably work up an acid melee with a lingering DOT to go with it.

Potential workup:

T1: Ooze.
Passive S/L/Toxic. (Gets folded into first armor toggle for stalkers.)

T2: Acerbic aura
Active S/L/Toxic/fire? toggle.

T3: Sulfrous Succor
Passive +regen.

T4: Corrosive Cloud
PBAOE damage aura - toxic/?. Slight boost to T1 when taken. Adds KB protection to T1. (Or just add here.)

T5: Boiling blood
Self-heal. Slight dmg boost. (Possibly where to put status protection?) Boosts T2 when taken.

T6:+Recovery. Adds chance to stun to Corrosive Cloud. (Adds other resists to T2? Or just put them here?)
T7:Acid puddle
PBAOE placed acid puddle. DOT. Boosts T3 when obtained. Yes, I was tempted to call this "dropped acid."

... all right, I don't know. Something nifty, hopefully.

T9: Vaporous...
PBAOE toggle. Team +Def/+Res and/or enemy -tohit. Boosts Corrosive Cloud


Barrier Defense @Galaxy Brain



A High-Tech Force Field, Defensive Runes that project a field vs attacks, or a second skin that formed via a mutation, you are able to conjure an incredibly tough Barrier around yourself for protection!


Barrier Defense aims to fill a thematic defensive niche where your character is able to shrug off damage thanks to attacks hitting a personal barrier instead of themselves, and rely mainly on a high amount of (Temp HP) to survive, along with some offensive tools.


1.) Power Barrier:

Basic armor toggle, grants you a refreshing absorb amount that does not decay, but will hit a cap of 50% after some time. The idea is that by letting it build to 50% you can have impressive defense vs alphas, but then repeated hits will start to sting. The refreshing ticks help negate this somewhat but requires time to build up to actual shielding.

Toggle, 5% Absorb per tick (3 s), Max Absorb = 50% (Un-enhanceable)


2.) Activate Shields:

Emergency Click Power. Perma out of the box, Activate Shields gets you an instant amount of shielding as well as boosts your Absorb Cap temporarily, this does not stack but cutting the recharge down allows you to rapidly replenish shielding and keep your max shields higher.

Click, 30% Absorb for 60s. 60s base Recharge. +25% Max Absorb (Un-enhanceable)


3.) Base Shielding:

Your character has a passive layer of shielding on themselves. This grants a small amount of defense, as well as increased Max HP and a boost to Healing/Absorb. Sort of a basic passive.

Passive, 2.5% Def vs All but PSY, +10% Max Hp, +10% Healing/Absorb Enhancement 


4.) Advanced Filter:

Mez Protection Toggle. Adds a bit extra absorb per Tick like with Power Barrier, but also grants a substantial bonus to resistance vs Debuff Effects (Slow, End Drain, Defense, etc) as long as you have any active Absorption.

If the game cannot recognize X amount of Absorb being active or not, then this can be changed to have more generic resists.

Toggle, 1% Absorb per tick (3 s),  Special: 50% res vs (Debuffs) while Absorb is active [If impossible, can be 25~30%]


5.) Reflection:

Your shielding reacts to incoming attacks and can even reflect damage back at attackers! While active, incoming attacks (they do not have to hit) can trigger a special "Reflection" attack that acts like a chain-attack that spawns from you onto a random nearby enemy. This attack is comparable to a T1 Blast and has a 20% chance to occur. Also grants some defense to the player, with more defense gained if you have shielding currently. This is a unique take on a damage aura where you actually get a sort of free, random ranged attack within a short radius (20ft?). Will hit individually much harder than a damage aura but lack true AoE. 

Toggle, 7.5% Def vs All while shielded, 3.75% otherwise [5% if impossible]. 20% chance to trigger special Reflection Attack when attacked. High End Cost


6.) Adaptive Barrier:

You can adapt to the situation at hand based on the amount of Shielding you currently have. When you have a layer of Absorption, gain HP Regen and Damage Resistance (All). If your shields are down, gain Recharge Rate and Movement Speed. The idea here is that you have bolstered shielding and breathing room to heal, or you have an "oh crap" moment when shields are down to get Activate Shields / etc back faster or to re-position. If we cannot get the absorb check to work, this could work like the Radiation Armor power that scales on HP?

Passive, 10% Damage Resistance, 75% Regeneration / 30% Recharge, 50% Move Speed


7.) Amplify Shielding:

You can concentrate and give yourself a great boost to both Healing/Absorption Enhancement as well as Endurance Reduction for some time.

Click, 50% Heal/Absorb Boost, 50% Endurance Discount for 30s. 120s Recharge.


8.) Nova Shield

You can turn the tides of battle and sacrifice your barrier in a violent explosion of energy! This is a PBAoE attack that will affect up to 10 targets in a 15ft radius for Smashing/Energy damage and have a 50% chance to cause knockdown. The damage of this power varies greatly based on the amount of Absorb you had upon activation, the more Absorb the higher the base damage of the attack! This will apply a -1000% Absorb though, stripping you of all shielding immediately.

Click, Special PBAoE damage. 50% chance to KD, very long Recharge (6 min). Very low end cost and very fast activation speed


9.) Maximum Barrier:

You can immobilize yourself and push your shielding to the max, rapidly building up power as you gain a massive layer of Absorption! This works similarly to Hibernate as you are locked in place and cannot use other powers while you toggle this on, and gain a huge layer of Shielding. This shield lasts for quite some time, and can directly feed into Nova Shield and in general make you very durable every so often.

Special Toggle, 20% Absorb per tick (10s Max), Max Absorb = +200%, Duration = 1.5m, Recharge = 10m



Ranged Damage

Kinetic Blast @Delta



Kinetic Blast grants you control over the power of the kinetic energy around you. This can allow you to weaken and take down enemies using the power of kinetic energy. When hit with a kinetic power, an enemy's attack power is reduced. Some powers allow the user to build up Kinetic Charge, while others consume Kinetic Charge. You can have up to 3 stacks of Kinetic Charge on yourself at a time. Your Kinetic Charge can be released to strengthen your Kinetic Drain, Focused Burst, and Kinetic Overload powers. These powers will consume all of your Kinetic Charge. 


1. Kinetic Bolt (Available at Level 1) - You release a small bolt of kinetic energy, damaging your target and reducing their attack power. Kinetic Bolt builds 1 Kinetic Charge. Damage: Minor (Energy), Recharge: Fast (3s), Activation Time: 1s, Damage Buff: -10% (Target for 5s) 
2. Kinetic Blast - Available at Level 1) - You release a strong blast of kinetic energy, damaging your target and reducing their attack power. This power has a chance of knocking down the target. Kinetic Bolt builds 1 Kinetic Charge. Damage Moderate (Energy), Recharge: Moderate (6s), Activation Time: 1.67s, Damage Buff: -10% (Target for 7s), Knockdown (Mag 0.67) to target (30% Chance)
3. Repulsing Torrent - Available at Level 2) - Repulsing Torrent unleashes a cone of powerful energy that can smash foes and possibly send them flying. Damage: Moderate (Energy/Smashing), Recharge: Slow (12s), Activation Time: 2s, Arc: 45 Degrees, Knockback (Mag 6.23) to target (80% chance)
4. Kinetic Charge - (Available at Level 6) - You draw kinetic energy into yourself thus boosting your chance to hit significantly, boosting your damage slightly, and granting yourself +3 Kinetic Charge. While active, each Kinetic Blast power will now add the drained strength of your enemies to you. Recharge: Very long (90s), Activation Time: 1.17s, Duration: 10s, ToHit: 50% (Self) for 10s, Damage Buff: 25% (Self) for 10s
5. Kinetic Spark - (Available at Level 8 ) - You quickly release a quick bolt of kinetic energy at your target's chest. Kinetic Spark reduces the foe's attack power and has a good chance of stunning your foe. Kinetic Shot builds 1 Kinetic Charge: Damage: Minor (Energy), Recharge: Slow (20s), Activation Time (1s), Damage Buff: -10% (Target for 12s), Stun: (Mag 3) to target for 11.92s
6. Kinetic Siphon - (Available at Level 12) - You summon a kinetic transference field at the target location that drain the kinetic energy from targets caught inside the field, causing Moderate Energy damage to affected foes,, reducing their attack speed, attack power, movement speed, and endurance. You and allies within the Transference Field will receive a boost to recharge, endurance recovery, and regeneration per target affected as long as you remain inside the targeted area. Kinetic Drain grants 1 stack of Kinetic Charge if you have 2 or less. Kinetic Drain will consume all stacks of Kinetic Charge if you have 3, but the power's Endurance recovery, Regeneration , and recharge speed is increased by 50%. Ranged (Location AoE) Damage: Moderate DoT (Energy), Recharge: Long (60s), Activation Time: 2s, Damage Buff: -10% (Target for 10s), +Regen: 20% (30% at Kinetic Charge Level 3), Recovery: 10% (15% at Kinetic Charge Level 3), Recharge Speed: 5% (7.5% at Kinetic Charge Level 3)
7: Focused Burst - (Available at Level 18) - You unleashed a burst of focused power at the foe. Focused Burst deals High Energy/Smashing damage, reduce the foe's attack power, and can possibly knock down your foe. Focused Burst grants you 1 charge of Kinetic Charge when at 2 or less. Focused Burst will consume all stacks of Kinetic Charge if you have 3, but the power's damage will not only increase in strength, but will also have a better chance of knockdown. Damage: High (Energy/Smashing), Recharge: Moderate (10s), Activation Time: 1.67s, Damage Buff: -10% (Target for 10s), Knockdown: (Mag 0.67) to Target (100% if at Kinetic Charge Level 3)
8: Kinetic Bomb - (Available at Level 26) - You launch a sphere of kinetic energy at nearby foes. Kinetic Bomb reduces the attack power of the target and nearby foes, as well as having a good chance of knocking down foes. Damage: Moderate (Energy/Smashing), Recharge: Slow (16s), Activation Time: (1.67s), Damage Buff: -10% (Target for 10s), Knockdown: (Mag 0.67) to target and nearby foes (40% chance)
9: Kinetic Discharge - (Available at Level 32) - You unleash an extreme amount of kinetic power at the enemy, reducing their attack power, as well as knocking them back. Kinetic Discharge causes high Energy/Smashing Damage), slows down the the targets' movement, reduces the attack power of the foes caught in the blast, as well as stunning them. Kinetic Discharge consumes all Kinetic Charge. The damage, as well as the reduction of the targets' attack power increases for each level of Kinetic Charge. At level 3, Kinetic Discharge will stun affected targets for 10s. Ranged (Targeted AoE), Damage: Extreme (Energy/Smashing), Recharge: Very Long (125s), Activation Time: 3s, Damage Buff: -10% (Target for 20s) at Kinetic Charge Level 0, Damage Buff: -15% (Target for 20s) at Kinetic Charge Level 1, Damage Buff: -20% (Target for 20s) at Kinetic Charge Level 2, Damage Buff: -25% (Target for 20s) at Kinetic Charge Level 3, 5s Stunned (Mag 3) to targets, -33% Jump Speed, -33% Fly Speed, -33% Run Speed, -33% Recharge Speed for 10s


Energy Weaponry @Darkneblade


1 : Energy Havoc : ST Minor Energy Damage Chance to disorient. +Energy Shift : Gives all your abilities chance to siphon Endurance. 1 stack = chance is %5 2 stack = %10 3 stack = %15 4 stack = %20 5 stack = %25
2 : Energy Push : ST Moderate Energy Damage Knockback. +Energy Shift
3 : Energy Blow : Cone Superior Energy Damage Knockback. +Energy Shift
4 : Energy Forms : Mace,Staff,Axe,Sword,Fist,Whip.
Each form gives new things to Energy Weaponry. With mace disorient chance is increased more energy shift you have. Staff gives endurance discount to you when you stack energy shifts. After stack of 5 Energy Shifts consumed to give you energy barrier around your body. (Absorb). Axe Knockback turns to knockdown and Endurance Shift also gives bleed damage after stack reaches 5 after that it reset itself to give enemy moderate energy dot). Sword Gives +Def to you and -Def to enemy after Energy Shift reaches stack 5. Then it reset itself to give light energy damage with chance to endurance dot. Fist is default. It is just giving every ability chance to give energy dot with no consumed stacks. Whip gives -res to enemy after stacks reaches 5 after that it consumes to give you recharge bonus.
5: Energy Fusion : PBAoE : Moderate Energy Damage Knockdown. Chance to disorient. -Energy Shift (Consumes all stacks otherwise just knockdown.)
6 : Energy Focus : ST. : Superior Energy Damage. Disorient. +Energy Shift
7 : Energy Leech : ST : Moderate Energy Damage. Foe -END Self +END -Energy Shift. (Consumes all stacks otherwise it is just giving Foe -END.) 
8 : Energy Tap : ST : High Energy Damage : Chance to disorient. Foe -End. Self +Energy Shift
9 : Energy Repel : ST : Extreme Energy Damage : Foe Repel light energy DoT. Chance to disorient. -Energy Shift. (More Energy Shift before you activate power. Better the DoT will be.)

Dual GunBlade @ Zepp



Alright, I was in the other recent Assault suggestion, and I was thinking about how handedness would make it difficult to do a left-handed sword and a right-handed pistol (having the sword in the right makes porting single-handed attacks much easier, and pistol attacks could be ported from dual pistols (although it may look silly with a sword pointing upward in one hand). Then I thought about the Wilkes - South Seas Expedition... they used pistol swords in their skirmishes with Fijians. So I thought, we have dual blade, we have dual pistol... why not do both at the same time. We could start off with using the Diamondback as a stand-in (with a rotated version ported as a sword skin. If it worked out well, more skins could be added either based on current weapons or newly made.

What would it look like though? Dual Blades, Dual Pistols, Devices


Name    Animation    Level     Description
Pistols    Pistols    1    Ranged, Minor Damage (Lethal), -Defense
Ablating Strikes    Ablating Strikes    2    Melee, Moderate Damage (Lethal), Foe -Defense
Bullet Rain    Bullet Rain    4    Ranged (Targeted AoE), Moderate Damage (Lethal), Knockback
Blinding Feint    Blinding Feint    10    Melee, Moderate Damage (Lethal) Self +Damage +To-Hit
Suppressive Fire    Suppressive Fire    16    Ranged, Minor Damage (Lethal), Foe Disorient
Stealth Gear    Cloaking Device    20    Toggle: Self Stealth, +Defense (All), +Special
Piercing Rounds    Piercing Rounds         28    Narrow Ranged (Cone), High Damage (Lethal), Foes -Res(All)
Sweeping Strikes        Sweeping Strikes    35    Melee (Cone), Superior Damage (Lethal)
Hail of Bullets       Hail of Bullets    38    PBAoE, Superior DMG(Lethal), +Defense(Ranged/Melee/AoE), Foe Knockdown

This provides a fast-paced offense-oriented Assault set with a nice touch of defense in there to make things interesting.


Martial Blast @Saikochoro



Tier 1:  Shuriken Throw - throw three shurikens dealing minor lethal damage.  Recharge very fast.

Tier 2:  Kunai Throw - throw a single kunai dealing moderate lethal damage.  Recharge fast.

Tier 3:  Explosive Shuriken - throw a large shuriken at a targeted foe that explodes and hits all nearby enemies dealing moderate lethal damage.  Recharge slow.

Tier 4:  Acid Blade - Throw a blade coated in acid dealing minor toxic damage.  After the blade hits you gain a moderate to-hit and damage bonus for a short time.  Recharge moderate.

Tier 5:  Caltrops - throw a handful of caltrops to a targeted location causing any foe passing through it to be slowed and receive minor lethal damage over time.  Recharge slow.

Tier 6:  Dual Kunai Throw - throw a kunai from each hand dealing high lethal damage.  Recharge moderate.

Tier 7:  Trick Shot - Bounce a thrown shuriken between multiple targets dealing moderate lethal damage and knocking foes down.  Recharge slow.

Tier 8:  Masterful Throw - Take careful aim and throw an extremely accurate, extremely forceful blade dealing extreme lethal damage.

Tier 9:  Blade Storm - Spin around rapidly throwing blades around you dealing extreme lethal damage and knocking foes down and increasing your own defense for a short time. Recharge long.




Recharge times, animations, target caps, and damage values would be in line with what is typical for most blast sets.


Blade Storm - would basically be a hail of bullets port using thrown weapons instead and i think it would thematically fit a thrown weapons set better than other nuke types.  The cool down, damage value, animation time would be similar to hail of bullets.


The real winner of the set and unique element would be acid blade. This will function similar to blinding feint from dual blades and follow up from claws as an Aim replacement. Like the two aforementioned powers, the bonuses would have to be smaller than Aim, but with high recharge they would be able to stack for a more consistent damage bonus.  Damage value, recharge time, and animation time would be similar to blinding feint and follow up. The power itself would also be fully toxic damage.  I think this would be a unique addition to blast sets that currently isn’t available.  Having a nice consistent damage bonus would also be nice to offset the more resisted damage type (lethal).


Wand Blast @Aberant


Illusory Combat @Puma



You manipulate light, creating complex and convincing illusions, blinding and confusing your foes, and even healing yourself.  You can focus your illusions  offensively, or defensively.  Offensive illusions will have a chance to deal additional "illusory damage" that is so convincing foes will truly suffer damage, but the wounds will heal over time if the enemy is not defeated.  Defensive illusions will have a chance to instill brief fear in your enemies as you attack.  You can only switch the focus of your illusions when not in combat.  Certain powers help your illusions become more potent, and the more potent your illusions are, the stronger the effects of your focus.  


Tier 1: Spectral trap:  Foe Immob/Moderate Psychic damage over time.  You convince a foe they are being wounded with each step they take, locking them in place and inflicting psychic damage.  Builds one stack of potency.

Tier 2: Blind:  Foe hold/Moderate energy damage. You painfully blind a single foe, rendering them helpless and inflicting damage. Builds one stack of potency. 

Tier 3:  Illuminate: Self +dmg, +tohit, Grants 3 stacks of potency. You gather the light from around you, making your attacks appear even more powerful.  The damage of your next few attacks is increased greatly, as is your chance tohit. 

Tier 4: Master of illusions:   Self +Stealth, +def (all), +special.  You are able to bend and focus light around you, making you virtually undetectable except in very close range, and also harder to hit once detected. You will be detected if you attack. Even if detected, you will retain some of your defense.  This ability also grants you the ability to focus your illusions, choosing to use them offensively to boost your own attacks or defensively to weaken your foes. Grants the Offensive and Defensive focus modes.   

Tier 5:  Deceptive Flare: Targeted AoE, Moderate dmg smashing/psychic, for Knock down.  You channel your illusions tightly, making them appear to erupt from the very earth around your target, blasting all foes within radius and having a chance of knocking them off their feet.  (This is basically Solar Flare from Khelds)  This power consumes all stacks of potency, and the amount of damage it will deal is increased with each stack consumed.


Tier 6: Light Therapy:  click Self +Res Status Affect (all), moderate heal, +Endurance.  You use the power of light to energize yourself, heal your wounds, and even free your mind from the influence of others.  When you click this power you heal yourself of damage and gain a moderate boost to Recovery for 2 minutes.  If activated when under the control of any status affect power, you trade half of that healing and recovery boost for strong status affect protection for two minutes. 

Tier 7: Kaleidoscope (or alternately, Vertigo):  Single target Stun (vomit emote)/High psychic damage.  You trap a single enemy in a kaleidoscope of light, rendering them so dizzy they become sick and unable to attack you momentarily, and dealing psychic damage.  This affect has a slight chance to spread the dizziness to up to two nearby enemies, causing them to momentarily become ill as well.    This power builds one stack of potency if the user has less than 3 stacks. If they have three stacks the duration and magnitude of the illness, and its chance to spread are increased by 50% and all stacks are consumed.  

Tier 8:  Abject Terror:  You create a cloud of illusions at a targeted location so horrific it instantly terrorizes enemies within range, and leaves their chance to hit and attack speed diminished.  This power grants one stack of potency. AoE Foe Terrorize, -tohit, -recharge speed.

Tier 9: Radiant Explosion:  Melee AoE Superior dmg, Foe KD.  You strike a foe with a burst of light and sound from your first so powerful, the target is knocked to the ground and suffers superior energy damage. The illusion is so effective that nearby foes will also be knocked down and both they and the primary target will suffer illusory psychic damage over time.  Radiant Explosion consumes all stacks of Focus.  The strength of  this illusory damage will increase with each stack of focus consumed.  



Toxic Blast @Barneysaurus 



1. Toxic burst

Ranged, Light damage, (Toxic) -Damage

You blast your foes with a quick burst of toxins. This quick blast has a minor lingering poison, weakening the damage of any affected foe.

2. Venomous stream

Ranged, High DoT, (Toxic) -Damage

You fire a thin stream of venomous liquid at your enemy, doing damage over time, and weakening the damage of your target

3. Contagion

Targeted AoE, High DoT (Toxic) -Damage +chance to spread

You fire a small targeted AoE of virulent chemical at a foe. Any nearby foes have a chance to pass along the chemical contagion. All foes poisoned by these chemicals will slowly take toxic damage over time, and while under these effects will do less damage.

4. Toxic Fumes

Location AoE, minor Dot (toxic) chance of +hold (Mag 1)

You breath out a cloud of noxious fumes, filling a small area in a lingering haze of toxins. Foes with weaker constitutions will have a chance of choking helplessly on the fumes, while slowly being poisoned.

5. Condensed Toxins

self +special+empowered toxins

While active, you receive a minor +special effect. While active, all -damage, -resistance, the duration of any DoT, and the contamination chance of all toxic blast powers will be boosted.

6. Acid Blast

Ranged, Very High DoT, (Toxic) -Resistance

You fire a burst of powerful acid at a foe, burning them with toxic chemicals, and eating away at any protection they may be wearing.

7. Parasitic tendril

Ranged, Moderate Dot (Toxic) +Regeneration

You extend a tether of parasitic mucous that poisons your enemy while siphoning its health back to you, causing your health to regenerate as the foe weakens

8. Acid Rain

Location AoE,  High Dot (toxic) -resistance

You call down a shower of burning acid. Any enemies caught in the acrid downpour will be poisoned, and any protection they may have will begin to burn away.

9. Total Contamination

Location AoE, Extreme DoT (toxic) -damage, chance of +hold (Mag 2)+chance to spread

A geyser of virulent toxins bursts forth, leaving a giant pool of deadly contaminants. Any foes caught in it, or passing through it will be assaulted with hazardous gases and liquids. Some may choke on the toxins, while those who make it through the deadly hazard may still spread the pestilence to any they come in contact with.


 Commentary: While we have many debuff blast sets as well as DoT sets, this set would completely specialize in lingering and weakening effects. It would sacrifice much up-front damage and conventional aim for the ability to do slightly more damage but empower all the toxic properties of its toxins, even enhancing effects that could otherwise not be strengthened.


Natural pairings:

Poison (Def/Corr)

Bio Armor (Sentinel)

Plant Manipulation (Blaster)




Nautral Themed Powersets @Tyrannical

Throwing Blades (Blast)/ Trickery (Control)/ Urban Assault/ Tactical Rifle (Manipulation)


Pain Blast/Manipulation/Assault @Tyrannical


The Pool (Mentioned by a few)


Boxing    1    Melee, Light DMG(Smashing), Foe Stun, +Fighting Synergy
Kick    1    Melee, Moderate Dmg(Smash), Foe Knockback, +Fighting Synergy
Jump Kick    2    Melee, Moderate Dmg(Smash), Foe Knockback
Adrenal Booster    6    Self, +To Hit, +Recharge, +Damage
Air Superiority    8    Melee, Moderate DMG(Smash), Foe -Fly
Wall of Force    12    Ranged Cone, Moderate DMG(Psionic/Smash), Foe Knockdown
Cross Punch    18    Melee (Cone), Moderate DMG (Smashing), Foe Knockdown, Stun, +Fighting Synergy
Spring Attack    26    PBAoE, Moderate Dmg(Smash), Foe Knockback
Burnout    32    Recharge Primary/Secondary Powers

Melee Damage

Spirit Melee @Zenijos



1. Oni Fist ‚Äď Melee, Minor Damage (Smash/ Neg Energy), Minor Disorient (quick punch animation)
2. Demon Scissors ‚Äď Melee, Moderate Damage (Smash/ Neg Energy) (2 fisted blast animation)
3. Chi Strike ‚Äď Melee(small cone), Minor Damage (energy), Foe Disorient (Chun Li Style Kick animation)
4. Dragon‚Äôs Fang ‚Äď Melee, Moderate Damage Over Time (Lethal), Foe knockdown (cobra strike animation)
5. Summoning Mastery ‚Äď Change Stances/ Special
6. Dragon's Argument ‚Äď Range, Foe Taunt
7. Astral Projection ‚Äď Range, High Dmg (Energy) (psi blast/ holds head animation)
8. Channel Spirit ‚Äď PBAOE Melee, minor Damage(Energy), Foe Disorient, Consumes Chi (MM Necro summoning animation)
9. Heavenly Dagger, PBAOE Melee, High Damage (energy), -Fly (lightning rod animation)

Stances/ Summons: can choose one if Summoning Mastery is selected.    It is not necessary for any actual summoned creature to be graphically visible.  However, a non-combat pet appearing would be pretty cool.

Oni Summoning ‚Äď The Sorcerer summons a Spectral Oni to add them in melee. ¬†All Sorcerer‚Äôs Melee attacks will build Chi while this toggle is active. ¬†Each level will boost the user‚Äôs damage slightly. ¬†Once the user has built 3 levels of Chi and they execute Channel Spirit, the attack will apply three additional magnitudes of Disorient. ¬†If they have built 3 levels of Chi and execute Chi Strike, it will deal additional negative energy damage and grant the user a moderate regeneration and recovery buff for a short time.

Dragon Summoning - The Sorcerer summons an Ethereal Dragon to aid them in Melee. All Sorcerer’s Melee attacks will build Chi while this toggle is active.  Each level will boost the user’s damage slightly.  Once the user has built 3 levels of Chi and they execute Channel Spirit, the attack will reduce the target’s damage resistance and apply an additional magnitude of Disorient. If they have built 3 levels of Chi and execute Chi Strike, it will deal additional fire damage and grant the user a moderate Damage Resistance bonus for a short time.

Ancestor Summoning - The Sorcerer summons an Ancestor Spirit to aid them in Melee. All Sorcerer’s Melee attacks will build Chi while this toggle is active.  Each level will boost the user’s damage slightly.  Once the user has built 3 levels of Chi and they execute Channel Spirit, the attack will reduce the enemy’s to-hit and apply an additional magnitude of Disorient.  If they have built 3 levels of Chi and execute Chi Strike, it will deal additional energy damage and grant the user a minor Defense bonus for a short time.



Elemental Melee @Zepp


Name    Animation    Level     Description
Wave    Umbral Torrent (with water)    1    Melee, Minor Damage (Smashing), -Regen, chance for KD
Piercing glance    Abyssal Gaze    2    Melee, Moderate Damage (Lethal), Foe -Regen, chance for KD
Call to the night    Howl    4    Melee, wide cone, Moderate Damage (Negative)
Cascading Power    Reach for the Limit    10    All Attacks: Chance for +ToHit, +Dmg
Firepit    Caltrops (with flames)    16    Patch, DoT (Fire), Foe -Spd, -Rech, -Fly
Breath of Winter    Frost Breath    20    Close ranged, High Damage (Cold), -Regen
Mindscape    Aim    28    PBAoE, Moderate Damage (Psionic), Foes -Regen, KU
Stank breath    Siren's Song    35    Targeted AoE, Moderate Damage (Toxic)
Ball of Light    Explosive Blast    38    PBAoE, Superior DMG(Energy), Foe -Regen, KD


Hellfire Assault/Melee @Tyrannical

Infernal Assault @Zepp



Based on discussions about porting Whip, I thought I would flesh out what Infernal Assault (A Secondary Powerset for Doms) would actually look like. I went through and examined all current assault sets, did an analysis of what appears within the sets, and then used Demon Summoning, Fiery Melee, and Fire Manipulation as the basis for the available powers. The six attacks that were considered core were to be the whip and fire sword attacks.


So, this is my proposed set, with no new powers.


Corruption    1    Ranged, Minor DMG(Fire), Foe DoT(Toxic), -Res
Fire Sword    2    Melee, Moderate Damage(Fire/Lethal)
Lash    4    Close, High DMG(Fire), Foe -Res, Knockdown, Minor DoT(Toxic)
Crack Whip    10    Short Ranged (Cone), High DMG(Fire), Foe -Res, Knockdown, DoT(Toxic)
Envenomed Blades    16    Self +Toxic Damage on all attacks
Cauterizing Aura    20    Toggle: Point Blank Area of Effect, Minor Damage over Time(Fire), Self +Heal over Time, +Recovery
Fire Sword Circle    28    Point Blank Area of Effect Melee, Moderate Damage(Fire/Lethal)
Hell on Earth    35    Ranged, Pet +Dmg, +To Hit, Summon Living Hellfire *[see comments]
Greater Fire Sword    38    Melee, Superior Damage(Fire/Lethal)

Possible changes I would like to see:

Consider changing lash to an immobilize and crack whip to a stun [more appropriate for the powers]

Consider changing Fire in Sword, change fire in attack titles to Hellfire, also replacing the Fire DoT with -res and Fire/Tox DoT [bring in line with whip]

Consider changing Envenomed Blades, change name to Hellfire's Wrath, change Tox damage to a Fire/Tox DoT [more interesting and thematic]

Consider changing Cauterizing Aura, change name to Fueling Flames, and changing Fire DoT to Fire/Tox DoT [bring in line with the set]

Consider changing Hell on Earth, change name to Summon Hellfire, change from enchant pet to close targeted AoE (patch) with Fire/Tox DoT [Make functional for the set

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