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Name available on one account - but not the other - resolved.


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So..not sure if I should mention this here, but figured it couldn't hurt. 

I have two accounts. Primary, and secondary. On my primary account, I had transferred a tank from Excelsior to Everlasting for a hami raid. After it was over, (like an hour, maybe 90 minutes) when I transferred back, the name was unavailable. Serves me right for not securing it as I left, right? 

Wrong, apparently. I had been retrying to get my name back about once a week since then...for the past 6 months, maybe. While on my secondary account, it just happened to be more convenient for me to try it from there. And it was available! 

So, I log in my primary account and ...it's not available! 

I go back to the secondary, try again and it's still available, so I figured I'd better save it and made a character with that name. 

I went to the discord, sharing essentially these details. But, while I was waiting, I thought to myself..if the name was available for my secondary, why not my primary? Then I remembered that in one of the posts about transfers, a dev had stated that there were no guarantees, anything might go wrong. 

So, what I figured happened was even though my character did transfer just fine to Everlasting, Excelsior never really figured it out and kept the name allocated to my account, somehow. So, what I did next was to try a long-shot and delete the newly made character on my secondary account. Then, I went back to my primary account and was able to make the character and get the name back where it belongs! 

Turns out the name has been available (I think) all along, just not to me, due to the server not being able to figure out what happened in the transfer. 

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