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Dominator Energy Assault: Energy Stored Proc Bug(?)


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Hey gang, LOVE this mechanic. I had played an energy toon until Homecoming changed Energy Assault. Thank you.


This is my first bug post, I did a search but have not found any more information on this mechanic regarding my current problem. I apologize if I missed something.



Energy Stored (proc)

Energy Stored Icons (Per power)

Total Focus

Bone Smasher

Sniper Blast


For those unfamiliar with the set, when you activate Total Focus (100% chance) or hit a stunned enemy (20% chance afaik) with certain powers in Energy Assault, you will gain Energy Stored. This will put an orange ring around certain powers (Like Dual Blade) that will allow for an Energy Release effect (removes orange ring). To keep players from spamming these extra proc bonuses, whenever you use a power to proc Energy Stored, that power adds an icon to your Buff/Debuff display. For as long as that power's icon is there, that specific power cannot proc Stored. For clarity, please note that you can have, for ex., Total Focus locked out, but still proc off of another power. This will add a second powers icon to your buff/debuff display. This is where we start having an issue.


Bug/Issue/Works as Intended?:

Whenever the Icon(s) disappear, they remove your Energy Stored state (orange ring is gone). This is regardless of which power proc'd Energy Stored. In addition to this, Total Focus' icon works differently than Snipe or Smasher's. When Snipe or Smasher's icon disappears any Stored state will immediately end. When Total Focus' icon disappears, Stored ends shortly after. this results in players proc'ing Energy Stored and losing it immediately after.


Question 1:

Is each power supposed to remove the Stored state when their icon's duration is finished? I can understand that this was possibly designed to clear the Stored Energy gained from that power, but it is also removing the Stored state gained from any power used afterwards within the first powers' icon duration.


Question 2:

If this is working as intended can we please fix Total Focus to remove Stored immediately when the icon disappears? This will stop us from losing our Stored Energy immediately after proc'ing it. 


Recreating the Situation:

Activate Total Focus, use a release power. Watch for the Total Focus icon to disappear from buff/debuff display. Activate Total Focus immediately after, proc'ing Energy Stored and you should see that the orange ring disappears right away. 


To compare Snipe and Smasher's clearing of Energy Stored takes a bit more finesse.

1. Stun an enemy

2. Attack with Snipe/Smasher until you proc

3. Use a release power

4. Proc Energy Stored again (before Snipe/Smasher icon disappears, Total Focus is a guarantee proc)

5. Wait until the Snipe/Smasher Icon clears and notice that Stored state clears immediately with it.


What I haven't tested:

Proc'ing and Stored states with Power Bolt, Power Push and Power Blast.


TL;DR: Make Total Focus' proc cooldown AND Stored Energy state end at the same time instead of one before the other. This will work the same as Snipe and Smashers proc cooldown. If the proc cooldown is not supposed to remove Stored Energy state that was proc'd from a separate power, change that too. However I feel the first sentence has the most often feels bad moments.


Thank you for reading my Ted Talk. If you have any questions, or would like me to test some more please let me know. Again if this has been brought up I am sorry.  

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