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Quick Snipes seem to occasionally mess up power animations


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I've noticed this on multiple power sets now (Electrical Blast and Energy Assault so far) so I figure it's worth mentioning.  Sometimes using a Quick Snipe seems to cause other powers to use incorrect animations, often swapping them to use their alternate option (such as the one-hand shot for Power Bolt) or in some cases animations that aren't normally a choice (using the one-hand shot for Lighting Bolt or a hand thrust for Fossilize which isn't even in the Sniper set, or even Inspirations using the Aim Charge animation normally found on Aim powers).  These animation bugs don't change the activation speed of the power but do cause some strangeness, such as Power Bolt shooting energy bolts from both the raised hand and the hand at your hip.  The animation issues seem to be inconsistent, I don't know what's triggering the weirdness but I believe it's related to alternate animations with Quick Snipes as using a Long Snipe will fix the animation weirdness.  The effects are also temporary, sometimes working themselves out and often fixing themselves upon zoning or death.


EDIT: Some examples of the animation errors.


Power Blast using the "one hand shot" animation, which isn't an option for the power. (But it looks damn cool, can we have this one made official?)



Fossilize using a two-handed thrust motion.  Fossilize doesn't have alternate animations, just different colors for the stone.



Inspirations use the "Aim Charge" alternate animation normally found on most variants of Aim for some reason.


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Added images of bugged alternate animations

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