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  1. That's certainly true, but they could easily do both. They could also give Council some IDF tech instead considering the UPA also has IDF and DUST members among their ranks (plus the whole War Walker business). Imagine Council Archons with DUST Plasma Cannons or IDF missile packs or maybe some Zenith Mech Men could also incorporate the Battle Orb auras and similar plasma cannons. Speaking of War Walkers, how hard would it be to add those to Council spawns 40+? It would be a neat extra boss to run into, though I guess making them fit into confined spaces is the problem they have.
  2. Mids probably isn't up to date, but i27p2 changed Touch of Fear so that it's now a Targeted AoE attack (like Spinning Strike) and not just a single target Fear. The primary target is still Fear'd though.
  3. Depending on who you ask, Fire is considered one of the better blast sets for Defenders because of the damage. The lack of a secondary effect does mean you won't bring as mucb debuff to a team, but when things are dying faster the lack of debuffs aren't a major drawback. Now I've never used Fire on a Defender and I personally think it doesn't fit the Defender archetype but I know a lot of people are quite fond of it.
  4. A few others. The introductory mission for Dark Astoria for Villains has an extra dialogue choice from Arbiter Daos if you've completed the Lord Recluse Strike Force. Heather Townshead has some continuity. If you're a Villain and you've done Darrin Wade's arc (The Thief of Midnight), Sigil will not be happy to see you when you meet her. You have the opportunity to apologize to her if you've turned a new leaf. Additionally after this mission, if you've completed First Ward you can get some more extra dialogue where you figure out much more quickly that the Talons of V
  5. There are doors for the zone in Steel Canyon, Independence Port and...Skyway? Can never remember where the third door is.
  6. Mr. G's Marital arc will have extra influences if you completed Dean MacArthur's, Leonard's, and Vincent Ross' arcs. If you complete Dean's arc, he will contact you when you're getting the IDF commander's intel. Call him before entering the next mission, this will result in the upcoming cutscene with Mr. Yin being changed and Dean will be a hostage you can rescue in the upcoming Carnies mission for a badge. If you did Leonard's arc, you'll run into your own clone when you storm Praetoria and you'll get extra dialogue from Mr. G. Leonard will assist you when you go to
  7. Base values, Physical Perfection provides half of what Health and Stamina's base values have. I think it's something like .23, don't know the exact number. Still, that's a fair bit for a single power pick, and it's another spot to drop a Performance Shifter if endurance is an issue.
  8. The Black Knight Shield remains buggy. In cases where it doesn't crash the game, attempting to revert the Spike/Emblem to None won't actually remove the Spike/Emblem. You have to change the shield style entirely to remove the detail. This is the case for all builds. The spike is also not attached to the shield. You probably won't notice in gameplay though. Applies to all builds.
  9. You acknowledged this when I first posted it @Naomi, but still might be worth posting again. The Black Knight Shield can potentially crash the game. When adjusting the shield's detail (Spike or Emblem) on a character with War Mace and a male build who is logged into the game (as in the character is in the game world; this doesn't happen during character creation), the game will crash if the detail is reverted to nothing (via reset button or manually). The crash does not occur on Female or Huge builds, nor does it occur with any other powerset combination besides War Mace (to my k
  10. For Katana and Dual Blades, "Fire and Ice Sword - Elemental" and "Flaming Sword" appear to be the same weapon. Specifically for Katana, Males don't have access to "Flaming Sword" but seeing as how "Fire and Ice Sword - Elemental" appears identical, this isn't much of an issue. "Flaming Sword" does not show up as an option for Broadsword or Titan Weapon, but "Fire and Ice Sword - Elemental" does.
  11. On a Male build with any of the Robotic Arm Upper Body categories and with asymmetrical shoulders active, the Gunslinger shoulder (the cow skull) placed on the right shoulder ignores the asymmetry and places a skull on both shoulders. Pictured is such a case, with Mangler Gears 1 on the left shoulder to show the error. Female and Huge builds do not have this issue and placing Gunslinger on the left shoulder does not cause it to go on both.
  12. The "Fire Sword" option is outright missing for Females and Huge for Titan Weapons. Males can equip it, but Female and Huge cannot.
  13. Just for visibility sake, i'll repost a couple costume errors I've found in the past. I apologize for making several posts in a row, but I had to break them up due to file upload limits. For Katana (Scrapper, Brute, Tanker), Ninja Blade (Stalkers), Ninja Training (Blasters), and Ninja Tool Mastery (Sentinels), the "Fire Sword" option is completely invisible on Female builds. It shows up on Male and Huge builds just fine, and shows on Broadsword and Dual Blades for all builds.
  14. It used to. The original implementation of Fiery Embrace was a significant bonus that only applied to fire damage. This sort of caused Fiery Aura to require taking Fiery Melee if you wanted that power to be of any use but it was such a strong bonus that skipping it was a major impact on damage output. At some point this was changed though and it was done by baking extra fire damage into every damaging power that only hits while FE is up. I believe those changes were made before Scrappers were given access to Fire powers. Dominators still have a power adapted from Fiery Embrace.
  15. One thing I don't see mentioned here as another major selling point as to why Ki Push may be the best Blaster T1: in addition to the repel, there's also a 2-second Mag 4 Hold during that time before the knockback hits. Ki Push can detoggle and incapacitate most boss tier enemies. Sure Energy and Sonic also havr big T1 KBs, but Ki Push can also remove troublesome armor or damage toggles during its KB. Oh, and by the way, Ki Push's KB after the repel is relative to your position. If you Ki Push them, then use Burst of Speed to get behind them as they slo-mo fly away, they get KB'
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