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  1. *Glares at St. Marital's four doors for all warehouse related missions*
  2. I've sort of been in this rut myself. I never found endgame that appealing (not helped by endgame basically being nonexistent until close to shutdown) so I have most of my 50s somewhat abandoned after getting Alpha. Some exceptions but my 50s usually get shelved unless I find myself on a team lacking something (in which case I usually grab my Thermal Defender because she can seemingly fix any party she joins). Despite that I do occasionally run some content with a few of them. 15 50s means a steady supply of catalysts per day with a little effort. I have 10-15 more characters sitting in the 30s and 40s, and 10-15 more still in the 20s. I have a bad habbit of starting new characters then losing interest partway through (often after burning my spare cash on them). Sometimes I just poke around my character select for a minute or two deciding on someone to play. Often it just amounts to throwing a nonexistent dart. Sometimes it reinvigorates my passion for the character reminding me why they have merit, other times I wonder how I even got to that point in the first place.
  3. If you're a masochist like I am at times, sets like Thermal and Empathy will see you not using the powers often when solo. Team support powers like Forge, Fire Shields, Fortitude and Adrenilane Boost do heck-all when you have no team mates to use them on. Though they are super helpful in missions where you get AI allies, especially if they're not suicidal.
  4. Preface: I haven't tried anything on the beta server and am merely going off what's in the patch notes. I have a DP/Elec Blaster on the live servers who is primarily a close quarters character. I really don't like the look of the change to Force of Thunder. I can understand that it's clunky for a sustain in the current state and not the best power for many builds, but I found a solid use for it through slotting to make it a useful sustain, damage and defensive power in one go. As it is on the live servers, putting a Sudden Acceleration KB>KD is almost necessary, but thanks to it being a sustain it can also take Accurate Healing. I have it slotted with TotN Negative proc and ES Smashing proc and run it as part of my attack chain after jumping in with Spring Attack. Without the accurate healing it loses one of the two damage procs making it less useful for crowd damage. I highly doubt Dynamo's damage aura would be able to replace that lost damage and would also likely make any survivors of the Spring Attack > FoT > HoB opening I run flee before I can drop Thunder Strikes or Havoc Punches (granted, I see HoB is getting fixed in this patch, so survivors should be less common). I don't really know though. I should test the new FoT and see how it plays but I honestly never had an issue with it in its current form and actually liked it for my playstyle.
  5. I got a bunch of these. Lets see. Doctor Disease, Necromancy/Poison Mastermind. A stab at a plague doctor who's more interested in spreading rather than curing it. Ebon Pyre, Claws/Fire Stalker. His powers are demonic in origin, but rather than the typical selling your soul trope the demons work for him. May have been inspired by Rodin from Bayonetta. Emerald Elegance, Thermal/Ice Defender. She's a bright and shiny fairy, but don't be fooled. She's also a pint-sized powerhouse and can turn her allies into powerhouses themselves. Incogmeato, Street Justice/Invulnerability Scrapper. You'd never guess this dapper looking fellow is actually a bull in a nice business suit. Maria Megavolt, Electric/AR Defender. My attempt at a steampunker girl. Who knew brass and steam could generate such electricity. Sonic Brainwave, Sonic/Mental Blaster. Being infused with psychic abilities left him a little unhinged, he prefers screaming at people through their minds rather than simple telepathy. Takes some inspiration from Psycho Mantis.
  6. All teams need a flooring inspector. When Blasters are out to lunch, Scrappers are the next best thing.
  7. I've still got more outfits to show off. Commander Voltage, Electric/Martial Blaster who's my attempt at a Speedster type hero who may also be a discount Synapse. Mighty Density, Kinetic/Energy Brute. A hulking mass of, well, mass. Chill Axe, Axe/Ice Scrapper. He just wants to chill. He's also my main argument for why Prestige Power Slide needs a "No effect" option. Phantasmal Virtuoso, Illusion/Dark Controller. With him, it's all smoke and mirrors. Thunder Funk, Electric/Sonic Defender. His electrifying beats are the life of the party.
  8. I think the one you're thinking of is the Resistance hat, under hats. It's pretty close to a bomber hat.
  9. I haven't updated my background since I updated to Windows 10 several months ago, i'm lazy. But, I do have a bunch of backgrounds I've used in the past. Check them out. This was the last background I used before updating. I use a program called Launchbox to handle a fair bit of my emulation and the program has a repository of artwork for games. This is something it had for Chrono Trigger. Before that, this screenshot from the beginning of Hollow Knight At one point, I was using this artwork made for Dust An Elysian Tail Wasn't used as a desktop background, but I had this shot from Zero Wing as my login screen background for the longest time. Not my desktop background, but I use the official promotional artwork for Mega Man in Smash Bros as my phone's background. There was this developer screenshot from Sonic & All-Stars Racing, featuring AGES as the F-14 Tomcat from Afterburner flying over Outrun Bay. My newest background is this fun little Splatoon and Team Fortress crossover. Not pictured because there's too many of them. For a while I also had a rotation of screenshots of the various starships I piloted in Star Trek Online on rotation. The game might have been meh, but damn were some of those visuals great looking. If there's demand I might post them later.
  10. I think i'm gonna be a little sappy, but perhaps my time playing Pokemon Silver when I was younger showed me that. I started the game over after giving up my first attempt when I got to the E4. Kid me didn't put much work into team composition, and Meganium gets bodied by Will while I had no backups. So I try again. Totodile out of the gate, but this time I caught a Sentret early on. Now I don't know what exactly happened, but I gravitated toward that Sentret above all others. I taught her Headbutt in the forest and she started practically clear cutting every trainer in my way, especially after evolving into Furret. Every single stat boost item and Rare Candy I found went to her and she became my champion. Nearly every trainer went down in a single hit to her ferocious Headbutts or a surprise Dynamic Punch against Rock and Steel types, to the point where she could very nearly sweep Red on Mt. Silver (Charizard would outspeed her). Something about that Furret clicked with kid me, as if I had actually developed a bond with her. Sadly she's gone. The battery in my game died long ago, and modern games changed the mechanics so I can't achieve that level of power with another Furret. Still, in her memory I raised a new Furret in X, gave this one a gimmick moveset (not enough power to keep up with anything, so I taught her Trick with the intent of passing off a Choice Scarf to hopefully screw up Pokemon that would use a stat buff move first) and named her Silver in honor of my original girl. If I ever decide to play through Silver again on my 3DS, I might just bring her back.
  11. So when I leveled my Sonic MM past 38, I was severely disapointed by Liquify. I theory the power looks great: knockdown patch that cuts defense and to hit. In practice, the recharge is a lot longer than I would have hoped and since the power has no slow component, it ends up scattering mobs more often then keeping them in range of the debuff field. Perhaps if the power applied the debuffs seperate from the knockdown (so that if mobs escape, they remain weakened for a bit) it would be more useful, but as it stands I barely use it since it causes more problems in the end. Also, Traps-Time Bomb is a terrible power. By the time it goes off the fight's afterparty is already over. The power works conceptually, but the time to detonation does not keep up with the current state of the game. Blaster's Time Bomb is just as bad. It might be difficult to code, but what if the Time Bomb was a Remote Bomb instead? Activating it once will set the bomb, and activating it a second time sets it off if you use it within a minute. Might make it a bit more usable while also keeping in theme with the set.
  12. Legacy screenshots eh, I have a few of those. Let me dig some up that I posted to Steam many years ago during the "freedom" days. Here's a Hami Raid from Protector, one that didn't take 10 minutes but took more like an hour. December 2011 when one of the NCSoft admins decided to give Protector an impromptu Praetorian invasion. "Zwill, I asked for a pony." Anyone remember the BOSS_NAME of VILLAIN_GROUP bug? I had that happen once. I got turrets as the enemy group, as opposed to a lot of people who reported Storm Elementals.
  13. His helmet is comprised of Mecha Armor set pieces. Full Helmets; Helmet is Mecha Armor. Detail 1 is Mecha Side Antennas Only, Detail 2 is empty, Detail 3 is Mecha Mouthguard. Color combination is dark purple and washed-out dark blue. He doesn't actually have an aura, what you're seeing in the picture is his Dark Armor toggles. The glowing eyes are coming from the Soul Noir variant of Obsidian Shield while the rest of the toggles are the standard toggles, minus Cloak of Darkness which uses the "No Fade or Pulse" style so i'm not just a blob of darkness. The screenshot was taken using the Atom Smasher power, giving the dark glowing fist. Here's what he looks like without the toggles. Hard to tell but that's the Freedom Corps Jetpack as a back detail, which I don't use as a jetpack but rather as a power reactor.
  14. You have to die to use Dark's T9 too, but I never saw anyone complain about that.
  15. Few more designs coming at ya! Precambria, Plant/Time Controller Negative Fusion, Radiation/Dark Brute Draco Raptor, Savage/Willpower Scrapper Chromatic Spectrum, Radiation/Temporal Blaster. This costume alone isn't doing justice as his whole theme is being a rainbow generator. All his powers are bright, colorful, and varied. Metamorphicant, Dark/Bio Scrapper. With and without armor toggles. Time's Eclipse, Time/Dark Defender
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