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  1. I have some more costumes for those interested. Ace Longshot Bar Maiden Blazing Angel Shock Squall Thunder Force
  2. I'm usually not one to put my character concepts into words, but sometimes I have an idea and roll with it. Here's a few I've come up with. To start, short and sweet the greatest rivalry ever known. Disco Ninja vs Hip-Hop Pirate Then we have Soulblazer, a vile person who was given a second chance to carry out his evil intentions for whatever dark powers that be. Negative Fusion, donning a power suit fueled by the underworld, committing evils to maintain it. B-MER, a robot designed to protect innocents and assist other heroes.
  3. Here's a couple of mine, hopefully I got good shots. Disco Ninja Impurity Sonic Shroud Soulblazer
  4. This is specific to the instanced map "SmoothCaves_60_Layout_07" but can potentially exist on other maps. The minimap for this mission is smaller than the instance itself and it is possible to go far enough into a specific corner that the minimap will display "Map Unavailable" until you return to the "boundaries." It would seem that the point of exit is right at Z: -1408, and can occur in the very northeast corner of the map in question. Here's a shot of the map while "in bounds" And here's a shot "out of bounds"
  5. The Wiseguy/Wisegal badge (level 30 villain) displays a placeholder in its description where your character's gender would determine what it's supposed to say. "Arachnos has awarded you the Hero.gender Badge for reaching Level 30."
  6. I hardly ever read the Arbiter's dialogue when training, but this one had me chuckle. "Arachnos will provide training for the new villains. To serve us, or to make your eventual defeat a useful training exercise. Your choice."
  7. Bit of an update, players can have this happen to them too it seems. In a fight I was killed halfway through my own Twilight Grasp's animation but managed to revive and die instantly thanks to it's healing. I incurred twice as much debt from that.
  8. Simple one word names are usually surprising. I was impressed that "Impurity" was available on Indom.
  9. Random student in the University in Cap: "I thought college would be fun. But they make you do work. I feel so cheated." Highly relatable.
  10. So this may not be a bug but I had an interesting interaction today, something I've never seen before. In a mission where I was fighting a clone of myself, the clone had Dark Miasma powers and was using Twilight Grasp on me (the heal). I managed to kill the clone in the middle of Twilight Grasp's animation and was given experience for doing so, but the move still carried out and causes the clone to revive itself for the amount healed with a smidgen of endurance. I killed it again and got the full experience reward again. I've never seen this happen with other mobs that use Twilight Grasp, such as CoT Death Mages, and dying mid-animation for players completely negates the power used. I'm wondering if this is something specific to clones or if the circumstances that it happened were just extremely lucky.
  11. Black Scorpion's mission to check out an Arachnos base that went quiet. You get some great dialogue from some totally normal Arachnos agents. "How's the evil going? My dark soul is a morass of vileness, thanks." "Blindly following orders is why we wear these helmets." "I love my nice black uniform." "Arachnos flyers are shiny and neat." "Bullying those weaker than me improves my sense of self-worth."
  12. Make sure you run Westin Phipps' missions at least once. He's available after paper missions in the 40-45 range in Grandville. There's a very good reason a lot of people choose the Vigilante option for that one tip in the 40s. Bane Spider Ruben and Brother Hammond in Cap are two excellent arcs. Both are 15-24 and are available without any introduction. Make sure to read the souvenir from Hammond's arc as well. At level 30 you get a contact called "Inside Information" which leads to several story arcs from a man named Mr. G, who you may be familiar with if you've done Gold content. All those missions are 30+ and deal with events following the aftermath of the Incarnate trials. They are also very difficult; you face some tough enemies, notably Vanguard (it's entirely possible to not have access to Nectanbo's Curse Breaker when you run the missions) and Awakened and ends with a fairly rough major boss fight. The story is pretty good though and the challenge is there if that's your thing, but the arc as a whole is extremely spoilerific if you don't want the i-trials spoiled. There are also some alternate dialogues and events if you've played through Dean MacArthur, Leonard, and Vincent Ross beforehand. This arc is sort of a parallel to Provost Marchand's story arc, both dealing with the aftermath of the trial content, however they run in different directions and don't really collide outside of one mission. Dean MacArthur and Leonard are two of my favorites for 20-29. Good story, great characters. When doing Leonard's arc, make sure you choose to fight all eight for a bonus badge.
  13. Normally i'm not lucky enough to get some of the more common names, but there have been a few times i've been surprised by a name. Among a couple of the names I have, I was able to snag "Blade Kitten," "Kinetic Medic," and "Stygian Stranger." Usually I have to think too far outside the box to be surprised by a name though.
  14. I'm more than certain a "weapon assault" was planned for the near future if the game hadn't shut down. I think the gun-and-sword combo was one of the more highly requested power sets, and the Korean hero was probably meant to hype it up a bit too.
  15. The tooltip for hovering over Infamy in the Combat Attributes window has a small typo. The tooltip states that Infamy is able to be used "to ben various people and organizations to his will," omitting a 'd' from 'bend.' Also, when is that Accuracy/To Hit discrepancy mentioned by the Accuracy Bonus tooltip getting fixed? I swear it's been that way for 8 years now! (sarcasm, but the tooltip does mention various powers descriptions causing confusion between to hit and accuracy boosts, and the tip then says "we hope to have that fixed soon!")
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