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  1. In fact, there wasn't a badge for the drop ships on live servers at all. Destroying drop ships was pure bragging rights.
  2. I think that's just the confusion status, though that can be circumvented by not using any powers so something else would have to forced the confused target to use powers. That might not be possible. On a side note, Medusa-like snake hair already exists as a hair option for female builds. Might not be that farfetched combine it with the serpentine legs you see used by the Talons of Vengance. In fact I think such an enemy already exists within the Talons. EDIT: While maybe not fully accurate to Medusa of mythos, Gorgons already do exist within the Talons as an Elite B
  3. Hibernate is subject to the NoPhase debuff. Regardless of how much recharge you have, you can't use it for 120 seconds after turning it off or it turning itself off after 30 seconds on.
  4. I don't recall the Marcone/Mooks conflict ever getting any sort of resolution, maybw that would be a good place to start.
  5. I assume this would only be for Tankers and Brutes and wouldn't affect the Epic versions of Hibernate? Would be kind of silly to have both Icy Bastion and this reworked Hibernate on my Scrapper (Levi Mastery has it for Scrapper/Stalker). It seems like a good idea though.
  6. Was it possibly removed when they started causing KB'd foes to ragdoll? I know they didn't used to ragdoll, and we know how screwy ragdolls are in CoX that power boosting with that might just make it worse.
  7. I would advise keeping the power somewhere on the tray even with the macro. The macro won't shrink and show cooldown like the power does.
  8. The oversized bow on that piece is enough, but the veil that comes with it just ruins it in my opinion. And yes, i'm a fan of comically oversized hair ribbons.
  9. Hair's hair, but what I really want is to be able to have a big hair ribbon on my girls that isn't that ugly Gunslinger veil thing. Can we at least have that?
  10. Scrappers can crit with their Epic pools, and some pools like Fighting can also crit.
  11. You can't turn AVs off on a TF. Also Reischman would probably ignore that setting anyway, given he's the damn Reischman.
  12. > use sword on Greycat
  13. A lot of people don't adhere to the advertised guidelines. There's always someone who rushes forward every time i'm on a Yin TF even if the leader called for taking it slow. Leaders also don't take it upon themselves to reign them in when they do.
  14. My recollection, WoC is a Mag 2 Confuse. It requires the standard ToHit check (1.00 base) as the power is technically a damage aura. The confusion duration is extremely short, even for Dom/Troller. The confuse time is so short and the time between activations is so long you generally can't stack it without excessive confuse enhancements (which is not worth it). You will only confuse minions with it, and they will generally only confuse long enough to potentially redirect one attack, which is the point. You're not using the power to confuse groups, you're using it to potentially avoid atta
  15. The new version of Afterburner doesn't take enhancements, much like Jaunt, Takeoff, and Translocation. Afterburner no longer requires choosing a power either as the power is included when you take Fly to begin with, also like Jaunt, Takeoff, and Translocation. A new power was added that replaced Afterburner called Evasive Maneuvers which grants the flight control and out-of-combat defense Afterburner used to provide, as well as more -fly and KB protection and without the "Only Affect Self." Evasive Maneuvers can still take defense sets so that power can easily LotG mule like Afterburner use
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