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Make 'emergency' powers faster to activate


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Hi, I hope this is a simple suggestion!


Right now there's a lot of powers that should be for emergency use that are attached to significant cast times. This makes them ironically not very good at saving yourself and coming attached with a pretty hefty cost at the same time.


Wouldn't it be nice if Regeneration's Reconstruction had no animation at all, simply providing a heal and a green aura effect to show it's gone off? What about the same for Moment of Glory? I think it'd be a simple step towards making a terrible set into just a bad set. Imagine if (maybe I'm going too far now!) it wouldn't cause redraw?


This is similar to making T9s more palatable: they still won't be great if they are instant, but I think it's one of a few solutions that could be combined to make them a far more viable choice.


Thank you 🙂

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