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  1. While it is absolutely true that Level Shifts are that powerful, I don't know if it fixes the problem we have, although maybe we define the problem differently. Right now I see the problem at the incarnate level is: Too much defence Too much recharge Too much AOE damage These combine to allow even "glass cannons" getting soft capped defences on their own at 50 and then being able to cycle massive damage, especially nukes, at very high recharge, in relative safety and without needing outside assistance. For a lot of content it's just racing between packs and nuking them in some way, shape or form. Level shift doesn't fix the defence problem; +tohit doesn't come into effect until you're fighting +6s. It doesn't fix the recharge problem; these are inherent to the character. Will it fix the AOE damage? It'll certainly make all damage worse, but it also makes all the debuffs and controls worse as well, which I feel are the suffering archetypes at incarnate level. I do like that the suggestion is bringing damage down, but it also brings down the support that I want to see become more valuable too. Maybe in practice it feels different, but just at a glance I wonder if it'll do what we want?
  2. Oh look at this suggestion, this one looks very good!
  3. I think that's intended? It's meant to show all the cards you have up your sleeve falling out?
  4. I think it's worth noting that people who are working on game balance may not be also content builders; it may not be a zero sum game of effort.
  5. I wish the cottage rule itself was taken out back behind another cottage to be shot. It makes sense that, as a general principle, it's nice to keep things at least a little recognisable to their original form to minimise bad feelings from people who are quite attached to those powers. But, as a rule, it's not a good one, and it stifles change where change is good. It is repeated as a mantra against good change. Each change should be taken on their own merits, not some arbitrary rule from someone who no longer develops the game. And serum has no merit. Dump it.
  6. I just want to say I absolutely love the creativity of WhiteDwarf's power pool ideas!!
  7. I like the verisimilitude of going to Icon to change my appearance, it makes the city that tiny bit more real to me
  8. I'd like to also add that it's not just incarnates that trivialise content though they certainly contribute to it. Attuned IOs give a lot of non-tank classes soft capped defences well before 50, and the fast recharing nuke cycle is pretty consistent by about 35-40.
  9. As crazy as this sounds, I don't really want an absorb effect on Regeneration - at least not when at 100% health. I know it would make the set better, but I think there's other ways to do it. If 'regeneration' sits on 100% health it's just another resistance/defence set IMO. I feel a cornerstone of regeneration is not being at 100% health, that you are getting hit and healing up. To achieve this effect I think strongly scaling resistances (and perhaps absorb below 50% or 25% health - numbers to be tweaked) would allow your health to fluctuate regularly at the top ends of the health bar, making you feel like regeneration is happening, and achieving real toughness at the bottom end of your bar so that it is a balanced armour set.
  10. I didn't ignore it, I just disagree with it.
  11. The Mothership raid was introduced in Issue 10 https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Issue_10 The Destiny slot was released in Issue 19 https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Issue_19
  12. I think it's safe to say that this community is intensely, almost hysterically, resistant to change.
  13. A while ago I made the following suggestion thread that garnered a few likes but not very much commentary. It's about reducing the cast time of regenerations heals as well as generally the activation time for most 'emergency' powers including T9s. On top of this I would love to see regeneration get a little love. It's surely one of the most thematic defensive sets (everyone can understand how someone regenerates, but is it immediately clear why having electricity for armour is good?) Something that might feel on theme for regeneration is the Super Reflexes-style boost of having better resistances the lower health you have. This would mean you're still taking the hits, it's just as you get lower and lower you get tougher and tougher - it should feel like you're always getting hurt but are very hard to actually defeat.
  14. I'm very much a broken record but I'd like to add something to this! Judgements are prolific sources of nukes with no real cost - you don't spend a power pick on it, there's no slot investment, they are fast recharging nukes that potentially the whole team has in rotation. T9 blast nukes have had the crash stripped from them, and interact with the extreme recharge environment IOs bring along with Build Up + Gaussians into real powerhouses. IOs grant many characters soft capped defence which reduces the value of +defence support and -tohit debuff. Many groups with just a little bit of IOs and maneuvers are at the cap already.
  15. If the issue is that everything is dying too fast I’m against the idea of increasing damage
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