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  1. Thank you for the update Jimmy 🙂 I am so grateful to be able to play this wonderful game again and the team of volunteers are the real heroes!
  2. I don't see why Sentinels need to exist, and this is the same argument I had for Brutes and Tankers with the revamp. They don't have a role or set of powers that distinguishes them in a meaningful way. Blasters with their sustain and the epic armour are now very tough. Blasters that have IOs are easily capable of soloing the hardest content in the game. So where do Sentinels fit? They do less damage, have less range, and hit less targets, and spending a whole secondary for what, at end game, is almost negligable benefit seems a waste. Blasters are just plain better, and Sentinels sacrifice a whole secondary for what can easily be replicated with sustain, an epic armour and IOs.
  3. Are you saying the Looking for Group channel should not be used to Look for a Group?
  4. The numbers (which I don't believe have changed) for Increased Density can be found here: http://web.archive.org/web/20140821044058/http://tomax.cohtitan.com/data/powers/power.php?id=Defender_Buff.Kinetics.Increase_Density The power has two effects, one that applies to everyone in an AOE, and another that applies to the target only. The AOE effect is the Smashing/Lethal Resistance - everyone gets this. The single target effect is the CC resistance; this includes the knockback resistance. In the link provided you can see on the far right hand side several icons looking like this: . These effects are single target only. The outcome is that unless Increased Density targets you specifically, you're still going to get knocked back sorry!
  5. That um. That might be overpowered for a T1. Rinse/repeat for the rest of the powers listed.
  6. It would only activate when you activate Rest, while putting it in Stamina gives it a chance to proc every 10 seconds!
  7. In the Homecoming discord there were tests made that showed the maximum damage for Brutes was equal to the damage modifier given to pseudo pet. I didn't do the test, but the screenshots showed the numbers were perfectly matching.
  8. Lightning Rod is a pseudo pet with a lower damage cap, so unfortunately is not at its best with a Brute
  9. The combat tab shows all of the chances to hit and the "dice rolled" in order to determine hits and misses. Not that not every attack at range is Ranged - some are AOE, and some (rare) attacks are autohit or don't have the Ranged position type. As an aside this kind of comment does come up often since we most certainly notice a lucky streak of hits. I never however see anyone come to the forums to note their defence is doing better than they expected!
  10. On other servers the enemy groups have a level range of 1-54. Is it possible to do that for AE creations?
  11. For any older sets that are having proposed revamps it's probably just easier to make a brand new set. This isn't because it's actually easier to make a new set, but to dramatically revamp sets that are ~15 years old you will wildly upset people and it will be much more trouble than its worth. This also applies to Super Strength when we saw the Rage revamp 😜
  12. The caption text which pops up on your screen would be nice, dialog trees would be amazing and has already been mentioned above, and some kind of zone/location triggers so that as you enter an area of the map it can trigger further actions - text, ambushes, etc.
  13. We're also frying enemies to death defeat, yes? I hate to be this way, but just about everything in the game can be construed as harmful/insensitive to some demographic, and if we appease all, there will be no game left.
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