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  1. I must say it feels a little strange to see that the capped speed for flying, which is in my opinion the most versatile and convenient travel power in the game, to be higher than that of super jumping. I don't imagine it'll affect any of my travel power picks which are based on theme but I would have expected that the less convenient the travel power the faster base speed it might have.
  2. Maybe it could be a toggle that increases the amount of healing you get based on the number of enemies around you?
  3. I couldn't see this in the known issues but for Super Jump there are two: If you move Double Jump from the bonus tray into your regular powers it disappears every time you rezone. I couldn't see an option at Null the Gull to disable the bonus tray.
  4. Is the problem that Dominators don't contribute enough or that damage and survivability has gotten out of control and control in general loses relevancy? Who needs to control them when you can judgement them or have all soft capped defences? (nerf everything/Regen)
  5. I feel like the game at level 50 is easy enough already and this circumvents some of the central restrictions of having six slots in a power (not by literally gaining slots, but by increasing their value so much that it might as well effectively be 7 or 8 slots). I guess I'm opposed to almost any power creep so take that for what it's worth!
  6. According to your post the sky is falling so often that we're afraid we might need 200% accuracy and 59% defence. I think you need to sit back and breathe.
  7. Remove all animations and activation times for armours: they are pointless handwaving for no value. If someone is terribly opposed to this, feel free to emote a few things in your own time. This would also make self rezzes better.
  8. The Family definitely have super powers, and there's a Lore reason they have all the Gravity wormholey stuff too.
  9. It does seem very odd that it could be up that long and not sell at that price. However, one of the first rule of the Auction House is that listing for a flat figure is asking for trouble: always list for less. For example if you want 6M list for 5,923,010. When someone bids for 6M yours is cheaper than everyone at the flat 6M, so yours sells. You get a big boost in sales speed and the most you can 'lose' is decided by you - and very small.
  10. It's a mixed bag. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Archvillain_Resistance https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Purple_Patch These are the two relevant articles that provide you with full detail on how it works. Perhaps the most relevant to note is that AVs do not have any special resistance to resist debuffs which make them highly desirable in these fights.
  11. If you extend the window instead of ending the combo on a miss, what happens if you use a starter in the new extension? Does it start a new combo, or does it ignore that and stay in the old combo, awaiting the next correct move? I'd be happy to see the combo effects greatly improved 🙂
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