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  1. Evasive Maneuvers only provides the defence when you are out of combat and haven't click/attacks/buffed/issued pet instructions/sneezed. That large difference seems very likely to be attributable to this power. You can always view the power details for specifics by opening your powers tray/tab, clicking Combat Attributes, and viewing the stat. It will have a breakdown of all effects.
  2. Please make as much minimal FX as you can, thanks 🙂
  3. Hi there! This suggestion is to create an option that would hide all of the floating numbers in the game. I feel like it would be a cleaner experience to play without the sheer volume of information thrown my way and, oftentimes, the amount of numbers on screen just feels messy. Thank you for reading my suggestion!
  4. During The Great Debates I pointed out that I would not bother making a Brute again and just roll Tankers. This wasn't quite true, I did roll a 50 /Regen Brute which was a waste of time. At 50 Tankers are just so much better, but below that I feel Brute are a more fun experience since they get to keep their attacks when exemplaring.
  5. The game says you can do it at 35, so you should be able to do so. You won't when you meet a level 50 Elite Boss. The suggestion you have made is hard to imagine since what would the game look like if every bit of level advice it provides required you to go to help chat and ask if any particular story arc or mission is doable at the level it says it can be done. Why not just provide the real answer up front? I'm midway through my post and @Greycat is already beating me to it, so I'll leave it there.
  6. It's a game that people play for fun, there are new players, and 35-50 suggests you can complete it at 35. Why should people require all of this additional information/expertise to work out that the information given to them isn't even true. The goal should be to make the game as approachable and friendly as possible and this is simply a trap.
  7. I'd love to see the cast times go down and some of the debuffs get the Trick Arrow treatment by making half of them be irresistable.
  8. I must say it feels a little strange to see that the capped speed for flying, which is in my opinion the most versatile and convenient travel power in the game, to be higher than that of super jumping. I don't imagine it'll affect any of my travel power picks which are based on theme but I would have expected that the less convenient the travel power the faster base speed it might have.
  9. Maybe it could be a toggle that increases the amount of healing you get based on the number of enemies around you?
  10. I couldn't see this in the known issues but for Super Jump there are two: If you move Double Jump from the bonus tray into your regular powers it disappears every time you rezone. I couldn't see an option at Null the Gull to disable the bonus tray.
  11. Is the problem that Dominators don't contribute enough or that damage and survivability has gotten out of control and control in general loses relevancy? Who needs to control them when you can judgement them or have all soft capped defences? (nerf everything/Regen)
  12. I feel like the game at level 50 is easy enough already and this circumvents some of the central restrictions of having six slots in a power (not by literally gaining slots, but by increasing their value so much that it might as well effectively be 7 or 8 slots). I guess I'm opposed to almost any power creep so take that for what it's worth!
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