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  1. One of the first things I notice is that the secondary feels very demanding but doesn't really return a lot of value. The numbers are relatively low and there's not a lot of interaction happening there with the environment. It feels like a drag to buy so many powers and toggles to get moderate levels of survivability, while a Blaster can for instance have a much more interactive and interesting secondary and do a roughly similar job of defence with IOs. Of course, these develop late and at a high cost, but it feels uninspiring when I'm picking powers, like I'm not being rewarded when it should be a much more positive experience.
  2. I don't have any suggestion on what to do, but I can say that my experience is that level 50 content is very bland. A lot of people can solo +4/x8, nukes are on short timers and everyone has their judgement. The best levels IMO are around 20-40, where debuffs matter, resistances and defences aren't soft capped on everybody including the squishy, and you have to work as a team to get things done. Remember when Radiation Infection was worth casting? Or Fearsome Stare? Don't bother at 50, just nuke and steamroll.
  3. As far as I know there is no comic book character that can fight for 2 minutes before being exhausted and totally unable to fight back for 10 seconds. I think we can probably just settle that it is not exactly in the theme of a super hero game to be that way.
  4. That's all I know so far; I am assuming that the auras are larger but the cap is the same.
  5. Can anyone tell me if, for cone attacks, it's just the arc that is being doubled, or is it the arc and the radius that is increasing?
  6. I of course support something for Brutes, since IMO the breakdown I provided on page 5 is a pretty fair review of what the result of the changes will be.
  7. Is it possible that we can get a real melee defender tank AT, since I hear those kinds of requests regularly in Discord and Reddit? They'd come with baked in identity and individuality instead of the increasing convergence we're about to have between Brute and Tanker? By the way I really appreciate that there is a lot of thought and time being put into this, even if I disagree with the choices, I think it shows we are heading in exciting directions! I am especially a fan of larger taunt auras for Tankers (20' sounds delicious), which IMO would give them a very significant boost over Brutes for aggro control.
  8. I did a breakdown of damage for Super Strength Tankers vs Brutes here: To make Tankers deal 75% of the damage of a Brute, they Brute would need to deal 33% more. They don't. To summarise it, the Brute deals 18% more damage single target with 1 Rage, <10% more damage with double stacked Rage, and ~6.5% at the damage cap. In most AOE situations (which IMO is most of the game experience), the expanded AOE size and target cap means the Tanker will comfortably deal more damage; they turn previously mediocre cones into excellent attacks, and their PBAOEs are have a 60% larger radius (or, more than 2.5x in area of effect). I also look into the relevant effect of the Rage crash which IMO further pushes the decision to play Tankers over Brutes for this iconic set, but won't repeat those here.
  9. How often does Superman or the Hulk collapse into exhaustion in the middle of a fight? Every 60 seconds or so?
  10. I agree, but I think the whole IO discussion (and its accompanying Incarnate talk) are perhaps outside of the purview of this thread. If it helps, my quick comment on that is that Force Field is the iconic set for needing help; it's a one trick pony powerset and something like adding a bit of absorb to their shields would go a long way. For other sets that provide shields they generally provide a package of benefits which combined are almost universally loved on teams.
  11. I should add that if this change goes through, I'm not going to be personally upset, I'll just quietly roll all of my new characters as Tanks, and Brutes will be a distant memory. Tankers are going to deal only slightly less single target damage than Brutes, but more importantly in AOE (which most of the game is), they will deal more due to much larger AOEs and target caps. They will have a big boost to the leveling experience - more damage, better AOEs and 120 endurance goes a long way. They're also a heap tougher at low levels. I am not going to expend a lot of time in here since it seems that my vision of a Tanker isn't shared by development, I am just sad to see that the two ATs are very much being rolled together and the pendulum is, with current proposals, completely in the Tankers favour.
  12. Protecting them from the enemy of course 🙂 If the Brute can adequately protect the team, that also makes all the defence/resist shields from support classes useless, doesn't it? But, they aren't useless, just like a SR giving extra defence to the team, or Invulnerability giving resistance, isn't useless. When those become meaningless, so do support. As for bigger AOEs, I like the idea of a bigger taunt aura as that fits the vision of protecting the team. As for gigantic cone attacks, I just see this trampling over the damage that a Brute has. Ultimately, convergence along a damage axis just reduces the individuality of ATs, and I think there's a point where you could simply delete one and call it a day. I'd much rather we collectively find a point of difference between ATs instead of making Tankers more like Brutes.
  13. I think they are doing it the wrong way - they are converging the two ATs on the wrong axis (damage). I'd much rather see the Tanker become better at what the AT is all about - protecting the team. Ideas would be that they provide some kind of support based on their primary - an invulnerability Tanker increases resistances, Willpower regeneration, etc. Those suggestions are more about vision, not strictly that it has to be this way, but that it maintains the Tankers concept without just blending them with Brute until you might as well delete one of the two ATs.
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