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  1. Dark Armour is shared by a number of Archetypes and I'd not consider any of them to have Mezz as an Archetype feature (Stalker, Scrapper, Brute, Tanker).
  2. Why do you think CC is considered a class role for Tankers? They have Taunt as their form of crowd control, but nothing about the AT suggests to me that they should have stronger holds or confuses.
  3. It's also missing in the description of Invulneratbility - Invincibility, the defence set Aura. Weird!
  4. I'm all for making more interesting choices, and some of the pools have some quite terrible options, but I'm not for the proposed level of amalgamation and freebies.
  5. Thank you for looking into this, and I am very excited for the new patch!
  6. This is where I'm getting confused, there's some information that I'm not able to resolve in my head about what is meant to happen: Gauntlet Is now applied via a global proc. Any single target power that takes accuracy enhancements will trigger an AoE taunt. Every AoE power that takes accuracy enhancements will taunt the enemies it hit. Radius is now the same for all attacks (10ft, 5 targets max) Taunt scale is now 10% higher than Brute's Brute PunchVoke is now also applied via a global proc. Any power that either inflicts damage or takes accuracy enhancements will be able to punch-voke.) Taunt Auras Brute and Tanker Ice Armor powers no longer have built-in Taunt, they are now instead covered by the inherent global proc. The following Taunt Auras are now all scale 1 Taunt (approximately 13.6s at level 50): Invincibility Against All Odds Rise to the Challenge (Brute and Tank only) If Rise to the Challenge is going to be affected by Gauntlet, it would appear to fit into the "AoE" powers, but only AoE powers that accept accuracy enhancements will taunt on hit. Rise to the Challenge does not accept accuracy enhancements (should it? Can it miss?). If Rise to the Challenge is getting a scale 1 taunt, it isn't in the power description itself. @Captain Powerhouse are you able to help clarify this?
  7. After a quick run through on Pineapple I have some more feedback. The 'documentation' for this is non-existent, and it's really bad. Please make this a priority so people know what the powers do and can select them with sufficient knowledge of their effect. I couldn't find where in game it told me what my (new) powers do, so I don't know how people are expected to properly understand what is going on. As a WP/WM Tanker, none of my powers suggested an increased arc, and my only inherent - Gauntlet - where I expected some kind of description to exist, merely mentions that each time a tanker attacks they enrage the target and those around them. According to Patch notes, Rise to the Challenge is now normalised in its Taunt, however, Rise to the Challenge no longer has a Taunt component in its power description, yet it accepts Taunt enhancements. Is this power broken? As a secondary question, can this power miss? It doesn't accept accuracy enhancements Are you my taunt aura because I can't tell anymore! Arc and Radius Improvements: These function as "expected", though as noted before, the numbers in the power don't reflect the game experience, and to me this is plain wrong. I should be able to read what a power does and that's it. There was a lot of confusion when this came out: Do arcs 'reach further', ie. is it their arc or radius increased in size? Do Epics change? What about powers like Spring Attack or other pseudopets? Damage: It feels good. The damage and arc size is very noticeable, and it is especially valuable when using previously narrow arcs that have gained quite a bit of extra value now. The T1, without Bruising, is now irredeemably bad for many power sets. On War Mace, it is hot garbage and just a power tax on a level 50. It would be nice if there was a little something that they had that made a corner case for their usage, but my first impression is that I don't ever want to use it. Additionally, a (very minor) amount of complexity and strategy was removed by taking out Bruising (do I debuff before my big hit - are they on low enough health that I just hit them with the hard stuff first, or do they have enough to survive that I need to start with Bruising initially?) The Taunt power doesn't reduce range by 100%, it's reduced by 75%. There appears to be a limit on Range (linked here). Below is a picture of the distance that a Taunted enemy is shooting me from: I'm in the puddle of enemies, and that Council member has been Taunted and is continually attacking from that range. The Council enemy is Blue so should not be resisting the -range. It appears the Range limit is still in effect. Final Thoughts It seems to do broadly what it wanted to do: I do more damage, my AOE is definitely superior. I'm worried that Rise to the Challenge doesn't work as a taunt aura anymore, and there's some definite documentation issues that would smooth out the confusion here.
  8. Part of the thrill of this game is fighting hordes of enemies at once, and for a Superhero game it is fitting to fight off packs of henchmen or against impossible odds. So sadly I can't say I like this idea at all...
  9. Unless this is changed, as back on live it was 25%: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Limits Range Note: Melee attacks ignore Range modifiers. Maximum Players and critters have a maximum Range of 500%. Minimum Players and critters have a minimum Range of 25%.
  10. Do you have the IO "Experienced Marksman" in it or anywhere else? The proc turns all snipes into Fast Snipes?
  11. I can confirm it's not working on my DP/Kin Corruptor either!
  12. If anyone reading has the name Magpie on a character they aren't using, I would be very appreciative for the name 🙂
  13. I think the Tank changes are good, barring a few small tweaks here and there. I have my issues with them which I've expressed before, but it seems that this has gone so many times back for revision that I'd rather we get something than nothing. Don't let perfect get in the way of good, in other words. I'd much rather put a version out that is 80% of the way there, and get onto other low hanging fruit that desperately need buffs which won't be controversial and cause 50 pages of debate.
  14. Consume is currently broken and I've reported it earlier. It does provide endurance protection (which works against drains - not recovery debuffs), but unlike its function on Live it doesn't stack with itself. That means that when Consume hits 4 targets, you only get the 1 buff for endurance protection, which by and large means it doesn't do very much at all. Very disappointing!
  15. I deleted the registry entries, restarted my computer, reinstalled and it worked. This can be closed 🙂
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