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Rubber Banding help!


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It's not constant. Only happens when I zone. So what is happening is that every time I zone anywhere I get rubber banded back to the spot I zoned into after 5/10 seconds if its a mission/base/zone. Its starting to get annoying and its been almost a week since this started to happen. I reset my modem, I reinstalled and I connect my computer into the modem. Its frustrating getting half way across the map just to be ported back to were I started.  I don't know what to do. I defiantly started playin less just cause its that annoying now

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Usually this is a network issue with your ISP or home network.


We can't give detailed advice on a fix (millions of combinations) but some generalities:

  • If you're on Wi-Fi:
    • Connect to the router with Ethernet and see if there's a difference.  If there is, your Wi-Fi router needs repositioned (tip: higher is better, both router and your Wi-Fi Adapters if possible).
    • Typical "dead zone" materials should be avoided in the path between router and device.  Anything with metal or concrete (chimneys, HVAC ducts, 2nd floors, manufactured home walls), shelves full of books, appliances (particularly Microwaves), and where there's a lot of human traffic (hallways are bad) are all examples of places where radio signals have a hard time reaching.
    • Wi-Fi networks usually cap out at 7-10 devices at once with most home equipment.  If you know you have more than that on at once, consider turning off what you don't need running at game time.
    • Consider adding extenders or Mesh Networking Equipment.  This costs money (some mesh kits have a monthly fee) but can make a difference with Wi-Fi performance.
  • If you're on Ethernet:
    • See if another system has the same hiccups (if applicable.)
    • Try taking the uplink out of the router and plugging your machine directly into it (easier if it's a laptop) and playing the game briefly.  If the rubberbanding stops, your router could be the cause of the issue.
  • Either method:
    • Specific to Windows -- Use Task Manager: CTRL+ALT+DEL, click Task Manager, and open the performance tab.  Find your network connection (Ethernet or Wi-Fi).  The chart will show you everything that is running using the network at once.  If it looks like a southwestern desert mesa while City of Heroes isn't running, that could be why it's happening.  At that point I'd be checking for apps for network activity and closing what isn't needed. 



A "mesa" example.  Considering a DSL connection of 7Mbps, it's safe to say this system is using almost all of it at the moment.

Finding the app or two that's causing the ruckus and terminating them causes the mesa to die down.  Now see if the game has rubberbanding issues!

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