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  1. I love my poison/fire defender! He’s a beast! The dmg and the fast animations on it are solid!
  2. I usually keep my LFG tab closed unless I’m looking for a group. Do you have it open the entire time you play? Are you constantly Lfg’s?
  3. Potato salad. Extra carbs are always needed
  4. Maybe a lighting bolt animation or space portal opens up behind you (Rick and Morty). All this cool work has been done on TP powers it would be cool to customize it
  5. I main a poison/fire defender for almost over a year so far. I've build for high DEF and RES to most on my guy at first. Thinking that was the way to go since that's what everyone's doing or saying you need to build for. I did that. It was fun. But I wanted to do mooore dmg on endgame content >.<! So I gather my resources we have on CoH: Homecoming and tried to go as proc heavy as I could without sacrificing to much. This play style is not lazy it does take a lot of focus and alertness when you are jumping mob to mob. Also its a little expensive to maintain. The feeling of what you can d
  6. Fire for all. Psy blast for if you only run ITF’s
  7. I love fire blast! I enjoy the raw dmg it brings. And I also prefer defenders for poison. The two heal /absorb procs really help since you don’t have a self heal. Fold space and combat tp really changed my life when it comes to poison.
  8. I build with the same idea with all my toons. I build for 7% Def to all and buy the P2W def that gets me to 12% and then I buy a boat load of 33% that gets me to 45% def to all. I have about 300/500 stock piled at a time in /AH. That helps me when I want to slot out any AT for pure proc dmg. I really like your play style!!! Makes the game so much more fun and keeps you on your toes.
  9. I believe they just cut the animation time on full auto and burn. Not 100% sure but o don’t think they nerf’d it’s dmg
  10. When I reach vet lvl 100. Then I know I like this character. It’s usually a one liner… Hail Satan.
  11. On one toon I had that. I mostly main defenders. I use it with every soul drain and I tp the mob to the boss in the group. Just need to need to be Strategic. Ive gotten really good with fold space I’m able to stack and pull 3 mobs and surpass the agro cap.
  12. Mines fold pace. I have to take it on every toon!
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