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  1. Let’s just leave farsight out of everything. It’s a useless power. Sorcery pool discussion is more important.
  2. Im hoping it'll fit better with PB's. I feel they're not as busy as shades
  3. You're not wrong. Fold space works in nova and dwarf so I was hoping this mechanic might of made it through as well. Thought it would add a little flair to PB builds and help boost human form dmg a little to really round out a DPS PB build.
  4. Update! With Arcane Bolt, if anyone plans on using it for your PB's when it goes live. Its still in beta so go an test it! Its not good for a Tri-Form Build. It doesn't proc in Nova or Dwarf form. Also if you shapeshift while you have the proc up it'll completely cancel the proc all together. I thought it would be a cool floating proc for a tri-form but it seems the mechanic is disabled in Dwarf and Nova form.
  5. I had really bad flair of tendinitis so I couldn't play beta for a few weeks. I was finally able to test arcane bolt on my PeaceBringer. A few things that seem to be buggy. When you proc Arcane Power and if you go into nova or dwarf it completely cancels the proc. And It does not proc what so ever in Nova or Dwarf mode or even give you the text "You feel Arcane Power crackle at your fingertips" I was hoping with all the PB clicks I could have a higher chance to proc Arcane Bolt in Tri-Form to set up a Human form heavy hitting combo when I'm shape shifting every so often. I'm sad to s
  6. Nice work guys! Arcane Bolt is my favorite change! Sorcery has so many wonderful uses for several play styles! Can’t wait to see what you guys do to the other pools! Would love to see the Experimentation and Force of Will get this kind of love in future updates!
  7. I think having this would make people wan to invest more time into WS/PB’s. As a newbie to WS/PB’s, it hasn’t been fun setting/learning the macros. But the They are such a blast to play when you figure all that out. It would definitely be a welcoming Quality of life change. Maybe at least let you keep passive toggles on
  8. Cast time is being reduced. Focused Feedback: Pool Powerset Revamp: Sorcery - Homecoming Beta - Homecoming (homecomingservers.com)
  9. I want to use the new Arcane Bolt. We are constantly clicking our powers in a Tri-Form build. With the 15 seconds floating proc you can time it into a human form single target chain to boost ST dmg a little. I haven't tested a build with it yet on beta. Just finally getting over a hand injury so I'm gonna try to spend less time on mids and more in game soon, I hope. I'd love to hear your thoughts on adding Arcane Bolt in the future.
  10. I personally would prefer an instant cast double dmg vs the instant recharge. That would be nice for PB’s that are Constantly switching forms. Either way I love Arcane bolt!
  11. Loving arcane bolt change! Can’t wait to test it out. Hope it procs often on a heavy clicky build
  12. 🦕🦖🦕🦖 https://futurism.com/paleontologists-discover-dinosaur-super-hearing
  13. Vet lvl 420 for my main ❤️
  14. You should check the announcements. They post all the updates that go live.
  15. I think adding a new alpha incarnate power with mez protection to mag 2 or 3 would be cool. Go for dmg or Mez protection. Fair trade. And RoP still works for the high hitting mez spells. It be nice to pick something other then clarion. After reading a lot of the comments. It seems players are mad they don’t have enough recourse in the game for mez protection after the nerf. I’m not counting P2W buffs.
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