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  1. I don't mind the alpha stun. Those def debuffs can get pretty mean in an ITF. Fold space has personally solved this problem for me. GL out there pal!
  2. If you’re able to keep it up I’d definitely stick with it! I just run off a lot from the group. I’m really bad at keeping it refreshed on my team that’s probable why I think it’s not a good fit for me. I try not to take mule powers on my toons. It’s very common to do that in this game. They are pretty good mule powers! Weave would be nice to turn on when you get a DEFF Debuff on you in ITFs.
  3. Dahkness

    Dark Pit

    Only thing I would use it for would be with Oppressive Gloom toggled on when im taking alpha. I only take OG when I know I can take alpha and use my Defender procs to make up for the hp loss then pop off a soul drain in the middle of everything. This would be my combo while OG is on. Jump to the boss in the group, Fold Space - Dark Pit - Soul drain - AOE/Cone attacks. Or maybe herd the mob around a corner if you don't have Fold Space. Other then that I look at it as a skip able power still
  4. @DarknessEternal Here's some things I would do differently Leadership - Vengeance- Its not really needed imo. My personal experience playing with it I noticed Farsight and Clarion did the job for my DEF issues and the people around me. You could replace it with combat jumping (Or hover if you go with sorcery and drop SS for Mystic flight). Also if you're looking to be more on the team support side Id try out Soul Mastery. Power Boost from that and the power boost from Clarion stack so you can get 2x the power boosted Farsight. That's pretty much your Vengeance right there and you don't ha
  5. Keep me updated! I’m glad you’re enjoying Time so much! Cool thing is that you’ll just keep finding ways to manage your resources the more time you put into your guy. That combo looks awesome. Everyone is going to be hitting!!! I’ll look more into the build in the morning! Sending this on my phone.
  6. Oh yay! Once you get the hang of it you'll love it! Having The Atlas Medallion and Portal Jockey Accolades will help you a little. I save Dark Consumption when my end is nearing the end to get the most out of it cause its such a long recharge. I also run Chrono Shift on cool down. Are you following the same build slot for slot I posted? That one leans on the P2W Buffs a little. I'd love to see what you're currently running.
  7. No I can't. Maybe with the lore pet buffed. I only team when I log on though. I never solo.
  8. I don't know. I hope not. Time/DP is my favorite set up
  9. I think it would be great! I just never played Sonic before. Right now the game feels more like a DEF base stats game. Well for 80% of the content imo. Only reason I use time so much is that Clarion(Power Boost) Right side used with Farsight on cool down is just so overpowered its ridiculous. You can run Dark Mastery with any blast set and feel super strong and not have to worry about slotting for DEF and just procing out your blast set is great
  10. Cooool. Look forward to some new powers. All the reason to take a break and come back to new toys.
  11. Light form still gives you mez protection. I’d at least have dwarf in your kit. The extra heal and taunt is nice to have with extra mez protection. I still get mez’d through light form from time to time. So I’ll pop dwarf if that happens.
  12. You don’t have fulcrum at 30 for your kin. Of course the dmg will feel meh. What I enjoy from defenders/Corrs is that you need to rely on your Debuffs or Fulcrum Shift to notice your dmg. This AT is a gem once you get through the early lvls and onto your incarnate powers. Also check out Dark Mastery! It’s the best imo. It makes you feel like a scrapper/blaster. It’s why I still haven’t made a kin yet. Put a chance for build up in aim and also having soul drain you’ll really notice a hike in your dmg. I haven’t touched controllers since live so I can’t be of any help there!
  13. Yeah I still use that build. I’ve been wanting to post a non P2W build for folks that don’t want to shell out the money for the mez protection from the P2W vendor. I’ll try to post that soon!
  14. I think having a global IO that turns all your powers into KD instead of slotting a KD IO in all your powers you want into would be cool. I hate KB so this idea is a personal preference. It would free up an slot in all my AOE attacks.
  15. My mouse turns into a point to click to walk every time time I zone and W doesn't seem to be my move forward key for the first 5/10 seconds when I zone. I'm not sure what's going on. I play other games on my PC and its seems to be just CoH
  16. I think they need to make PB’s and WS’s a little bit more user friendly. As much as I enjoy my Tri-Form PB. It did take me a good while to figure out binds and learn how to make bind files for smooth shape shifting. The system is a little barbaric. To much research goes into this AT to make it a functioning class for new players. It’s a very skip-able AT if you’re not willing to spend hours on the forums for a janky bind system.
  17. Time is absolutely OP. It can solo perfectly fine and be a monster in groups. Defenders have access to the dark mastery. That’s pretty much a personal fulcrum shift. It can make empath or any other power set feel powerful
  18. I only use the call outs if I can clearly see the team is falling apart without my buffs. I then usually only call it out once and let them know to try to stay near me if you need the buffs. All my toons are ?/DPS so I'm busy killing to call out buffs
  19. I am running a Tri form PB and I’ve read it’s smoother to shapeshift with bind files. How do I set up these files?
  20. The darn thing just doesn’t proc at good times. Imo, I only really get good use out of its mechanic in long AV fights. This idea is for when you’re in a solid group and things just burn and the boss will die to fast to even bother casting. If you don’t use arcane bolts proc a number of times you store arcane energy and you get a new animation que when the procs ready. Turns it into a fast snipe power with 3x the dmg.
  21. Being rewarded with a signature aura for beating said TF’s or SF’s would be cool. Say you can only get them for doing HC mode or something.
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