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Praetorian Titles and post-Praetoria Characters

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Hi, I noticed that when a Praetorian character hits 20 and leaves Praetoria, they can no longer access the titles for the faction they sided with.  In the spirit of how every badge was made non-missable, perhaps characters should keep/have access to those titles?


There's some pretty good Praetorian titles that I was eyeing when levelling, but simply forgot to take before leaving, and at this point rerolling would be painful.

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@Veracor - Veracor, Bio/TW Tanker on Everlasting - 1600 badges, vet level 32000 or something I don't even know anymore.


Everlasting raid leader, Hamidon main tank, iTrial main tank -- hit me up if you have questions!

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