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ATOs: Normal + Superior: Mutually exclusive or not?


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So, I was messing around with Pines, the new Hero-builder, when I came across an oddity.


When I try to put pieces from Will of the Controller and Superior Will of the Controller into my build, it won't let me put the same piece from the two sets in two places. As in, Acc/Mez and Superior Acc/Mez won't both go in. They're unique and mutually exclusive. This is expected behavior.


BUT, Overpowering Presence doesn't seem to have this limitation. I can put a full set of OP and Superior OP into the build.


So my question is: Is this a bug in Pines, where it's letting me put OP and SOP in the build? Or is it a bug that I cannot put WotC and SWotC in? Or is this how it actually is in-game, where one ATO is mutually exclusive and the other is not?


Just wanted to be 100% sure without spending/wasting a shitton of merits and Inf, thanks =)

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