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  1. @Moonlighter, well, once you got Alpha up to Rare or Very rare, you get a "level shift", which effectively makes you level 51. So even-con minions are blue, LTs are white, and bosses are yellow (As opposed to white/yellow/orange), and as such, even without ANY buffs on your end or debuffs on them, they're hitting less often and for less damage, while you're hitting them more often for more damage. In other words, your +2/8 effectively becomes +1/8. The only distinction is that you're still actually level 50, so being level shifted up doesn't give you any more slots or powers.
  2. How about Illusion? You could tint all the pets and psuedopets green (or blue or red or whatever "I'm not green lantern but kinda" color you want)... I dunno about the Hold, it doesn't have a very visible effect like some of the other Control Primaries. On that note, you could go Earth or Fire and tint all THOSE green. The Earth effects in particular have an option to make everything look like green crystal instead of green rock, so it would definitely look like something made by an Oain Power Ring, albeit something made by someone with no imagination whatsoever. Though maybe that could be your Lantern's gimick, he has will, but no imagination, so everything comes out as a jagged mess.
  3. Feedback: Fast and easy as advertised for me. Running Win 7, 64bit. Not a fan of "allow multiple instances" being disabled by default, but that's a tiny issue. Seems to have imported all of my data successfully (costumes/Architect stuff/screenshots/settings/etc) I've also noticed that the launcher (as well as Tequila) stay on screen, in front of the game, on launch. I realize this can be mitigated by checking the "exit on launch" parameter, but why not have it behave like Steam where it hides in the background when launching the game? I realize they're two different beasts with different functions (Steam wants to stay open to allow use of an overlay, "Hangover" just wants to launch the game), but, I think that would be a nice thing to put in, especially if you plan on expanding the scope and function of the launcher to do, well, anything else that might require it to be run while the game is running.
  4. I agree with everything here, and I think it's worth stressing the main point: RESPECS EXIST, USE THEM! I often fall into a habit where I start building towards my endgame build right away, and don't think about what I need "right now", and sometimes gimp myself in early/mid levels because I'm taking prereq pool powers instead of filling out my attack chain or taking teammate buffs. This makes leveling even more of a chore! So lesson learned: Don't be afraid to take a power you need RIGHT NOW, and as an aside, don't hesitate to slot a proc or set that's useful RIGHT NOW, just because it's not in your endgame build plan. You can always respec out later, and either sell anything you no longer need, or save it for an alt (I have 5 SG storage bin full of "hand me down" IOs!) And this guide offers a great blueprint for doing just that. Well done, @Yomo Kimyata! The only thing I would add, is to remember to run DFB/DIB. Not to skip early levels, but they give boosts (Acc/Dam/End/and Def, I think?) that last either for a week, or until level 20/30 respectively. Also, they drop SOs, which you can vendor for a pretty penny (assuming you don't just slot them!) Now yeah, if you do them all 4 times for all the boosts, you're gonna level up pretty quick, but in general I find it a good idea to give your build some breathing room and make life a little easier!
  5. Captain America ain't the only one who understands that reference!
  6. There are few things in life one can be sure of. Everything else is just guesswork. In the vast expanse of possibility and probability, where every decision is impacted by what came before, and impacts everything after, it becomes difficult to predict any kind of alternate outcome compared to what actually happened. However, given existing patterns and data, I can say with 100% certainty that they would have nerfed Regen. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk!
  7. So so so gravity is like VWOOSH! And time is like ZZIMMMM, WOW! And you just pick things up and smash 'em together or just smush them in place and hey, wanna ride bikes?
  8. So I just realized I never gave a direct answer to the OP and just went on about my controller damage wet dream like a jackass, soooooo here we go: How about instead of giving Controllers a chance for high mag for 1% of situations, thereby encroaching on Dominators (quick rant, if I were doing everything all over, Controllers would get the ability to dole out and ignore mez while Dominators got the damage bonus on mezzed opponents but I digress), we just fix those encounters? Get rid of the PToD, and just have AVs use PvP rules for mez? So we can hold them, but only for a few seconds, then have a few seconds where they can't be mezzed. It wouldn't have to be a blanket overhaul, either. Right now, Sleeps and Immobs work fine on AVs. Confuse is 50/50, it's fun in a multi AV fight, but kinda cheap vs one AV. I'd probably let confuse work normally in multi AV fights until one of the other AVs die, then they all become immune. Fear would work ok (lasting until they get attacked), so that really just leaves Holds and Stuns that AVs would need protection from, and of those, stuns aren't nearly as common. So, yeah, PvP holds: 4 seconds for a controller or dominator, 2 seconds for everyone else, give or take enhncemtn and resistance. Problem solved. We can hold them for short periods, letting us do our job without turning tough opponents into statues.
  9. WhO dARes sUMmoN meE?! *cough* Huh, wait, what? Oh... hey, Sorry about that, just woke up, little grumpy. Anyway, what's all this then? *reads thread* Uh huh. Hmmmm... Hm. Uh huh. Hmm.. Huh. Ah... Oh. Hm... Right, then! My own thoughts go in the opposite direction. I'm less worried about locking down big targets, and more just about adding damage. I would first expand Containment to cover all mez types (so add Fear and Confuse). Then, instead of just a flat damage bonus when a foe is locked down, we get a scaling damage bonus based on a) type of mez applied and b) amount of magnitude. Note that being affected/locked down is no longer required for Containment damage to kick in. So if you assail a foe with Holds and immobs and fears and confuses and stuns, you'll do a LOT more damage on your next attack than if he's just immobilized. I've tried to work out a spreadsheet to figure out the optimal amount of damage per mag point per mez type. The thing is, I wouldn't want an Immobilize giving as much damage as a Hold, because Immobs are very common, plus they don't really "contain" the foe all that well, they can still shoot you! Holds lock down targets, but are also common. I would give Sleep the biggest bonus, since it's less common and can't be stacked easily (except by say, a Mind Controller...). I'd want the most bonus to come from cleverly stacking different mez types, or having several Controllers on one target. I'd probably cap the Mag bonus for each mez type at mag 15, and the total damage bonus at +300% (easily achievable solo for some controller combos, btw). However, I've found it hard to work out a way that's both team friendly AND solo friendly. If I make it too easy to stack mag damage bonus when solo, it'll be trivial when on a team (assuming the team has another troller or a dominator or anyone else with a few control tricks up their sleeve). But if I make the Controller work for it when teaming (see above), it becomes really hard solo. Also, I don't think many people would appreciate the fact that it's a surface nerf to Controller damage early on, when we don't have reliable ways to stack multiple controls at once. My concern wasn't just giving Controllers M04R DAMAGE, but also trying to rise Mind Control specifically up in power ranking. It doesn't have a pet, and its AoE controls become the most useless on a good team (Watch as your confused Force Field Generator is the first thing killed, your TK anchor is the next thing killed, Mass Comedy is no longer all that special -thanks, Plant-, and someone fireballs the nearby mob you just put to sleep >_> ), so it's panned for good reason. At least this way, with the ability to stack multiple types of mezzes quickly, a Mind Controller can still make up for the lack of extra pet damage. Other primaries that rely on immobs get a bit shafted, but they can still stack holds and various mez types, and have their pets to keep choppin' away at the badies. I was hopping to give Mind an edge in this regard, but I don't want to go TOO far, either. So yeah, still working out the math. Cuz I'm bored. W/e.
  10. But but but what about my one issue that has nothing to do with these patch notes that I've never spoken up about before?! Kidding aside, thank you all for the hard work you continue to do!
  11. Phanty is REALLY squishy, though. Like, I dont even bother summoning him half the time because he dies so quick. So any way to buff his survivability probably isn't a bad idea.
  12. So whenever I use this power, it sounds like it plays the "clue found" chime (amidst the rest of the sound fx) and it's kinda distracting. Can this get tweaked? (Yes I'm aware that I can change it on my end, but I can't be the only one who gets bothered by this, right?)
  13. I'm a bit late with this, apologies! After taking a look, I'm a bit concerned about your total lack of AoE damage. But if your plan is to sit back and take pot shots at things while your pets and teammates do the heavy lifting, that's OK! But as I intoned in my previous post, if you're going to be doing that, you shouldn't need so much personal defense. You have soft-capped (or close to it) defenses even BEFORE Farsight... which is amazing, but it's overkill, given that you, well, have that power. You also look like you might have some endurance issues; your end consumption is ~2/EpS. Your recovery is ~3.3/EpS. That doesn't give you a lot of room to recover from using spells and attacks (though this rating doesn't account for the two +End procs)! Another problem I noticed: You chose Agility Core Paragon, which enhances Recharge Speed. This is a problem, because you seem to rely a lot on procs. The issue is that if you have recharge enhancement in a power (Which is what the Alphas are, they're enhancements, not bonuses), it will reduce the Procs' chances of going off, making them superfluous. To that end, I'm going to remove some slotting and powers that will lower your defenses, and increase your recovery (Fighting pool, I'm getting rid of the Fighting pool! I'm putting the Sorcery pool in it's place, mostly for flavor). It'll be a bit more involved since you'll have to remember to recast Farsight at soon as it's available. I'll try to eek out some more recharge for you, too, since I'm removing your lotg mule and swapping your Alpha to Vigor Radial Paragon (Acc, End Redux, Confuse/Sleep/Fear duration). You're probably going to wanna to spam Power Blast. Why? Because I put the Force Feedback: Chance for Recharge proc in there. You're fine without it, but it'll give you some wiggle room with your recharge timers. Also, you won't see it unless you hover over an enhancement, but I also put a +5 on a few enhancements, specifically, any plain Recharge IOs. Enhancement boosters cost 1-2 mill a piece, but it's worth it! I also +5'd the set IOs in PA and CS that have a recharge component, mostly to shave a second or two off their recharge times. If you have the inf, just +5 everything that isn't a proc or global enhancement. Trust me, it's worth it! I'm not confident that this is a "Better" build. We lost defense, a touch of recharge and some always-on resistance for recovery, utility, and a LOT of occasional resistance (see Rune of Protection). It's more of a spit-ball build based on your previous choices (again, sans Fighting). If you want a build with more AoE and utility, let me know and I'll share my own build that I use! Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/Crytilis/mids-reborn-hero-designer Mandrake El Mago: Level 50 Magic Controller Primary Power Set: Illusion Control Secondary Power Set: Time Manipulation Power Pool: Flight Power Pool: Speed Power Pool: Sorcery Power Pool: Leadership Ancillary Pool: Primal Forces Mastery Hero Profile: ------------ Level 1: Spectral Wounds (A) Apocalypse - Damage: Level 50 (3) Apocalypse - Damage/Recharge: Level 50 (3) Apocalypse - Accuracy/Recharge: Level 50 (34) Apocalypse - Damage/Endurance: Level 50 (34) Apocalypse - Chance of Damage(Negative): Level 50 Level 1: Time Crawl (A) Tempered Readiness - Accuracy/Endurance: Level 50 Level 2: Blind (A) Gladiator's Javelin - Chance of Damage(Toxic): Level 50 (36) Neuronic Shutdown - Chance of Damage(Psionic): Level 30 (36) Ghost Widow's Embrace - Chance of Damage(Psionic): Level 50 (37) Unbreakable Constraint - Chance for Smashing Damage: Level 50 (37) Gladiator's Net - Chance of Damage(Lethal): Level 50 (37) Lockdown - Chance for +2 Mag Hold: Level 50 Level 4: Deceive (A) Coercive Persuasion - Confused: Level 50 (5) Coercive Persuasion - Confused/Recharge: Level 50 (5) Coercive Persuasion - Accuracy/Recharge: Level 50 (15) Coercive Persuasion - Confused/Endurance: Level 50 (17) Coercive Persuasion - Contagious Confusion: Level 50 (25) Coercive Persuasion - Accuracy/Confused/Recharge: Level 50 Level 6: Temporal Mending (A) Preventive Medicine - Heal: Level 50 (7) Preventive Medicine - Heal/Endurance: Level 50 (7) Preventive Medicine - Endurance/RechargeTime: Level 50 (9) Preventive Medicine - Heal/RechargeTime: Level 50 (9) Preventive Medicine - Heal/RechargeTime/Endurance: Level 50 (11) Preventive Medicine - Chance for +Absorb: Level 50 Level 8: Superior Invisibility (A) Luck of the Gambler - Defense/Increased Global Recharge Speed: Level 50 (11) Kismet - Accuracy +6%: Level 30 Level 10: Hover (A) Luck of the Gambler - Defense/Increased Global Recharge Speed: Level 50 (13) Shield Wall - +Res (Teleportation), +5% Res (All): Level 50 Level 12: Hasten (A) Recharge Reduction IO: Level 50 (13) Recharge Reduction IO: Level 50 Level 14: Mystic Flight (A) Blessing of the Zephyr - Knockback Reduction (4 points): Level 50 (43) Blessing of the Zephyr - Run Speed, Jump, Flight Speed, Range/Endurance: Level 50 Level 16: Spirit Ward (A) Panacea - Heal/Recharge: Level 50 (29) Panacea - Heal/Endurance/Recharge: Level 50 Level 18: Phantom Army (A) Expedient Reinforcement - Accuracy/Recharge: Level 50 (19) Expedient Reinforcement - Accuracy/Damage: Level 50 (19) Expedient Reinforcement - Damage/Endurance: Level 50 (21) Recharge Reduction IO: Level 50 (27) Soulbound Allegiance - Chance for Build Up: Level 50 (43) Expedient Reinforcement - Accuracy/Damage/Recharge: Level 50 Level 20: Time Stop (A) Unbreakable Constraint - Hold/Recharge: Level 50 (21) Unbreakable Constraint - Hold: Level 50 (23) Unbreakable Constraint - Accuracy/Hold/Recharge: Level 50 (23) Unbreakable Constraint - Endurance/Hold: Level 50 (36) Unbreakable Constraint - Accuracy/Recharge: Level 50 Level 22: Temporal Selection (A) Recharge Reduction IO: Level 50 Level 24: Rune of Protection (A) Steadfast Protection - Resistance/+Def 3%: Level 30 (25) Gladiator's Armor - TP Protection +3% Def (All): Level 50 (27) Gladiator's Armor - End/Resist: Level 50 Level 26: Spectral Terror (A) Superior Will of the Controller - Accuracy/Control Duration: Level 50 (31) Superior Will of the Controller - Control Duration/Recharge: Level 50 (33) Superior Will of the Controller - Endurance/Recharge: Level 50 (33) Superior Will of the Controller - Accuracy/Control Duration/Endurance: Level 50 (33) Superior Will of the Controller - Accuracy/Control Duration/Endurance/Recharge: Level 50 (34) Superior Will of the Controller - Recharge/Chance for Psionic Damage: Level 50 Level 28: Farsight (A) Luck of the Gambler - Defense/Increased Global Recharge Speed: Level 50 (29) Luck of the Gambler - Defense: Level 50 Level 30: Maneuvers (A) Luck of the Gambler - Defense/Increased Global Recharge Speed: Level 50 (31) Reactive Defenses - Defense/Endurance: Level 50 (31) Reactive Defenses - Scaling Resist Damage: Level 50 Level 32: Phantasm (A) Expedient Reinforcement - Accuracy/Recharge: Level 50 (40) Expedient Reinforcement - Accuracy/Damage: Level 50 (42) Expedient Reinforcement - Damage/Endurance: Level 50 (42) Expedient Reinforcement - Resist Bonus Aura for Pets: Level 50 (42) Call to Arms - Defense Bonus Aura for Pets: Level 30 (43) Edict of the Master - Defense Bonus: Level 40 Level 35: Slowed Response (A) Analyze Weakness - Accuracy/Defense Debuff: Level 50 (45) Touch of Lady Grey - Chance for Negative Damage: Level 50 (50) Achilles' Heel - Chance for Res Debuff: Level 20 Level 38: Chrono Shift (A) Numina's Convalesence - Heal/Endurance: Level 50 (39) Numina's Convalesence - Endurance/Recharge: Level 50 (39) Numina's Convalesence - Heal/Recharge: Level 50 (39) Numina's Convalesence - Heal/Endurance/Recharge: Level 50 (40) Performance Shifter - Chance for +End: Level 50 (40) Numina's Convalesence - +Regeneration/+Recovery: Level 50 Level 41: Power Blast (A) Decimation - Accuracy/Damage: Level 40 (46) Decimation - Damage/Endurance: Level 40 (48) Decimation - Accuracy/Endurance/Recharge: Level 40 (48) Decimation - Accuracy/Damage/Recharge: Level 40 (48) Decimation - Chance of Build Up: Level 40 (50) Force Feedback - Chance for +Recharge: Level 50 Level 44: Temp Invulnerability (A) Unbreakable Guard - +Max HP: Level 50 (45) Aegis - Resistance/Endurance: Level 50 (45) Aegis - Resistance/Endurance/Recharge: Level 50 (46) Aegis - Resistance: Level 50 (46) Aegis - Psionic/Status Resistance: Level 50 Level 47: Power Boost (A) Recharge Reduction IO: Level 50 (50) Recharge Reduction IO: Level 50 Level 49: Tactics (A) Gaussian's Synchronized Fire-Control - Chance for Build Up: Level 50 Level 1: Brawl (A) Empty Level 1: Containment Level 1: Prestige Power Dash (A) Empty Level 1: Prestige Power Slide (A) Empty Level 1: Prestige Power Quick (A) Empty Level 1: Prestige Power Rush (A) Empty Level 1: Prestige Power Surge (A) Empty Level 1: Sprint (A) Celerity - +Stealth: Level 50 Level 2: Rest (A) Recharge Reduction IO: Level 50 Level 4: Ninja Run Level 2: Swift (A) Run Speed IO: Level 50 Level 2: Health (A) Miracle - +Recovery: Level 40 (15) Panacea - +Hit Points/Endurance: Level 50 Level 2: Hurdle (A) Jumping IO: Level 50 Level 2: Stamina (A) Performance Shifter - EndMod: Level 50 (17) Performance Shifter - Chance for +End: Level 50 Level 50: Ion Radial Final Judgement Level 50: Degenerative Radial Flawless Interface Level 50: Support Core Embodiment Level 50: Banished Pantheon Radial Superior Ally Level 50: Clarion Radial Epiphany Level 50: Vigor Radial Paragon ------------ ------------ Set Bonus Totals: 18% DamageBuff(Smashing) 18% DamageBuff(Lethal) 18% DamageBuff(Fire) 18% DamageBuff(Cold) 18% DamageBuff(Energy) 18% DamageBuff(Negative) 18% DamageBuff(Toxic) 18% DamageBuff(Psionic) 6% Defense(Melee) 10% Defense 6% Defense(Smashing) 6% Defense(Lethal) 9.13% Defense(Fire) 9.13% Defense(Cold) 11.63% Defense(Energy) 11.63% Defense(Negative) 6% Defense(Psionic) 17.25% Defense(Ranged) 7.56% Defense(AoE) 2.25% Max End 3.75% Enhancement(Max EnduranceDiscount) 6% Enhancement(Heal) 4% Enhancement(Held) 4.4% Enhancement(Terrorized) 30% Enhancement(Accuracy) 4% Enhancement(Stunned) 8% Enhancement(Confused) 97.5% Enhancement(RechargeTime) 8% Enhancement(Immobilized) 8% Enhancement(Sleep) 15% SpeedFlying GrantPower Preventive Medicine (10 % chance, if Scourge) 156.4 HP (15.38%) HitPoints 15% JumpHeight 15% SpeedJumping Knockback (Mag -4) Knockup (Mag -4) MezResist(Confused) 40% MezResist(Held) 40% MezResist(Immobilized) 40% MezResist(Sleep) 40% MezResist(Stunned) 40% MezResist(Terrorized) 40% MezResist(Teleport) 100% (20 % chance) 13% (0.22 End/sec) Recovery 38% (1.61 HP/sec) Regeneration 28.5% Resistance(Smashing) 28.5% Resistance(Lethal) 27% Resistance(Fire) 27% Resistance(Cold) 22.5% Resistance(Energy) 22.5% Resistance(Negative) 18% Resistance(Toxic) 23% Resistance(Psionic) 15% SpeedRunning | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1561;744;1488;HEX;| |78DA65944B4F13611486BF2953B1A540A140A15C5BCABD2D1DC1B5895010850485B| |852EB04069838D0665A125DBAF007A8891835A2414130F13F189706FC01BA722522| |162F1B4DCC7898F7409B7492E69979CFED9DF3B59DB839EC79337AFB8C90BC43869| |AC92487524B593365189AE99C50E7F519419777425D9A35D51B5A5BC2682335554A| |627B3EF3A828366618CB193DB57424040B72CE2ECFCDC5A6F5452D49DDF4F4B2A16| |62953944DA6A870C4D0E717B26EFB7E2AAD69B31EDCA6CC19CDBC55693F8C6BEAAC| |666616F4742091D6676293A6BEA81AC991C39C0C35CD6429B59E9C45E8B32A09BE2| |C59441C4228B2704499FD6030CE54C0A735C735426C4AB6F68C805696538A94D85A| |BB4A4A33711139E131D487138887FFE2F939854BB8B6E40A34F92A3309565C07BD2| |A587F0D5C252F4EAE757E41DF13BBCCAFE0C93DE637D0BD0FAED1DC52DBB42595D6| |C2A3FB9FB03DBBE8E85C1C7371CC730175218A9571ACAC8FA0B8848779BF438872F| |891CA3FC163EF47F02EC52A3956D9825E4DADE04BEA57C5EF519573D8BDAA0F5057| |FD03ACE1198121EEFB13796BB4031F9FA12FC1B9C360DD08F31CD83ECA3BA79A5A3| |EC35ABBAF2C1E903F3FDECBE1F7E3ECEA4FC15F4001D7496E609F0DEBD05A36C0B6| |57CC4DE616187C0DBEA0998DBCB746DE69530D58453B6DE6D9CD1C6BC971FF5FE00| |6C9AD3CBB3587F7E8E21DF5F08E7A7E333F3B6CFFBDBB94DE45FBA5D921D43A421F| |9013D90695B7441FBD1BE574C083B3E3223C745E92EC1D774E31A7A177ADF0FCCB7| |87E4F16BBD95BF70A66461F82FD8F988F994F40E50E7A6C536D1FE6CA7D7FF0AE91| |38FA4606C0E820F334B8436931DE658CBF170AD347BB8C2326E29B98D12417FC662| |DBA0E9773A458BD45D17891A214290345CA6091325EA8B8E065523EFEAF10127FF7| |5CDEE3FF006BDF4D71F62F4511CFE535493A2FD9FBAB086257DF0BF3BB917F50987| |F0FBF132F9FD9A1312B4087AD20C11AF5D33D0F7F17CADFEF85F3395BBEBC5EE7CF| |EBFF01DAF3018F| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  14. I'm on mobile so I can't view the build in mids right now, but I noticed you took the fighting pool. I think this isn't needed. If you're going to have Perma power-boosted Farsight, that alone should put you at or near the Defcap. Just a preliminary thought, I'll take a closer look when I'm home from work!
  15. I NEVER stop. Luckily, all my characters (despite age, gender, lived experience, etc) have the exact same personality as me, so it's all good! =P
  16. Huh, hadn't factored in dual boxing and a mission full of helpers! I still feel like the 24 merits per minute is overblown, as I assume you'd have to find the GMs AND the helpers, and that itself would take a minute or two. But even so, that's a very high merit per minute ratio, and needed to be squashed. The rest of my point still stands about there being plenty of quick or easy ways to get merits. Just maybe, not THAT quick and easy!
  17. I'm pretty sure having a swimming pool that close to a dance floor is a safety hazard, especially with alcohol involved! But if you don't care about that, then you should go crazy and have the pool SURROUNDING the dance floor, with the bar smack in the middle! Also, good work on the beds, they look great!
  18. I disagree about having to do unfun stuff. Every story arc and TF in the game awards merits. You should be able to fund your builds just by doing one or two TFs a night. Heck, right now, Dr. Q is the weekly, and you can get almost 300 merits running it once (144 for subsequent runs). Takes about an hour and a half, as long as you and your teammates all have P2W teleport powers and access to a base macro. And since it's mostly defeat-alls, your chances of making some bank are pretty high! By contrast, you're not gonna be able farm GMs without either a) a team or b) an already high-end build. GMs are only worth 6 merits a piece. and so you'd have to be able to kill them in less than 2 minutes for the merit/reward ratio to be conquerable to doing, well, anything else. Example: Apex/Tin Mage can be done in a half hour easily, and award 80 merits. Hamidon raids net 80 merits, and are often completed in under 20 minutes (once they get started, anyway). If you're tired of doing the same three Task Forces (Ms Liberty, Lady Grey, and Imperious), many later-level hero side story arcs award 40+ merits, and with a team can be blasted through in around an hour. I don't know what kind of content you mean when you say you'd rather "play the game", but in most cases, if you are, funding your alts shouldn't be an issue =/
  19. EmperorSteele

    Elec / Kin

    I don't want to give the illusion that all homecoming players are min/maxers or anything, but there's a couple possible reasons you may not be finding many builds: One, Elec isn't a top-tier set; Two, Elec/Kin is a sapping combo, which... doesn't work in PvE. You can drain a baddie down to nothing, and a half second later they'll get a spike of endurance and be able to shoot. It's a good soft control in PvP, but for most other content, folks have found it's not worth pursuing. Hopefully someone else comes through for ya, good luck!
  20. That sounds hilarious, looking forward to seeing what was done!
  21. Maybe something broke when they made him the hero side "talk to" for the incarnate origin?
  22. Everyone in this thread has made some really awesome stuff! From Alien worlds to modern cityscapes full of kitbashed yet recognizable staples! I'm in awe of the lot of you! I've scoured this thread and other resources looking for inspiration on how to do things. But there was one special feature, that one MAGICAL thing, that's eluded me thusfar. Maybe someone else already did this, and I missed it, in which case I'll be mad because I was tearing my hair out trying to make my concept work. I was going through each and every single item, trying to find the one thing that might make a suitable substitute for what I wanted to do. The editor actually has similar objects, but they were too bulky or fancy for what I had in mind. But then I found it! The one thing that will bring my concept to life and make me truly happy with my endeavor... That said, I am proud to present my humble contribution to the proceedings: I MADE A DOOR! (Two blank pegboards flipped around with a 5 lb barbell shoved into them. It's so simple now that I've done it, but getting there was rough!)
  23. So, maybe this was answered once already, but, I noticed that we're not paying for a lawyer anymore (and haven't been for a while). As I understand, this individual was a key player in the talks with NCSoft. Is there anything you can disclose about what's going on there?
  24. I'll also throw my hat in for Primal. Power Boosted Farsight, especially combined with Time's Juncture (if you run it) puts you well past the defense cap, and that's without any IOs or other fancy tricks. This type of combo IS in line for an "adjustment", but that may not be for a while, so I'd say enjoy it while you can!
  25. The textures and pumpkins were there last year 😃
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