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Opportunity Strikes ATO Chance for Opportunity proc; Is it worth it?


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I'm trying to determine if this proc is really even worth using, let alone the entire Opportunity Strikes set considering its pretty unimpressive set bonuses.
In certain AoE skills the proc seems to get your bar filled faster (by how much I do not know,) which is good, but it has 2 pretty major drawbacks imo:

1. It has single-stat level Recharge time bonus along with the proc, so it absolutely destroys your damage output if you're putting it in a skill relying on damage procs.

2. Once your bar is full and you're in Opportunity mode, it's a dead proc that does nothing.

So at the end of the day is it even really worth using? Does it substantially cut down the number of attacks needed to reach Opportunity, or is it just a marginal increase?
Hopefully someone who has played more Sentinel than me has already come to a conclusion on this.

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Bear with me. It has a 1PPM. Even the purple version. I have it factored into my spreadsheet. There are cases where does "something" to the up time, but I wouldn't call it noticeable. Now that I think about it, it's affected by the purple patch and I need to factor that in. But I wouldn't call its affect thoroughly impressive, much less epic level. But then, Blaster sets have an epic proc that is 5PPM instead of 4, so maybe I expect too much.


Set bonus wise, it's good if you're using a set looking for typed defenses, not especially if you want positional, but I still use it regardless because there aren't many epic level bonuses to choose from anyway.

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I've gone ahead and moved mine (just the proc) into Overcharge (beam rifle) and honestly it works out pretty well. Hitting 3+ mobs is basically a guaranteed 0 to full opportunity.

Performance is probably similar for the other sets in their 90s cd nukes.

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