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Crystal-like powers


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I'm thinking about creating a new alt and I have everything ready but her powers.


The idea is crystal manipulation. At first I've thought in using Ice Controller (just change the ice color to something white and I'll have blocks of quartz enveloping my enemies), but I'd like to hear some suggestions -- it doesn't need to be a a Controller after all.


By the way, no Icy Armor suggestions please: I really dislike its looks. 


So, what are my options? Which primary/secondary would give a good crystal look?

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You can use Spines or thorns to also be crystal projectiles since it had the customization option although there is a green mist that is not colorable that is the set's toxic damage.


Shield defense has a gem shield option. 


Earth control has custom similar custom options for molten rock as well as crystal. 


Beam rifle has a crystal powered rifle option. There's also ice blast out ice melee. 


If you already have your eye on ice control, theirs also cold Domination as a support set. 


There's also just the various costume options. It can blend with a lot of power effects too. Invulnerability has some nice sparkle effects and makes some sense with its effects. 

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