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Boogeyman/It/Fae type character needed for Hero.


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To make a long story short, I've been trying to find a good horror based nemesis for my power armor character Safe Room. The last player who started left the game & had a good concept going. It was a Fae called Drowned. One friend of mine even suggested making it the actual Boogeyman. The actual character is someone that may have shaped various heroes & villains as well. The character in question attacked Safe Room when he was a child just to give you a sense of time. My global is @Knight of Iron Star & I'm on Everlasting.


Thank you for your time.

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All my monster type characters a)were heroes in the Terata SG back on live, and b)were lost to the void when Sunset happened and the original Virtue-verse was destroyed. Unfortunately I don't have any concepts or even ideas that would work there, my current 'monster'/'fae'-adjacent characters are just a couple vampires (one of whom is canonically new to the Rogue Islas and a Japanese 'import', the other is new to his vampirism, just turned in the 80s) and a hero fae who mostly just runs an extradimensional neutral ground club similar to what DJ Zero has going but different in many ways (Club Valhalla, which since I've been away from the game, has been unmaintained and still sits in 'open during construction/renovation' status). I do hope you find someone to take up the role, though.

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