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  1. I figure that we can provide opinions and feedback as support to players who might not know the intricacies of the game mechanics as well as we might, but without any kind of shaming, overt or subtle. And generally, the way I personally like to approach that is to ask questions in an earnest effort to learn the hows and whys of the other players' choices.
  2. eh, no judgements. Everyone is permitted to Slot how they want.
  3. I would hate to be a judge for this contest . . . I'd want to put so many of the entries in to First Place!
  4. This suggestion has popped up a few times, and according to someone who claims to have played on SCoRE, the possibility exists. However, as they explained it to me, it's a manual process of excising data from a demorecord file which has to be performed during server maintenance windows by an admin. Given the sheer size of Homecoming's player population, that obviously isn't terribly feasible for use here. An automated tool, of course, would be absolutely stellar! As would pretty much any quality of life improvements to base building.
  5. Orenbaga's not a hellmouth! . . . okay. Maybe a -little- bit of a hellmouth.
  6. Sorry to hear about those w.o.w'ers abandoning you and the City, @Aeroprism. And if you're looking for a little more Redside activity, Everlasting seems to do pretty well for it. Not as abundant as Blueside, but certainly more cozy than on any other Shard.
  7. Pre-congratulations to whomever are tying their knots!
  8. Can previous winners of the coloured ducky contest participate in the Tenyellow contest, @Wravis?
  9. The introduction of new technologies in to civilian life is something that can take a long time. Especially when that technology is reverse-engineered from a hostile invader. And government legislation comes in to play. Or with corporate ownership of said technologies. Or being in a setting where either the government or corporations are run by shadowy cabals of supervillains which may be infiltrated by members of said invasion in disguise. Not saying that we shouldn't see that technology in the hands of civilians by now, but just that there are plenty of reasons why it isn't necessarily the case at this point. Also to potentially give some ideas for stories that could be told within this setting.
  10. Generally the Tram missions that go Outdoors are described in briefings as taking place in the space just outside the War Walls. So, the space -does- get used . . . sorta-kinda. A continuous full-scale city is definitely a City of Heroes 2 sort of thing, I fear. I just don't think this engine could handle something of that magnitude. (Codewalkers and Devheads being the better source than me for that assumption.)
  11. Congratulations to everyone! You folks blasted through this contest. I'm going to have to be extra sneaky when I steal it!
  12. I am officially confounded! I checked ALL of those places! I swear! (Ok, maybe not Orange ducky's spot, but all the rest of them.) . . . I must be blind. . . . which makes it kind of mind-blowing that I found the frickin' Yellow ducky of all of them, given how much of a pain it was to spot that one.
  13. Only the evil red ducky remains . . . I'm honestly surprised this whole contest has gone by so quickly! Nice idea, @Wravis. I might have to stea- er . . . "borrow" this for a contest of my own some time. I also saw one of the graffiti pieces is up! Something about two love birds?
  14. It goes back to the same point/question: What even -is- "playing the game" here? Just like @Blackfeather says; for some people, the combat isn't the game. It's a messy, ugly thing that gets in the way of them playing the game. And it's okay to have players like that. They should be celebrated and embraced! Because the -purpose- of this game, as it always has been, is to be the game that welcomes everyone. We don't need to understand how another player enjoys themself (though it certainly helps). We just need to understand that they do, and as long as they're not harassing anyone, then they're perfectly welcome to be here and to share their feedback, hopes, and desires as much as anyone who has ground out Hamidon for the twelfth-thousandth time. (Hey, @Veracor! You up to 1,200 Hamidons yet? Or was that a milestone your blew past ages ago?)
  15. Ducks? https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/23253-funplex-graffiti-wall-contest/
  16. Odd thing. My old computer that I used to play City on back in 2007 to 2010 could handle Ultra Mode. It could consistently outperform -this- current computer, despite all the hardware apparently being "better" on this one. Something's suspect here . . . ANYWAY! One of the other aesthetic changes I'd like to see is an increase in the amount of civilian outfits, animations, and gameplay for our characters. The variety of suits are nice, but I'd also like to see . . . well, basically everything the NPC civilians have as far as outfit options. They get some really cool stuff! And I really like some of their expressive walk cycles, especially in places like Port Oakes and Old Haven. Like that one walk cycle where the person slams their fists against their own skull trying to silence the voices. I want that.
  17. I look forward to seeing your full-sized dragon some day, @Dacy.
  18. *glances back and forth* . . . I'm not really here. I am a figment of your imagination! This link got posted here by some unknown means . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djT_hBVbmGc
  19. Example of a "Grindy thing" that I'd like to see: Complete X, Y, Z content to unlock the ability to Slot Purples and Superior ATOs -before level 50.- THAT is the kind of grind that I think would be acceptable. Since people can already get to 50 to unlock those, and as I just said "50 is arbitrary," I think it would be quite rewarding to give players the opportunity to earn* the option to utilize content that was gated for 50 ahead of schedule by completing particularly challenging objectives. Hell. Give that same treatment for just about everything. Give players the opportunity to pre-unlock Incarnate Content, or level-gated Zones ahead of schedule by "proving their worth." * "earn" being used here with the understanding that I've previously lambasted others for using the word in terms of fictional game achievements having some kind of impact on their real life worth as human beings. Just in case anyone wants to call me a hypocrite.
  20. ATOs, Archetype Origin Enhancements, are Set Enhancements which are unique to the various Archetypes, and unlock special bonuses or entire gameplay mechanics. Such as the Stalker ATOs granting insta-refresh of your Build Up or spontaneous Hidden status. Or one of the Mastermind ATOs which give you some really solid Recharge Bonuses for just 2-slotting them in three different Powers. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Archetype_Enhancements
  21. 100% what @Luminara just said. Especially the bit about newer zones being hell on performance. Hello there, Kallisti Wharf. *crashes to desktop*
  22. You dun and gone open'd dat can o' worms! . . . in the Endgame/Balancing thread I had to bite my fingers not to type a message about someone constantly not using "too" when they should have been. AHEM! Now back to our previously scheduled thread about extending the length of in-game biographies. Yes. Please. Thank you. But if they want to prioritize fixing the damnable thing first, that's fine too.
  23. Don't forget Blood Widow! And Bane Spider! And Blapper! And Dominator . . . and . . . ok, maybe I'm stretching things a bit here, but . . . well . . . They're all Archetypes which I enjoy more than Scrapper. *shrug* (Also, whoops! I said "Bill" earlier, when I meant @MunkiLord. That's bad of me.)
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