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  1. Salamanca had been a very popular vacation point and maintained a university campus for many years, but the invasion of monsters put an end to the tourist trade and seriously limited the use of the school. The Paragon City Monorail still takes passengers here, even though the town is filled to the brim with supernatural beings. Additionally, many heroes with innate magical abilities often find the ley lines in this area to be quite potent and even sometimes beneficial. Note: Croatoa has enemies ranging from Level 25 to 35.
  2. Cyrus Oliver Thompson was a retired hero from Kings Row who came out of retirement one last time to help the Freedom Phalanx save the City, and it cost him his life. After his heroic sacrifice, a memorial statue was built to honour him in the place that he frequently sat to feed the pigeons during his twilight years. Serving as an inspiration for many, Cyrus' memorial makes an excellent place for heroes, law enforcement, and civilians alike to come together to celebrate the lives of those who serve the people. Note: Kings Row has enemies ranging from Level 5 to 15.
  3. The only problem is that it's not always there. The gazebo is, though.
  4. The Sanctum of Shadows is an island which exists outside of our physical realm, in plane known as The Midnight Sea, off beyond the Far Horizons. Essentially an old Oranbegan's "lake house" retreat, it is traditionally kept in a state of perpetual, peaceful darkness. However, lately the Sanctum's pavilions and surrounding islands have been lit up like a birthday cake with torch- and candle-light. Flowers have started to bloom and garlands of roses have appeared. Even the Karnaim, the magi's Skybound warship, has found herself decked out for a celebration.
  5. Take a glimpse into the maddening secrets of the OOZE chamber. This is where S.E.W.E.R, the criminal activities cabal of ToxxCo, pursues its sinister biological engineering agendas. In other words; it's the 'mad science' department of the Unofficial Roleplay Sewer.
  6. Port Oakes Gazebo/Hotdog Stand is definitely going in to the list! Cap au Diable might end up with two entries thanks to the University. Probably also get one of the Abandoned Labs in to the mix too, although . . . hmm, which one? Thanks for reminding me of the Golden Giza! That place needs more love.
  7. The People's Park of Imperial City! Proud! Firm! Family-friendly! Bring the kids! Drink Enriche! This message brought to you by the Cole Administration. Note: Imperial City's People's Park neighourhood has enemies ranging from 10 to 15.
  8. In the Event posting/editing screen for the Calendars, we can set Events to Repeat based on Days, Weeks, Months, et cetera. It's possible to set an event to Repeat after X number of days, ranging from 1 to 30. I would like to request that this be increased, please. 50 should suffice for my purposes, but if it's not too much of a hassle, may as well bump it all the way up to 200 or 300, just in case someone else out there has a use for that. Please, and thank you for your consideration!
  9. As they stand currently, the formatting for Calendars on this forum start on Monday. That seriously does my head in. Could we please switch it to the standard format of Sunday in the leftmost column? Or at least implement an option for that format, please?
  10. Caffeinated Crusaders, Paragon City's exclusive coffee chain, has several locations throughout the city, with this newest one in the south-west of the Kallisti Wharf neighbourhood. Step right in to the heroic themed coffee chain that proudly supports both the Heroes and people of the city. Come enjoy the finest coffee in the city and possibly meet your favourite Heroes, too!
  11. Situated just West of Founders' Falls, this neighbourhood is a pleasant urban environment with family housing, apartments, and various stores and services. The Beans and Worms coffee shop has long stood as a community centre in the area, and a noodle restaurant, karaoke bar, and a (shh, secret!) magic shop all add to the local flavour. Peaceful and serene, the neighbourhood has obviously prospered under the watchful eyes of Paragon City's heroes!
  12. The neighbourhood of New Haven in Cap au Diable may be small, but it is affluent, containing the Cap au Diable University, the Langston Corp building, and the home of the WSPDR news network, as well as one of the Vanguard Outposts in the Etoile Isles. While Goldbrickers and Arachnos are known to harass people in the area, it is relatively peaceful for the Isles overall. That is, at least, until the rare appearance of the mysterious Deathsurge Monster. All the same, the gazebo (location -960, 6, 1080) found along the eastern coast of New Haven tends to be far enough away from danger that people can sometimes meet there unaccosted. Note: Cap au Diable's New Haven neighbourhood has enemies ranging from Level 15 to 20.
  13. A blast from the past, Galaxy City's Gemini Park was destroyed during the Second Shivan Invasion around 2012, but the City lives on through the Powers of Time Travel! As a means of getting away from the stress and horror of the everyday pains of heroing in Paragon City, sometimes it's nice just to travel back to a simpler time and enjoy the park. Well, after shooing the Vahzilok and gangers away, at least. Access to Echo: Galaxy City is available through Base Telepads and through Ouroboros' rear portal. Gemini Park is situated in the south-east corner of the Zone. Note: Enemies in Gemini Park are approximately Level 5.
  14. The wonderful Estrada Carma, situated in the Atlantic Ocean is a haven for retired villains and ne'er-do-wells with cash to burn. The gothic architecture is accented by some more modern luxury buildings, with an assortment of cafes, restaurants, and public spaces to engage in polite conversation with other refined individuals.
  15. If you would like to recommend a Zone or a Base for inclusion in the rotation, or request one for a particular time slot, please feel free to post your recommendation here.
  16. Welcome to Roleplay-a-Day! Each day different Base(s) and/or Zone(s) will be promoted as the ideal location to meet with other roleplayers. While this is primarily meant for use by the Everlasting Shard's playerbase, anyone is free to use it! These locations are non-exclusive, and are merely meant to help facilitate players' chances of meeting one another "in the wild." If you have any Feedback or Suggestions, please feel free to provide it here! Thank you.
  17. Mercenaries or Thugs are clear winners for theme. MAYBE Necromancy with the suggestion that they're drug-addicted to the point of starving themselves and looking like zombies. Poison sound the most appropriate for concept, but Poison can be a tricky Set to play well. It -is- Powerful, but it takes some effort to get there. Alternatively, Empathy or Pain Domination could be good for thematic purposes. Nature Affinity for Herbal Remedies, maybe. Kinetics or Radiation Emission are a bit of a stretch, but still workable for the concept. Time Manipulation could also work, suggesting that it's the use of narcotics, stimulants, and depressants. However, I also caution some care and consideration for the theme which you are planning to roleplay here. Drug use and addiction carry a lot of stigma and potential baggage. You can try to write around it by calling them "chemical compounds," "substances," and/or "chems" as substitute terms to help lessen the negative impact associated with the subject matter. Overall, I think this community will be accepting and receptive of the character, but I will still caution and recommend taking care around the subject all the same.
  18. Something like https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/9265-new-feature-in-game-polling-system/ @Razor Cure?
  19. A Weekly Discussion on deployment of Homecoming Guidelines for Community Development Standards would be helpful, I think.
  20. How about wrapping those up together as the "Personal Preference Factor?"
  21. And now "Sly Erotic Fox" is ALSO a character that someone needs to make. Great. We're just spitting out names and ideas here like crazy! I'm going to declare this thread a success! Let's keep going, though.
  22. That _1_ Player Defeated, though. I feel like there's a story there, @Norl.
  23. As I understood it, asymmetrical gloves and boots were already in the leaked files, but incomplete. That's at least the claim made by someone who took credit for having them released on a different server before Homecoming announced them here.
  24. Oh, and, since I wasn't particularly clear in my last post: I fully support the distribution of all costume pieces to all player-character models, regardless of sex/gender as soon as possible! I'm a full-floodgates-open kinda player when it comes to costume pieces (and animations).
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