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  1. All my monster type characters a)were heroes in the Terata SG back on live, and b)were lost to the void when Sunset happened and the original Virtue-verse was destroyed. Unfortunately I don't have any concepts or even ideas that would work there, my current 'monster'/'fae'-adjacent characters are just a couple vampires (one of whom is canonically new to the Rogue Islas and a Japanese 'import', the other is new to his vampirism, just turned in the 80s) and a hero fae who mostly just runs an extradimensional neutral ground club similar to what DJ Zero has going but different in many ways (Club V
  2. Name: Terata Alignment: Hero/Vigilante Roleplay Friendly: Yes Discord: None yet, will edit when I have one set up Recruitment Message: "Monsters" of Paragon City (and I'm not talking about Lusca, Jack-In-Irons, or any of those sorts) unite! For too long have we been treated as second-class citizens, or worse, pests. Seriously, just the other day I saved a woman from muggers and she immediately called out to a passing hero to beat me down! I mean sure, lady, I may look scary when Umbra is taking the wheel, but I just freakin' saved you from those guys, maybe take a context clue? Anyway, yeah
  3. @LuminaryI sent you an in-game email (assuming your global handle is @Luminary), I tried to /t but I don't know if it went through because I didn't get any feedback from the game. I'm offline now, but after the weekend (I'm going to a friend's place for the weekend), if we cross paths in the Isles you can invite me if you so wish.
  4. Love a good community base, and yours is pretty awesome, though I'm only speaking from the screenshots so far. I can only hope that Club Valhalla will one day be even half the Paragon (pun intended) of community base awesomeness that this one appears to be. Though I need to either brush up on my techniques or hire/recruit a co-builder who knows how to build a building out of the available parts once the build area has been 'jailbroken' using the build outside the box trick.
  5. I kinda want to get one of my groups involved (assuming I can get myself back into an active state to make it worthwhile), but none of them fit the concept of being at a recruitment event for SGs (Young Exemplars are meant to be a team of former sidekicks like the Teen Titans/Young Justice or Marvel's Champions, Takamoto Industries is a tech firm that happens to secretly harbor a team of armored heroes so they'd be more at home at a regular job-fair type thing, and Club Valhalla is a nightclub rather than a SG so they'd be more likely to recruit by taking resumes at the club itself)... I might
  6. I'm moderately decent at base building, and have relatively well mastered even the 'build outside the bounds' method if you wanted an outdoors area around the base (though if you do accept my help/membership I'd probably need to work with someone else on the building if you did want an outside area and wanted the base itself to resemble a standard vampire haunt like a crypt or a Victorian mansion or something, because I'm not the greatest at building buildings from scratch, you can look at Club Valhalla (in my history, one of the threads I started, there's a base code to visit) for proof of th
  7. I never played a catgirl/catboi on Live, but a)being more into anime (both the tame and a little bit of the less tame side) than I was then, and b)with the drastic drop in numbers (seriously, Paragon City Hall, surely they should be on the endangered species list by now!), I've actually thought of bringing a nekomata or nekomimi type character into my roster. And I have sorely missed Pocket D RP, though from what I heard the quality of it was dropping from 'good' to 'mostly erp' (which can still be good, but the way I hear it, it really wasn't) even back in sunset days on live...
  8. ...it kind of proves that it's doable, even if it is a hacky method via using your own costume slots and a tag added to the name of the pet. Do the Homecoming team have either a)an implementation of this in-game yet or b)any plans to attempt it?
  9. There's a new one I'm forming (I believe it was "Young Exemplars" I chose as a name, as a nod to Marvel's Champions, teen heroes 'fighting the bad guys our way, not theirs'), but I'm not as active as I was back on live, though with this sg and a desire to start up Girl Gadgeteer's Takamoto Industries again (plus, if Young Phalanx isn't taken, wanting to revive my old main on live's sg, in which case that would be another teen sg, more of a nod to DC's Teen Titans and Young Justice), I may be trying to be more active in the coming while.
  10. And yet another one I ended up missing due to irl concerns... I even parked the character I was going to enter with right in Statesman Plaza, in full samurai garb (having spent a costume token to do it, so I guess now that particular member of the Sigma flight crew is doomed to be the 'Feudal Japan obsessed wannabe samurai' at least until I make some decent INF or get another costume token) about an hour before the contest, too, just had to log off for irl reasons and ended up not getting back in time.
  11. I suppose if that's the case I can either bring a different character or use one of the costume slots I think I still have available on 'their' character to create a traditional look for one of the crew and just not bring out the 'big guy'. I've missed out on all the costume contests so far, between real-life obligations and a broken computer, so I'm hoping I can a)make it and b)find a way to squeeze one of my characters into the theme for this one.
  12. If 'Japanese themed' includes anime stuff rather than just traditional Feudal Japan stuff, then maybe the flight crew of Mobile Armor Sigma will drop by and participate.
  13. So for anyone not from the region, or from here but living under a rock/whose only involvement in the geeky world is via our second home here, there's a convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia, that's been an annual occurrence in the fall for nearing 10 years now, called Hal-Con. I've noticed a few conventions, both in the Live days and under the new private server overlords, having either official or unofficial impromptu meet-and-greet sessions for Paragon/Rogue Isles folks, so I thought I would broach the subject with regards to my own annual traditional con. I don't know how many of us are fro
  14. No longer true, unless they shut down again in the last month or so. Other than that, most/all of what you said is accurate, at least the ones that I can verify (like I can't verify the private servers part other than to say that they definitely exist because people on the CoH subreddit are asking questions about hosting them fairly often). But you also missed a)the fact that Rebirth (not Reborn, which is the other name for Pleiades) exists, and b)the fact that (for anyone who isn't familiar with what the formatting of the name means) /coxg/ is the 4chan server, which means that it's most like
  15. I have four characters with 'a completely different person' as at least one of their costume slots. Back before my old computer broke, I made "M2 Reborn" and "Girl Gadgeteer", both of whom have '2099' inspired costumes (given the nature of the Marvel 2099 universe, by necessity it's a different character under the mask), and M2 has also a '1602' inspired one (technically the same character, but born in a different era and therefore a different person shaped by different experiences). Also around that time I made "Mobile Armor Sigma", who is a team of young cadets from an asteroid colony in ano
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