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ALL Server Roll Call


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Sure. We know people had mains. We know people had main servers.

But I know that I'm not the only one that gamed on all the servers.

Who else traveled all the Shards and played on all the servers before the Sunset?


The characters I listed in the individual server post were from a spreadsheet I kept (updated it every month) ... I am not sure if it is the final one or not. I kind of think we ended up with 14 character slots, so I probably made 0-2 more on each server, so this was post dual blades being added and before Going Rogue was released.


My character break down per level (I think I had at least 5 50's by the end maybe 6)

level Hero-Villain
40+      2-0
30+      6-1
25-29   5-0
20-24   6-1
15-19   14-2
10-14   36-20
5-9       19-15
-4          3-2
132    Characters
91      Heros 
41      Villains
1853  combined levels


Because I went from using Excel to Open Office or vice versa I have a saved screenshot that I'm pulling the info from, so the following listing is truncated ... leaving off some villain archetypes and Keldians. I had some or at least one of every archetype.
28    Scrapper
14    Controller
16    Defender
15    Tanks
14     Blasters
10    Mastermind
7    Dominator
7    Corruptor
6    Stalker

I don't really know what triggered me to post all of this today.

I've been looking at the posts for a while and hesitating ... finally looked to see if I had the spreadsheet still.


Yeah, I know. I'm addicted to the game and addicted to making characters in the game, but, honestly, I alt in any game I play. I like playing all the different options.

That being said, THE CITY is special to me. I have loved the superheroes genre (and the comics in general - including manga) for a very long time.

My RPG (what today would be called pen-and-pencil or tabletop games) friends and I would dream of being able to create superheroes in a video game.

[Yeah, that places my age. No old enough to win Doctor Ditko's contest but up that way.]

THE CITY was there with me during great times, and it was there with me in bad times.


It really saddened me when it started taking turns that made me cancel my subscription. I didn't cancel it to go F2P. I changed all my character costumes into the same robot, gave them the same bio, deleted all of them, and deleted my account. That's how upset I was about the state of THE CITY at that point ... a year before the Sunset ... almost exactly.


I am so glad it its back. 

A majority of what made me end my stay in THE CITY before the sunset is gone or easily ignored. I'm very glad it is free and that there is no monetization. I would donate, but the donations have been done the times I have checked to donate. I'm very thankful for the players that are able to donate. 

Sometimes a friend will try to drag me into the content that I don't want to take part in, but, when I get to the point it is really setting me off, I just stop playing that and go play the way that I enjoy playing. 


And that's the glory of THE CITY. If it turns boring or frustrating, there is always another alt, another team, or something else to do.


I guess maybe it was the PUGs that I was running with last night. I love running with PUGs. Different characters flowing in and out. Figuring out how to make the team work with the characters that are on it.


Thank you all for being part of THE CITY and making it a great game to play.

If someone posts a reply quoting me and I don't reply, they may be on ignore.

(It seems I'm involved with so much at this point that I may not be able to easily retrieve access to all the notifications)

Some players know that I have them on ignore and are likely to make posts knowing that is the case.

But the fact that I have them on ignore won't stop some of them from bullying and harassing people, because some of them love to do it. There is a group that have banded together to target forum posters they don't like. They think that this behavior is acceptable.

Ignore (in the forums) and /ignore (in-game) are tools to improve your gaming experience. Don't feel bad about using them.

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