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  1. I don't know if there is a guide. I know this : your more likely to get on a team if you lead one versus looking for one to join. People are scared of leading; people will pretty much always join a team that you are recruiting for - especially if you continue to recruit over time. There is no minimum level for general mission teams! If it isn't a task force, you can join any level team. You will be more likely to survive one that you are near the same level. You will be more helpful to others if the team is below your level. The higher the level the team is above your chara
  2. Ultimate Superhero MMO of all Time (looked through the postings "of all time" is overused so...) Best Superhero MMO and community forever!
  3. Same place. The auction house. Type "winter" in the search
  4. I wouldn't be against the spawn in point be the on the steps on the other side of the pond. With all the 50's running around, it does seem to be the most crowded spawn-in point in THE CITY.
  5. I'm still pro-clinging, but I like the decoy idea. I do like the sub-power idea though. Short range teleport seems over used. How about superleap for 5-10 seconds? Make it a pet that is invulnerable with taunt and no attacks that wanders away from it's spawn point in a direction directly away from you from that point. Give it like a 15-30 second duration. Throws down a smoke bomb at the end of its time and vanishes. Would be nice if could mirror like a phantom pet, but a generic mastermind Ninja would be fine with me. superspeed and phasing
  6. Other people are bidding for the item at the same price.
  7. A majority of City of Heroes surfaces are flat and most buildings don't have the kind of overhangs that are see in DCUO building architecture.
  8. Invest some of it in stock. (takes money to make money) Set-up monthly donations to probably multiple food banks at a sustainable rate for the next 20-40 years. Covering the area that I live in now and expanding outwards as sustainably able. Find some way to donate to public education especially to reading, mathematics, and science education at the K-6th grade level. The foundation of a child's learning is critical to the rest of their life. Most likely have to move someplace else as your name and the city you live in often announced when you win. So I guess
  9. Not the same thing at all. Combat jumping climbs skyscrapers by jumping from window sill to window sill. you can do that with Ninja Run. I have done it with Ninja Run. I can climb to all the areas to get the badges for Atlas Tour Guide with Ninja run except the top of the Atlas Globe. yeah. I can get on top of City Hall with Ninja run; I've done that lots of times. The point is to give infiltration something that the other powers don't have that make it worth taking because players have been indicating that it isn't worth taking as it is. I took it on a charac
  10. Yes. Hence, trying to have clinging added to infiltration versus to superspeed. Also like ninja climbing from walls or hiding in the rafters. I had a Champions character that was encased in forcefield that surrounded their body like sheath. He didn't walk or climb. The force field clinged to any surface he was in contract with and the force field rotated around his body moving him forward. Incidentally, he had chance of going berserk whenever he saw bananas, because an alien race had invaded his planet that looked like bananas that would attach themselves to the b
  11. When Windows 10 was launched, Microsoft said it was intended to be the final version of the operating system. But from 14 October 2025, there will be no new updates or security fixes for either the Home or Pro versions.Jun 15, 2021 Somehow standard Microsoft behavior that should have been seen as a lie from the get go. I'm in no rush to change operating systems. It's going to be a year or more before they figure it out. When windows 10 was released Microsoft said my computer was compatible. Toshiba said it was compatible. 3-5 crashes and total reinstall
  12. There are some big problems with the DCUO superspeed. Too easy to get stuck running loops on lamp posts and overhangs are an issue. I could see it being utilized for superspeed as well, but I think if a super-speedster went below a certain directional progress that it would turn-off (and they would fall from the surface) versus infiltration which would retaining it's clinging until the character turned the power off or left the surface. [Edit :: wording - "...versus infiltration which would retain the character's clinging to a wall or ceiling until the power is tu
  13. I don't know how the maps were created. I know that base items can be set to cling to floors, walls, and ceilings in addition to their default placement mode. Perhaps that system could somehow be utilized.
  14. 😉 cling! Not to be confused with Klingon technology.
  15. Maybe you aren't the team lead? Maybe they don't want to chase the tank? The good thing about City of Heroes is that they don't have to chase the tank. Teams can survive without a tank. Teams can survive without any melee. Maybe when you see the rest of the team doing something else you should join them instead of thinking that they don't know what they are doing if they aren't chasing you. When I'm tanking, I try to stay with the team lead and taunt the mobs that they are targeting. If the team lead tells me to herd, I herd. I try
  16. Unless there is some way to have the power see all surfaces as ground.
  17. I think that infiltration was made to be at travel power with stealth being the defense power (ie combat jumping, hover, ..) I think that what Infiltration is missing is the ability to cling to all surfaces. This would allow wall climbing and hanging from ceilings. I'm sure that this may be difficult to implement, but it would make infiltrate have its own niche as a travel power. Honestly, clinging to surfaces is one of the obvious superpowers that City of Heroes is lacking.
  18. I think you are looking for "does anyone play the game at less than breakneck speeds"? If you are looking for old-school-teaming, it is mostly in sub level 35 door missions and more likely to occur on a team you are running. Why a team you are running? Because then you can ask others that are running around berserk to leave the team or give them the boot if you have to. If you see a level 50, you can pretty much bet that they are rapidly on their way to or already at the point that they are on Bull-in-the-china-shop mode all the time. The end-gamers
  19. The only people you are bothering with posts are the people that you should be putting on ignore. (Honestly, they are intentionally bothering you versus the other way around) There are only really a couple of hands full of people that you should put on ignore to make the forums a much more enjoyable place. Seriously, it works wonders. A majority of the community is more than willing to answer questions in the forums, but using /help in-game, searching the forums, and using https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Main_Page can go a long way.
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