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  1. Sometimes the game intentionally puts you in situations where completing a mission is a lot easier once you have leveled up. I'm pretty sure I have run into that kind of situation quite a bit. The behavior of gameplay with the Tsoo from when you first encounter them to when you have leveled up to beat them down is a good example. It's a mechanic to make them a real threat to overcome so when you can beat them down ... it's all that much more rewarding.
  2. I think the technology is improving over time. I have a couple of pairs from Costo https://www.costco.com/optical.html#blue-treatment That seem to serve me well at work. They don't get all scratched up, but I don't have a large pack of dogs. I have prescription lenses, so it doesn't look like you are going for that. If so, look at my comment above. I have also started taking Lutien which has helped with my eye strain at work. I haven't tried Zeaxanthin. Honestly, eating more fresh carrots on a regular basis is supposed to help. Suggestion to put your Windows 10 computer in night mode is a good one. I generally don't do that, but I set it to dark mode (default is light mode) - to set this go into options and type dark in the search. Putting lower wattage light bulbs helps me as well, but my eyes are light sensitive.
  3. Got me leveled up zombie/dark mm and put it in Gloom with no issue.
  4. I'm assuming the mastermind version can take both recharge and damage enhancements. That's the only thing that I think should possibly have some reason to stop the slotting. grrrr.... now I have to make a Zombie/Dark Mastermind before I can go to sleep.
  5. I'll tell you a secret that some other players have pointed at and some other stuff that keep the game fun and engaging for me. The game is level 1-50. The end-game is what is tacked on to the end of the game. It isn't the game itself. It is added stuff for players that have finished playing the game. Hence, it is called "the end-game". It's what you do once the game has ended. Play what is fun. Who cares how efficient it is if you have fun playing it? Maybe other players won't want to team with you. When it comes down to it, teams usually more concerned with filling than not. Make your play experience different. Play characters randomly. PUG! Game with random players! Every gaming experience is new. You have to figure out your powers. You have to figure out how to work your powers with random teammates. Join someone else's PUG and who knows what kind of mission you'll be dragged into. No lie. I like to create characters. Sometimes the fun is in trying to make characters based on my character conception. Sometimes I want to use some power sets and I figure out a character conception that makes sense to me for those powers. It looks like you have fun ideas, I say play all of them. Give them all a shot. Stick with one if it's fun. Switch to another one when you feel it's time to take a break. Have some high level, have some low level. When a team starts looking for more, switch to a character that fits the level range. Did I say the most important part is to have fun? Yeah, we game to have fun. Game to have fun.
  6. Are you kidding? I put the thing on autofire and watch the hilarity ensue when I suddenly start running around farting Rikti monkey farts at the enemies. It really doesn't happen that often and it wears off pretty quick. But, I guess if you are the team's tank, I can see where it would be an issue if you just taunted and then turned into a Rikti monkey. Things I learned the hard way? Don't post or buy from the market while your tired.
  7. I can still buy training enhancements. I'm confused. (well, I admit checked my base and not some pusher ... I mean vendor ... on the street.) What level are you at that you are still trying to by training enhancements and they aren't there? Training enhancements don't have an origin. Dual origin and Single origin enhancements are origin related. use https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Category:Contacts_By_Level Look at the level ranges. Find your level in a band that is like 4-5 levels wide. It will tell you who is your origin contact This page lists the contacts for Heros, Villians, and ...er.... Praetorians (they are sneaky and end up on your list of possible contacts even if you aren't a Praetorian) Example : https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Category:Hero_Contacts_Level_30-34 Magic Mutation Natural Science Technology Allison King Jose Escalante Phillipa Meraux Jenny Firkins Tina Chung Peter Stemitz Merisel Valenzuela Lou Pasterelli Neal Kendrick
  8. ... with a Cliff Burton bass solo.
  9. Are you talking about the movie? Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem?
  10. Players have already asked for things like wands and staffs to be used for power sets to add more mystic flavour to powers. The point is that people do want all kinds of customization. Possibly there needs to be a power customization thread the same way that there is one for costume parts. My point is one customization .... there is never only one. Nothing with it being cool. This among many things are cool. I'm not arguing with bringing it up. I do think changing a set a called "beam rifle" into something that doesn't have a rifle necessarily involved - at the very least - would need to be renamed.
  11. I have a different take. I have many alts, so I can understand why variation of character creation and power customization is a great thing. The DEVs are all volunteers. What you are suggesting would take a massive amount of time. I think the DEVs have been good about making their time "well spent" in regards to changes in the game. In this case, I think "beam rifle" says it all. It wasn't named the "beam" power set. Character customization is good, but I would rather see powerset proliferation - bringing power set types from one set to another set that doesn't have them would be easier and more beneficial to the game. I know that there are many other things that the DEVs are working on (using their own time that they are not being paid for). I'm not saying what you are bringing isn't neat or cool. I'm not even saying that I wouldn't use these options if implemented. I do think I would be more likely to create an Ice blaster with a rifle or electric blaster with dual pistols than a blaster with beam rifle blaster without a beam rifle. Honestly, I'm still looking for my dual wield scrapper to be able to hold pistols as weapons (because I don't see a pistols melee set coming out anytime soontm)
  12. Er, what? As a player with many characters, I will say that the player that insists on only playing one character is throwing a majority of this game's (any game with character options for that matter) gameplay out the window. Don't repress the urge to be creative! Don't repress the urge to explore and experiment! Give in to your inner Jack "the King" Kirby! Be the creator! But - of course - play the game the way you want to play it (hopefully to have fun). Fit into that pigeon-hole. Be "One Slot Man"! Erase your alts! Be Pure. Be Vigilant. Behave! Limit yourself to "there can be only one" to avoid what some call a disease ... this so-called "altitis" if you must! Won't be me. You'll run into me on one server or another, on one character or another, and may never know that it is me. Always wear a mask <-- it's a superhero thing. * "There can be only one" from Highlander. Wouldn't have been much of a movie or multiple television series if there was only one of them in the movie or series, am I correct? I know. Not really relevant in this case, but, still, even so...
  13. Which is purely subjective as it is DEV's time which is not paid for. The DEVs work for free because they love the game.
  14. So, I have to ask if you would want all the other blaster sets to have dual pistol, rifle, and beam rifle power animation options? If beam rifle can be a hand blast, why can't fire or electricity use the dual pistol animation? I understand what you are going for, but maybe you can see what I'm saying as well. I think it's a can full of worms.
  15. Always based on character conception for me, so all my characters are different sizes regardless of body type selection. I don't think I have any that are at default size.
  16. My method in no way impedes badge hunting. Would it be as "safe" to farm for badges in a "hazard" zone? My question is :: Why should it be safe to farm for badges in a hazard zone? Always cool to have someone fly down and help out. This doesn't stop anyone from doing that ... they will still have more powers than characters that aren't leveled down to the zone. Make the lower level character team lead and that is solved. Could also make hazard zones scale to team leads notoriety like a door mission. I haven't seen this on Homecoming, but I did see it on live. Say a level 20-30 AV/EB mission. Level 50 on the team leaves the team, is now level 50, is still in the mission, and beats down the level 20-30 AV/EB by themselves with their level 50 powers. I don't intend that to give anyone ideas, but it happened, it is an exploit, I'm not sure if it was fixed, and, if development can avoid it, making more situations where this kind of thing can occur should be eliminated.
  17. Not even sure to where to post this or where I would find it or how to word searching for it ... to be honest. Are the costumes in the game designed on a flat mat and then applied to the character frame(?) or are they like sculpted in 3D from the get go? I've played in other games where costumes where a flat mat that could be manipulated and uploaded into the game for use for the player and as an option to others if they downloaded it for their own use. I'm assuming CoH's costuming is more on the sculpted side. Anyone know or can direct me to the relevant thread/post(s)?
  18. I'm glad someone posted this as I probably wouldn't have known for a while that this had happened. We tend take things for granted until they are gone. But, I never saw them live. Tended to always hear their music years after it was released. Love their stuff. Will probably be loving hearing it for a long time.
  19. I used the wrong wording apparently and maybe should have thought it through a bit more as I have a more detailed take on it. I didn't intend to imply that a level 1 that goes into a Hazard Zone should suddenly be the level of the Hazard Zone while they are in there. Current rewriting:: While in a Hazard Zone, Team lead/Solo player would be :: 1) their level if below the Hazard Zone level cap 2) capped to the highest level able to get missions in the Hazard Zone 3) possibly capped to the highest level of the contact for a mission arc in a Hazard Zone if they have a related mission selected ... so they don't out level it. I think if they change it that it would be "always on". I think it would be a headache to make it a character based switch that could be turned on and off by a player - which would allow a player to suddenly make content easier by turning it off <--- which seem to me to be a foreseeable exploit.
  20. I think it would be easier mechanically to level down a player to the hazard zone versus leveling up an entire zone to a player.
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