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Elec/Rad/Mu Brute Build Critique?


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So, I made this Brute about...possibly two years ago? It said I hadn't been online for 458 days (or something close to that), and it was my second attempt at a /Rad Brute after fully slotting a Spines/Rad Brute so, I've been away for a bit.


Anyway, I have no idea if this is underperforming, or if there should be procs in places where there are not...? It's fun as hell to use, but I wondering if it could be more fun. I've already tested it on farming, and as many different varieties of +4x8 content I can think of. Bosses take a little more time to kill than I feel like they should, but I don't know if I'm wrong in that regard. Endurance is a non-issue even without using Ageless. Hasten can be Perma'd because of Ageless, but it's so close when in combat without it. 


As you can see by all of the purples, price isn't a problem for improvements. Hasten has 2 50+5 IOs in it, but I can't remember how to only show specific enhancements as +x. Additionally: Mid's is wrong in regards to Global Recharge on this. When not in combat, it's at 168.8. I mean, I could just disable Beta Decay and that would give the right number, but then the endurance cost wouldn't be accurate.


Any and all help is greatly appreciated! 🙂



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