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  1. If you take the time to scroll through the archtype forums theres usually a build with something close to what your looking for. I messed about with one earlier its been respecced 3-4 times since and i'm not the only one that posted bots/rad build it took me about 50 seconds to find 2 other posts with builds in. Mines somewhere on here when i was messing about with the fly pool for soloing gm's (probably won't open with the new mids but you can see how they got slotted) : Robots/Rad build help - Mastermind - Homecoming (homecomingservers.com)
  2. Mind/Psi/Psi Build - Dominator - Homecoming (homecomingservers.com) Posted a build way back when at the bottom of the page probably won't open with new mids but something to look at. They look really old can you tell i'm not a massive fan of domi's 😛
  3. Mind/Psi/Psi Build - Dominator - Homecoming (homecomingservers.com) Posted a build way back when at the bottom of the page probably won't open with new mids but something to look at.
  4. Pylon damage thread has tons of builds by the pro's who min max stuff for dps i hit page 12 at random and found 1
  5. Page 3: War Mace / Bio, looking for feedback/help - Scrapper - Homecoming (homecomingservers.com)
  6. Meknomancer


    My main on live was an ice/ice tank but when we got HC it became an ice/ice brute been through a few respecs this build was just to see what defence numbers i could get for an icex3: This Villain build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn ICE X 3 SLENEFC: Level 49 Magic Brute Primary Power Set: Ice Melee Secondary Power Set: Ice Armor Power Pool: Speed Power Pool: Leaping Power Pool: Fighting Power Pool: Leadership Ancillary Pool: Arctic Mastery Villain Profile: ------------ Level 1: Ice Sword Hct-Da
  7. Being annoyed at seeds feels like being annoyed at a blaster's nova because... would be true if the blasters nova was up every 5-7 seconds. Seeds is up every mob. It doesn't annoy me none of the powersets do at least not half as much as the energy blaster or stormy that feels free to knockback everything on the map with no regard for the rest of the team. As to finding good tanks its becoming more and more the case that tanks are building towards dps and even more of them think taunt is a skippable power that if they just jump in a mob there job is done. How many times
  8. Pretty sure i teamed with you on a morti kal a few days ago but it was one of those speed runs where your so busy moving as fast as you can i didnt get a chance to see how your build played . I want to love experimentation but i keep taking it and dropping it although i quite like toxic dart as a filler on toons like controllers that don't have much st stuff and i don't mind the wait for the toxic tics. Corrosive vial went out the window on several builds unless i had an immob for it. I prefer sorcery for rune on soldiers when i can even if all i use it for is a set mule. I also always take mu
  9. Yup as i said its got nothing to do with xp/inf although as dread alludes to time is always a factor when you take seeds into account. Not everyone playing wants to speed through everything as fast as possible and most don't run things simply for drops/inf...a lot of players you will see around are there to team and your original question was what are peoples thoughts on teaming with toons running seeds. I feel like most running those types of toons may as well be soloing the tf, the rest of the team are just there to clean up whats left and help out at the av's. Its just a feeling from recent
  10. I dislike teaming with domi/troller running plant but its not an xp/inf issue its more the seeds-immob-creepers combo pinning everything before the mob has a chance to bunch together and get hit by the rest of the team. I end up watching the melee toons running about trying to single target enemies pinned out of range while the troller/domi has already left the mob to hit the next one. When you team with them you feel like your just there on clean up duty to finish up whats left of a couple of bosses/mob it just isn't fun and its why i stopped playing mine. You could run ahead and hit mobs alo
  11. I think i went the usual route of BP, alpha slot fixed end issues and dehydrate is part of the attack chain its a really fun combo. Low level content i run recovery serum and some empowerment buffs when i remember to pop into base and top them up. Phantoms are a good idea i'll have to look at those i haven't taken them on anything other than ill trolls since live when there wasn't many to choose from.
  12. Meknomancer

    Ice/ss tank

    Any chance of seeing a data chunk for the latest version of mids?
  13. I downloaded the newest version of mids and its still not letting me open either of the above builds i get the unable to recognise message. With the above build i see a lot of sets 6 slotted but can't tell if they are for specific bonuses. I wouldn't bother 6 slotting time crawl and your running hover so you could dump the steadfast kb in charged armr. 4 points is usually enough if you can't get 10 in the build then an extra 4 points won't make any difference. I should of slotted the overwhelming and and explosive strike proc in assault bot it makes all the difference. Not sure i w
  14. Its a great combo although i still prefer /dark (probably because i don't have to worry about a non-existent blue bar so much) and i still go for a slotted gale for the low level tf's when i have no decent powers. I also took hurricane although i'm not sure why i don't think i ever turned it on. Not really happy with my current build even though it seems to do whats required. Went for 45% ranged def and never got there and have some really awful slotting in some powers just to chase a defence i couldn't reach. Theres a lot of stuff just thrown in for recovery and hp bonuses that aren't needed
  15. Thats a great idea but you'd have to lower dark consumptions recharge to match DP and then add regen/absorb its hard to see that happening and what happens to touch of the beyond. Wishful thinking but it would make it so much more playable.
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