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Rad/Storm - A few power questions


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Hey all,


1) Is neutrino bolt worthwhile with /storm? I love the animation, but it's so low damage - worthwhile somehow?


2) Is O2 Boost worthwhile? It'd be nice to have, but seems pretty unnecessary. 


3) What do you think about Cosmic Burst + Lightning Clap stacking 3+2 disorient for bosses? Not worth it?


Any other insights into Rad/Storm would be much appreciated! I'm taking the Teleport travel power for the first time w him, which is... interesting!


All team play, mostly casual. Id love to be able to do some damage. I was planning to take ranged def and whatever other def from sets + Scorpion Shield, Weave, and Hasten. Hoping to force feedback proc some storm.


Thanks very much!

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Lightning clap is pretty, but way too slow to be very effective. You could go dark epic and stack with oppressive gloom, depending on how much you like using hurricane.


Neutrino bolt is ok but not optimal. For me it just comes down to whether it makes sense thematically for my character to shoot lasers out of their eyes. You may find yourself busy enough with storm powers that the aoes, snipe, and cosmic are all you have time for in most battles anyhow.


The heal is not something to be relied upon, but I usually pick it up at some point as a mule with occasional utility. There again I don't usually go fighting pool on my stormies, so you may be shorter on picks. It's definitely skippable. I like to throw the preventative medicine proc in it. I mostly use it to unstun folks who use wakies, or to buff a tank against carnie end drain and the like.


Rad's best standard aoe is irradiate, so you are somewhat pushed away from heavy hurricane usage. You do have two other okay aoes to make up the difference of course, but both put you in longish animations.


I think you'll find it to be a very successful combo either way! Rad and storm both have a lot of interesting proc opportunities to really crank damage if you are open to sacrificing some io defense potential and leaning more on hurricane. Hurricane is super strong and I enjoy it, but not everyone enjoys the dynamic involved in managing its repel, as well as the visual obstruction.

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