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  1. I like this idea very much, and Id totally play a hardcore character. Would inject a lot of vitality into this game!
  2. I support buffing those attack powers, and that seems like a nice way to achieve it! I forget they're even in the game, it'd be so impractical for me to take one...
  3. Certainly, as an option would be the only suggestion.
  4. Love the creativity! More gameplay options would be most welcome 😃
  5. One suggestion for Scorpion Armor is allow an even more minimal FX option, please!
  6. Those persistent purple floating shields may prevent me from ever using Maneuvers. Is it possible to remove that visual effect? They're OK in inspirations because they're so temporary. But forever purple shields? Statesman help me.
  7. Seafoam ❤️ Doom Guard Thunderblade Oceanos Galaxos Demonspell Deathstorm =P Mut4nt (Mutant Freakshow concept)
  8. Field Operative This power now has a No Fade customization them Selecting this theme will stop the power from fading the player body As of 3 days ago in the updated patch notes! Thanks Dragon Crush! Sweet.
  9. So we can no longer have Combat Jumping and Shinobi-iri active at the same time? That seems weird and unnecessary... bit of a defense nerf, eh?
  10. Blaster - Beam Rifle - Single Shot animates as if on the ground, even if flying. No other BR power does this. It's terribly annoying and awkward! It just needs the same flying shot animation as the other powers.
  11. Just found out Field Operative, of the Devices blaster secondary, leaves us quite translucent even in combat. This, unfortunately, ruins the set for me, because I actually want to see my character in combat. This power must be on all the time, as it's the set's "sustain" power, or the one which grants +50% end recovery. Not using it isn't an option. So please, please, please offer a minimum FX for this power so I can just see my character - I was excited to level up a Devices blaster for the first time, but I can't do it if I'm going to be see-through the entire game. It's not the same issue as the stalkers' hide, as that stealth effect is intermittent. The stealth translucence from Field Operative stays on permanently. It'd be incredible if you could sneak this change into Issue 27 =DD Thank you!
  12. Ive had the exact same experience, bruthr. I tried a scrapper with the ATOs. It still felt like far fewer crits. Is this wrong? Do the archtypes really crit the same number of times? I find it almost impossible to believe. My def capped stalkers are demigods...
  13. Hey all, 1) Is neutrino bolt worthwhile with /storm? I love the animation, but it's so low damage - worthwhile somehow? 2) Is O2 Boost worthwhile? It'd be nice to have, but seems pretty unnecessary. 3) What do you think about Cosmic Burst + Lightning Clap stacking 3+2 disorient for bosses? Not worth it? Any other insights into Rad/Storm would be much appreciated! I'm taking the Teleport travel power for the first time w him, which is... interesting! All team play, mostly casual. Id love to be able to do some damage. I was planning to take ranged def and whatever other def from sets + Scorpion Shield, Weave, and Hasten. Hoping to force feedback proc some storm. Thanks very much!
  14. This is actually why I dont take these powers, as silly as it may be - I really dont want to have permanent insp symbols around my cool character.
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