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  1. I'd love to enter a bio contest under Atlas! Everlasting? And @Ghost, badass, your writing really draws me in! Very well done.
  2. Itd be great to see psionic resistance in PvE granite armor. And lowering or removing the damage penalty!
  3. 33,333,333,333! This is awesome, thank you!
  4. Just bumping for more visibility on Stone Armor's issues -- Rooted is much better now, but the other powers still have serious issues.
  5. Very much agreed with visual customization for granite armor!
  6. Could we perhaps be given an option to customize Granite Armor's look? We have all these cool lavas and crystals, and then -- GREY forever. =( Thank you all!
  7. I must say I actually love the wraith concept, and I have little compunction shadow-izing my teammates >=) But my character is much more of a villain. A minfx option would be great for the heroes. But the flickering... it drives us mad...
  8. Hmm, well, that's awesome, Gatling! You're a badass. I've actually been having a LOT of fun with my Elec/Energy, as it's so active -- juggling the 4 power-up powers keeps me always doing something. I'm still not able to two-shot-sap red bosses like you've done - I have trouble even two-shotting even oranges. But maybe there's more for me to discover. My character is actually lvl 44 or something, took a veery long break. But regardless, it's still an incredibly fun and very powerful combo to play, so thanks for your suggestion! And I have hope for sapping like General Gatling someday...
  9. I love my Ill/Dark controller and I LOVE Fade from Darkness Affinity -- but I can't really enjoy it because this flickering vfx bug has been in game for sooooooo long. Please, please fix it -- it's a great buff with such a unique, awesome vfx, but it's not fun using it when everyone starts flickering like a broken lightbulb. Please, could you hotfix this?
  10. I just read about the purple patch, thanks! So -- this topic is, unfortunately, pretty misleading. Power Boosted Short Circuit is called a "nope" button - but on my lvl 41 elec/energy with 3 end mods in Short Circuit, a PB'd Short Circuit plus a PB'd Ball Lightning still doesn't zero out an orange Council minion. It takes it close with the Ball Lightning - maybe the few extra percentage points from PB at lvl 50 will make the difference, but I doubt it. Edit: A few orange Freak minions were zeroed by PB SC + BL - maybe they have less resistance to end drain? Even +1
  11. I have a question about the fabled Power Boost + Short Circuit technique -- I have a lvl 40 elec/energy, and my Short Circuit is even 3-slotted with lvl 40 end mods (I'll change em later), so Short Circuit drains 69% (gig) of end before Power Boost. Power Boost should increase that by 78% or something, taking end drain over 100%. But I'm finding even with these enhancements, it's not enough to completely 100% drain even an orange minion. I have to couple it with Ball Lightning. And I can't even drain reds/purps when adding Ball Lightning. Is thi
  12. Hey, The Lockdown: Chance for +2 Mag Hold enhancement is a proc in the hold enh set. When it procs, a crackling, blue electrical sphere surrounds the target in addition to whatever hold power was used. Could we please remove the electric cage vfx? It'd be really nice to just see our normal power fx working. The +2 mag proc is incredibly useful, but my characters don't all summon electric spheres... and I'd rather just see my original vfx anyway. Possible to make it an option? I don't think anyone would be upset if it were just removed altogether. Comments?
  13. Thank you so much for the superior testing. I love this power as it's one of the coolest looking, but I've been shocked by how little damage it was doing even with 5-slotted Obliteration on my scrapper. Great to know it has a bug. I've been trying to figure out which power to drop, and you've made my decision. Thanks again!
  14. Hello, Scrapper -> Blaze Mastery -> Fireball with the Dark Fire Crush (alternate animation) animates the vast majority of the time as the regular fireball animation, except the actual projectile is launched from too far to the left of the throwing arm. So basically, the alternate Fireball animation could use looking into. I'd love to use this animation instead for my character, as it makes more sense thematically (drawing the projectile from the left side of her body). Thank you very much!
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