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Game crashes when viewing info for Experimental Immune Booster buff

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On the mission "Investigate Pathogen's Warehouse" (from Agent Watkins, part of the new heroside arc), there are several destructible objects called "Medical Research" which, when destroyed, give you a buff called Experimental Immune Booster which briefly mitigates the Viral Cocktail debuff you have while inside the mission.


This all works fine for me unless I attempt to open the info window for that buff, in which case the game immediately crashes. (Simply mousing over it to see its effects or even right clicking on it doesn't trigger the crash, only when I then choose Info from the dropdown menu.) I've replicated this crash several times on two different characters, and it seems to happen consistently.


If relevant, I'm on Windows 10, using the new Homecoming Launcher beta to run the game.

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