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  1. At least four, even, the unicorn herd has been growing! I have an Ice/Dark too, who hit 50 a while after these stats were posted - Mistysky on Torchbearer. It's a really fun combo, very control-heavy which I like... and it really mops the floor with Malta! (My first 50 stalker, so maybe that's just a stalker thing...)
  2. From the i27 Agent Watkins arc: [NPC] JuNK5h0t: This music is off the chain! Out of bounds! Unctious! [NPC] JuNK5h0t: ...Unctious? Yeah why not! And from the same mission in that arc, there's this clue, which I'm guessing is a callback to Westin Phipps's Miss Francine arc...
  3. It's a pity Indigo's missions are mostly "and here's another map full of Malta!" because she has some great quotes... (Presumably it's meant to read "...and I must assume that they know that I know it's a trap".)
  4. Haha, I experienced this for the first time solo on Homecoming a while back, and wow, I knew it was supposed to be bad, but I was not prepared. I'm not sure if I could have been. I laughed out loud when Dr. Q said "If it were a snake, it would have bitten me!" because that does such a great job summing up all the "revelations" in this TF that you probably figured out multiple defeat-alls ago. But I love the Shard despite its many issues, and I had plenty of thoughts about how Dr. Q could be better when I ran the thing, so here's my suggestion for what the Dr. Q task force could bec
  5. Actually, merits definitely are an option for a solo player - I solo almost exclusively, but my characters are still swimming in merits. Task forces and the like are probably the most efficient way to get merits, sure, but you can also get plenty of them by running story arcs, which give out merit rewards at the end, and if need be you can repeat the most profitable ones as much as you want after you unlock Ouroboros. Tip missions (which you start getting at level 20) are also a good solo merit source - you can get a morality mission by doing 10 tips for the same alignment, and you
  6. Indeed, Borea in the RWZ does something radio-like already, though you also get some hunts - haven't done her missions enough to know if those can be reliably avoided. And actually, Dark Astoria also has Ephram Sha (for heroes) or Maharaj (for villains) who give an endless stream of missions as well - plus bonus threads, merits or super inspirations as mission rewards. In fact, there are hardly any zones that go up to 50 that don't have a contact for repeatable missions. Cimerora has Marcus Valerius; the Shadow Shard has General Hammond, Dr. Boyd, Lt. Volkov, Lt. Col Flynn and Dr.
  7. Fair point that evacuating the natives would probably be top of the list when it comes to helping them out, but that doesn't seem incompatible with any of the arc concepts I floated, or with the general idea of having natives give new arcs in the Shard (maybe after you complete their arcs, they vanish from the Shard and show up in Peregrine somewhere). There are probably going to be a few others like Sara Moore who don't want to get out until the rest of their people are safe, and given the stubbornness of human nature, there will probably even be a handful who don't want to leave at all, desp
  8. I love the Shadow Shard and have some ideas for what to do with it that don't seem to be in the threads linked above, and this is the more recent thread so I guess I'll put them here? First of all, the Storm Palace is the setting of most of Faathim the Kind's task force - he's in the Chantry, but he sends you to the Storm Palace and you go to most regions of it in the process, including storming the Palace itself at the end. That said though... in general, old "trial zones" and even many hazard zones that have nothing to do in them except hunting and a single trial or t
  9. I absolutely love the CoX market and always have. It's legitimately one of my favorite things about the game, and I don't really enjoy marketeering either - but it's so easy and painless to interact with the market that I don't need to become a professional marketeer to get value out of it, I can just make some bids or dump some items and then go on with whatever I was doing. I love the double-blind system - I think I pretty much stopped using the market on WoW after somebody actually contacted me to complain about how my price was lower than theirs (just wanted to sell the thing and move on).
  10. Old favorite from Gaussian's arc in the RWZ (but spoilers for anyone who hasn't done it):
  11. Miscellaneous defeat badge ideas... Gotta Crush 'Em All -- Defeat one of each type of Longbow Warden Mixed Martial Artist -- Defeat one Tsoo boss of each type Spider of a Different Color -- Defeat 50 Rogue Arachnos Fortunatas Ringleader -- Defeat 100 Ring Mistresses or Dark Ring Mistresses Ain't Afraid of No Ghost -- Defeat 200 Circle of Thorns ghosts Self-Defeating -- Defeat 25 doppelgangers of yourself Lady Killer -- Defeat 100 points worth of Knives of Artemis Storm Chaser -- Defeat 100 points wo
  12. Given that (as per the Wiki) Kelly Graham volunteered at a soup kitchen and at one point was torn between her life as a hero and her work in charity, deciding to end her hero life after Protean attacked her soup kitchen... I'm not sure if I can view panhandlers next to her statue as being "disrespectful" to her, at least not in terms of what she might have thought about it. I could certainly see the Kings Row PPD feeling differently, though.
  13. Well, Moondream now has his progress toward the badge restored just as you say (100/500, which is what it should be since he hasn't killed any more since the last time I copied him over). However, a new bug may have been introduced. It appears that Overseers now count double toward this badge (10 points each); also, Watchers still count double (2 points each). Below is Moondream's resulting badge progress after defeating one of each kind of Sentry in Firebase Zulu:
  14. As of tonight, I can get all the way through Pierce's former-hero-who-did-Graveyard-Shift dialogue in mission 2 without having to manually close the window (though I did not test all five choices at the very end, which in retrospect I guess I could have done). The inconsistent Dr. Vahz dialogue in the last mission is also fixed for me. (I can still take Bile to the exit and complete without talking to Vahz though.)
  15. For the record, I just tested Womp Womp, and it does seem to work correctly. 1 Immature Protector Clone = 1 point of progress. (Also confirmed that the Visionary progress bug is still present on both Brainstorm and Shadow as of this evening.)
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