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  1. As of tonight, I can get all the way through Pierce's former-hero-who-did-Graveyard-Shift dialogue in mission 2 without having to manually close the window (though I did not test all five choices at the very end, which in retrospect I guess I could have done). The inconsistent Dr. Vahz dialogue in the last mission is also fixed for me. (I can still take Bile to the exit and complete without talking to Vahz though.)
  2. For the record, I just tested Womp Womp, and it does seem to work correctly. 1 Immature Protector Clone = 1 point of progress. (Also confirmed that the Visionary progress bug is still present on both Brainstorm and Shadow as of this evening.)
  3. I agree that before adding new incarnate powers, especially new tiers of incarnate powers, we should really have some more content for existing Incarnates to do to be able to challenge themselves. I also like the idea of having new difficulty settings, perhaps some that spawn elite bosses as normal mobs for x9 and higher, to give more levers to pull for incarnates who are finding everything too easy. (I don't team much so I don't have this experience, but I'm sure I would use such settings solo anyway for added challenge.) I'm also in favor of new Incarnate-powered storylines, Coming Storm-related or otherwise, to give us more to do with our godlike abilities, but it seems like new difficulty settings might be an easier way to tide over those with no worlds left to conquer, though with the spaghetti code, who knows if that's true or not. If there are new storylines, I hope they will include more soloable Incarnate content like Dark Astoria in addition to iTrials and TFs. I see no reason not to have extra difficulty settings on Ouroboros arcs, TFs, and the like to turn off incarnate powers - there are settings to turn off enhancements, after all! Anyone who wants to use their incarnate powers can just join a team that allows them, and surely many, probably most, teams will continue to do so if such an option is added? And of course then there can be new badges, for doing high-level arcs without Incarnate powers... "Mortal", perhaps? But I don't see a reason to nerf incarnate powers in general, even outside of official Incarnate Content (TM); I'm never going to be interested in joining a team of 8 incarnates and murdering gobs of Council that I could probably solo, but if others prefer to do that, it doesn't really affect me, and besides, I like being able to solo all the Shadow Shard TFs. 😛 It might be good to make sure doing the harder content comes with appropriate rewards, though... more XP, better drops, perhaps a small chance to get actual incarnate components rather than just threads? That way, picking the easiest possible missions to do won't automatically be the most efficient choice. I strongly dislike the idea of consolidating Lore pets. I like the ability to pick thematically appropriate pets for each of my characters, and it's the slot I most look forward to unlocking for that reason. Indeed, I would be in favor of adding more Lore pet options to the game - Freakshow, Crey, Family, Council/5th Column (maybe as a single option with power customization to determine their faction), the Night Ward factions, Awakened, the new Freakloks coming in i27, etc. Whatever balancing, nerfing, and/or standardizing is necessary to accomplish that is fine with me, but just getting rid of Lore pet options seems to me to be against the spirit of this game in the same way that getting rid of powersets would be.
  4. Some minor bugs from the Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok arc (tested solo via Ouroboros): In Mission 2, if you previously completed Watkins' arc heroside, clicking on Dr. Pierce after you rescue her opens a special dialog in which she recognizes you from before. However, the last dialog window (or at least, the last one I was able to access) does not have an option to respond to her or close the conversation at the bottom, and you have to click the red X to close the window: In the final mission, it is not necessary to talk to Dr. Vahzilok or fight Cortex to complete the mission; you can ignore them and simply lead Bile to the exit. You can then come back to talk to Dr. Vahz and fight Cortex, if you so desire: Finally, if you talk to Dr. Vahzilok in the final mission and you don't have the Positron TF badge, he doesn't recognize you in the dialog window, but he still says out loud what I assume must be his dialogue if you DID fight him at the dam: There's also a typo in the above dialog window - should be Dr. Demetrios Vasilikos, not Vasilokos.
  5. I moved Moondream to Shadow and tried it again, and confirmed that the bug exists there as well (both that Overseers count 0 points, and Watchers count 2 points).
  6. On Live, my villain Moondream has 20 points of progress toward the Visionary badge: However, on beta (Release Candidate 2), all his progress has been lost, though he should now have 20*5 = 100 points of progress toward the new version of the Visionary badge: To test whether the progress was actually still there but just not showing up for some reason, I Null the Gull'd him into a Rogue (he's a villain in both the above screenshots), took him to the Shadow Shard, and beat up an Overseer and an Observer. This resulted in only one point of progress toward the badge: The point of progress only appeared after defeating the Observer - nothing changed when I defeated the Overseer. So it appears that on test, defeating Overseers no longer counts toward this badge. In case it's relevant somehow, he defeated most or all of those 20 Overseers in the Shard while Null the Gull'd into a Rogue on Live, as well. (And apparently just LFG-teleported right into the Shard, since he didn't even have Cause for Concern!)
  7. Some of my numbers (all on Torchbearer): Total Characters: 68 Incarnates: 2 (one fully T4ed) Characters at exactly level 41: 9 Characters at exactly level 25: 10 (what can I say, I level my alts in clumps) Characters at exactly level 4: 20 (all others are higher) Heroes: 33 (note that some will become vigilantes later, as I only permanently change alignments the old fashioned way with tip missions) Villains: 14 (ditto for some later being rogues) Vigilantes: 3 Rogues: 6 Loyalists: 3 (not counting ex-Loyalists who have now left Praetoria) Resistance: 9 (ditto for ex-Resistance) Characters who started in Praetoria: 17 Magic: 33 (includes both Incarnates) Mutation: 7 Natural: 11 Science: 11 Technology: 6 Arachnos Soldiers: 1 Arachnos Widows: 1 Blasters: 6 Brutes: 5 Controllers: 7 (includes both Incarnates) Corruptors: 6 Defenders: 8 Dominators: 6 Masterminds: 7 Peacebringers: 1 Sentinels: 4 Scrappers: 3 Stalkers: 5 Tankers: 7 (one will become a stalker if Stone Melee is ever proliferated to stalkers) Warshades: 1 (Well that was a little surprising, I didn't realize I had more defenders than controllers! Maybe I should make another controller... 😛)
  8. This appears to be fixed in build 3. When I try to do this, I can no longer use the radio again after choosing to knock or sneak. (The "Radio in to Watkins for more details" objective still doesn't clear until the mission is over, but that doesn't seem like a big deal.)
  9. As of build 2, this appears to have been fixed. I can now view the info for Experimental Immune Booster normally.
  10. In the "Investigate Pathogen's Warehouse" mission from Agent Watkins' new arc heroside (build 2), it is possible to turn off the sprinklers before corrupting the data stream. If you do so, the timer stops and you have an unlimited amount of time to find the computer used to corrupt the data stream. (I assume this is all working as intended.) If you then contact Agent Watkins by radio before corrupting the data stream, and choose to quarantine yourself (the Hero option), the "Radio in to Watkins for more details" objective does not complete even after going through all dialogue. If you use the radio again, you can repeat the final bit of dialogue, in which you choose whether to enter the next mission by roof or by the front door, any number of times, and choose different options each time. As a result, it's possible to have both the "Choosing to Knock" and "Choosing to Sneak" clues at the same time, as seen in the screenshot. As far as I can tell, whichever option you choose last is the option that is actually used for the next mission, but I didn't test this extensively. After doing all this, corrupting the data stream immediately completes the mission as normal.
  11. A few thoughts on my experience with this arc: Firstly, I second a lot of other sentiments in these comments, such as: Doc Buzzsaw's dialogue is the best (and feels very true to her character, though maybe those are redundant); there are probably too many ambushes; overall good arc, good story, interesting mission maps, a bit on the difficult side. Other things: Crey is interested in moving to Kallisti Wharf? Ooooh, foreshadowing?! I definitely don't want this to be a strike force, for purely selfish reasons - if it's made a SF I'll be unable to solo it with all the AVs and so will probably never do it when it goes live. I'd much rather it be a fakey-fake TF/SF like the Ouroboros arcs, most things in First/Night Ward, etc. How exactly did we get to the Abandoned Sewers? Didn't seem to say (or I missed it), though I guess through Boomtown is the most obvious route. Also... will we get to have Freakloks roving around the Abandoned Sewers if that's where things are going down? (I almost want it to become a co-op zone though I'm not sure whether that would work out story-wise...) Speaking of which, I was disappointed we didn't get to see a lot of the Freaklok given how much they've been teased... I know more is coming, but can we have a Freaklok boss or something to come along with us on the final mission, so as to get more of a taste? I assume in the future something will go horribly wrong and/or right and we'll be up to our Detail 1s in hostile Freakloks, but I'm impatient I guess!
  12. On the mission "Investigate Pathogen's Warehouse" (from Agent Watkins, part of the new heroside arc), there are several destructible objects called "Medical Research" which, when destroyed, give you a buff called Experimental Immune Booster which briefly mitigates the Viral Cocktail debuff you have while inside the mission. This all works fine for me unless I attempt to open the info window for that buff, in which case the game immediately crashes. (Simply mousing over it to see its effects or even right clicking on it doesn't trigger the crash, only when I then choose Info from the dropdown menu.) I've replicated this crash several times on two different characters, and it seems to happen consistently. If relevant, I'm on Windows 10, using the new Homecoming Launcher beta to run the game.
  13. Well, this would be a lot of work presumably, but I think it would be great if there were individual defeat badges for basically every unique AV and EB in the game. ("Unique" as in Frostfire and Requiem would each get a badge, but Longbow Ballistas would not, though Tendaji would.) Defeating a powerful supervillain/superhero seems very badge-worthy to me, but in many cases there is no particular reward for doing it, especially with older content. Of course, I know that many AVs/EBs are part of task forces, trials and the like and those have badges associated with them already, but many others either can't be found there or can ALSO be found in solo content (which sometimes allows you to avoid the AV, so it would be fun to reward you for fighting the AV anyway). So it doesn't seem redundant to add new badges for the AVs/EBs themselves. Dimensional Warder already tracks Praetorian AV victories this way - and it would be easier to keep track of which ones you'd already taken down for that badge if there were a separate badge for each one of them! There could even be new, similar badges for defeating every prominent member of, say, the Council. This also seems like it shouldn't be too grindy since you only have to defeat a single opponent per badge, though in some cases there might be a bit of a grind to get to that opponent depending on where they can be found. But even that could be mitigated if need be by adding new content where those opponents also show up, which would be fun for other reasons.
  14. Epidemiologist: Defeat Dr. Vahzilok during the 'Put an end to Vahzilok plague' mission from Olivia Chung et al. "Medical credentials or no, you've shown Dr. Vahzilok you're more than capable of handling emergency medical situations." True Monster: Defeat 100 Forlorn. "They may look hideous, but after mowing down this many innocent Forlorn soldiers, perhaps you're the true monster."
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