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Default Keymap Trays


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Under Options Keymapping there are 4 tray options. "Tray" ""Alt Tray" "Alt2 Tray" and Server Tray"


"Tray" appears to be tray 1 when in the traditional spot. But if you move it things get weird. 


Can/will someone explain what these trays are and how they function?  Thanks


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These are all the "Tray" Window, the lower right corner window (in the default window layout when launching the client for the first time.)


Tray = Lowest Row in Tray Window

Alt Tray = 2nd Row in Tray Window (visible by clicking on the right-most arrow button to toggle.)

Alt2 Tray = 3rd Row in Tray Window (visible by clicking one more time on the right-most arrow button to toggle.  One more click after this point will collapse down to the lowest row again.)

Server Tray - a Special Tray that opens on certain Powersets, Power Pools, Zone Events and iTrials. 


These Keymapping options allow you to map buttons to each of these areas at-will.  Note that Tray IS NOT always Tray 1, you can set the tray number arbitrarily with the mouse, or with a console command.  (Same goes to Alt Tray not necessarily being Tray 2 and Alt2 Tray as Tray 3.)  Any tray you set in the row becomes that keymapping location.

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