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Unable to move NPCs


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Hi all,


For some reason, I am unable to select/move/rotate a NPC after I have placed it.  Example, I place a male sitting in chair.  After I place it, I am unable to select it and move it around, or rotate it.  I can select/highlight it when I choose current room, but as soon as I go to do something, it selects another object.  


This is only happening with NPC's.  What am I missing?





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NPCs are super hard to select by click. I typically position them before I place, by attaching them to surface, and placing the surface so they will be positioned the way I wish. If the position isn't right, I ctrl/z and do it again.


However, OneManTankWall has made some demos of grabbing and replacing and manipulating NPCs. https://imgur.com/a/oTXP6C8 

and https://imgur.com/a/lQoEduq. I haven't tried his technique, myself, being quite used to how I do it. But I hope it helps!



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