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  1. I love this idea. And I do not see how it would be any more unobtainable than many other of the more difficult badges to obtain. After all, you just need to join a team that does it. I predict that there will be leaders who step forward and are able to do it efficiently. Do not forget, when the "Master of" badges were first introduced, there were no incarnates, no IO set bonuses, and if memory serves, they are also older than the notoriety system lowering difficulty. They have gotten to be extremely easy, given all of the incarnate powers and the lowered difficulty option, they've really becom
  2. Okay, had a moment. Here is a link to my Discord server, if you're on Discord, and there is also a HC base building topic that is quite nice. https://discord.gg/2QkPXjmD Also, in game, /chanjoin Base Builders Inc (I think that's right...) or give me your global and I'll invite you. There are a lot of people in all of those areas very willing to come in and give opinions on your base. I do recommend getting a few, so you can pick and choose those which appeal most to you. Critiques are basically just another person's interpretation of your vision, and it's important th
  3. Sure, happy to help; have family visiting right now, but I’ll get in touch in a day or two. -Dacy
  4. First of several expected vids up, and I have new editing software, too! https://discord.gg/2QkPXjmD -Dacy Bless me, I put in my discord link...*ahem* The new video is up! *blush* *sneaks off stage left*
  5. Annnnnd, videos are allowed again! Oh, it's ON! And, we can stream. Feel free to join my Discord for tips, livestreams, 1 on 1 help: https://discord.gg/jpnPk3xm I will be getting videos together and posting them as soon as possible. Woohoo! Please let me know if there is a topic you'd like to see. -Dacy
  6. Thank you, Greycat! I don't know how I missed that... Lots of people will be VERY happy! -Dacy
  7. Does this mean I can update my videos? They aren't livestreamed...but they were still on the "do not touch" list. -Dacy
  8. You forgot to say which shard, Pouncy ! -Dacy
  9. Pouncy!! I haven’t seen you in a while. I’d love to see your progress on your amazing murals! And thanks. 😊 -Dacy
  10. I made a Google Doc of items which you can color/tint in the editor. I cross referenced it with the type of item...information such as, it has a flat surface (with no projections), it's a household item, it's small, from nature, miscellaneous, etc. I did not put in here items which SAY they are tintable, but which currently are not. (I'm looking at you, Rock 9 in Landscape, Oxygen Tank in Medical & Science, and others like you!) I noted if something is only partially tintable, as well (I did not include any item on which the tintable area was so small as to be insignificant.) I will put up
  11. I did a video on this topic: I find banners are often really nice, they can be tinted. -Dacy
  12. Thanks, CR! Very helpful stuff, I would not have known the specifics. 🙂 Ladiestorm, please let us know if you fixed the problem? 🙂 -Dacy
  13. Hi Ladiestorm! Glad the videos have helped you. Did you check to see if you'd perhaps disabled the f keys? There is usually a button that enables/disables the f keys. If not, you can use / commands for all but the F5 key, I do not know the commands for that, although there probably are slash commands for the attachments. I'll ask someone who knows the code better than I do if they know the keyboard commands for that. Otherwise, here are the commands: /edit_base [1/0] = Turn base editing on or off. 1 = on, 0 = off (e.g.: /editbase 1 to start editing from anywhere) /
  14. Hi! I don't know how community helper applications are going, but I was just thinking about it, and the reasons why I had decided not to put in an application, despite being the helpful sort who rather already does what it is you say you want someone to do officially. So, here are some thoughts, and if they lead to changes, maybe you'll get more applications. Maybe you already have plenty, and this isn't the least issue, but here's my 2 cents. You are asking volunteers to give up time and energy, which is the definition of volunteer, of course, but do you realize you are also ask
  15. Please do tell us what you finally write, choose, or come up with. 🙂 -Dacy
  16. I didn't do a character count on that, hoping it fits. 🙂 -Dacy (if it does not, CR is Tops in editing)
  17. The Seer pivoted, her senses reaching out. Something was there...something was calling to her. Something not human. Her blood sang in response. She quickly scanned the area for other Seers: none were in range. Cautiously, she moved towards...it. Whatever it was. It sang of life. It sang of freedom. The call was irresistible. Still...the Hamidon was not far from her mind, and she was wary. Could this be a trap? Her job was to protect her world and her people, and any threat had to be neutralized. Especially one this compelling. At the edge of the city, again, she hesitated briefly,
  18. You should ask a GM to come like, MC or stand around and do something, maybe. 🙂 Sounds like fun, anyway! -Dacy
  19. As a base builder and someone who does like the occasional contest, would being a base builder helper (officially, bc I already am in many ways) take me out of the running to be able to enter contests, for my bases and any I make for others? Does "giving other players advantages" include handing out infl and goodies, because I do that a lot, too. -Dacy
  20. I do have a series of videos out, pinned in the base building topic, done before the HC ban on videos and streaming. It would be interesting if we could do a series of missions that outline some basic base building information. I do wish I could redo some of my videos, there is stuff I'd like to add or change. But I've been told the videos are very helpful, and I do share many tips to help that aren't always well known. -Dacy
  21. Plasma, you’ll want to go see Squidget’s base on Everlasting; I think the code is GHOST-1471, but I’m sure you could search in my channel and find it , or look on the yellow pages directory. Pretty sure she’d be happy to show you and tell how she made her pagoda. -Dacy
  22. I find this happens much more with grid settings. With the grid off, things will appear on the surface. It still should be addressed, but that should help for now. -Dacy What would be helpful is if tables (and grass and other surfaces you place things on) were designated as "floors".
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