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Would someone who loves WP do a walkthrough of its powers?


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What is auto, nice to have, skipable.

What are the sets strengths/weaknesses. 

Fun and or useful comboes/synergies.

Good slotting ideas.


A few words about each power 😊




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I mained a WP scrapper back on Live.  It's a toggle and forget healtank with crazy regeneration, S/L/P resists and E/N/F/C defenses, a buff/debuff taunt aura, and improved Health and Stamina powers.


You'll want to take and slot T1-7, none of it is skippable.  T8 is a self-rez, which is a very personal choice.  T9 is a resistance buff that can't be enhanced for recharge, and buffs S/L twice as much as the others.  Which is largely a waste, given that you can cap S/L resistance outside of it.


T1 is an auto power that buffs all resistances and MaxHP, and for regeneration more hp is better.  You'll want to slot that up and grab the accolades.


In the incarnate endgame, enemy forces love throwing energy damage that debuffs regeneration.  It was pretty ugly until I softcapped energy defense.  I'd prioritize that over S/L defense.  With the improved IO availability, it'd be possible to hardcap S/L/P resists while softcapping energy defense.


I paired it with Dark Melee, for concept.  In the process I discovered how nice having a click heal is.  Willpower doesn't really have reactive tools, so if the fight isn't going well there's nothing it can do, you'll need inspirations or something from your primary.  I think Rad Melee has a heal as well.


Other tools like knockdowns and defense buffs would be useful to give yourself breathing room and time for your regeneration to work.  Like a warshade, you want to be surrounded because each enemy within your PBAOE boosts your regeneration.  An energy-hungry primary isn't a problem for WP, since it has Quick Recovery.

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