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  1. In addition to what Hopestar said, Alpha slot increases anything that could be slotted normally. Since your pets can be slotted for damage, damage Alphas function. The defense Alpha would apply to your protector bots, but not tier 1 or 3. Back on live my Bots/Traps went with... Nerve Alpha, I think, to make up for the pet level shift. Back in the day Hybrid only worked if you turned it on before summoning, not sure what HC has done.
  2. I think Willpower also has a taunt component for scrappers.
  3. One of the new maces looks like a torch, for a Statue of Liberty theme.
  4. When your hero alignment gets to 10, you get one of two tip missions that gives you extra merits on completion. The first time you finish the alignment mission you get a little power a week afterwards. If you go Vigilante, your character can enter the Rogue Isles and join but not lead missions there. Each of the four alignments gets a different power.
  5. Sonic has targeted buffs, which would go against the OP's goals. A /Dark or Storm corruptor would work, though. Little synergy with Elec/, but powerful in their own right.
  6. Blaster it is! This is a basic armored blaster: hard capped S/L resist, softcapped Ranged defense. If they try to melee, you can sap them with 2 PBAOE and your damage aura. Lead with the snipe on the biggest yutz and follow up with ball lightning, then burn the rest of the mob down one at a time. Or you can hover away and slam double holds on a problem child, whatever. This build is tweaked a little from when I used it on Live.
  7. Here's a basic armored blaster. Hard cap S/L resist, softcapped Ranged defense. Doesn't need Melee defense because when they're that close she can just sap away their blue bar with two PBAOE or hover-blast; and has two quick holds to help Green team on Hamidon raids, three if the proc fires.
  8. Juggled a few slots, got SL resistance to 45. Maneuvers was intended for the team, same as Warmth, it'd be overkill solo. I took CB and LB on my Elec3 back on Live, but I don't think her recharge was as high as this, so I needed them both for her attack chain. Would you explain you reasoning to not take LB?
  9. It looks really good, actually. I'd probably take Lighting Bolt over Charged Bolts, Maneuvers over Hasten, buff up your resistance, and find a way to squeeze in Warmth. The ability for a damage AT to throw in group heals is pretty rare, and a trick worth keeping in your back pocket. What do you find lacking in the build?
  10. They stack, so ideally all 8 characters will have all three buffs. (6 if they're VEATs.)
  11. My Energize is 7 seconds slower, FC defense is 4% lower, confusion is half as long, and regeneration is 24% lower. In exchange SLEP defense is a little higher, and SLTP resistance is 10-20% higher. Lower end drain and higher recovery. While it is a marginal improvement, I'd feel better if you gave it a whirl on the test server first. You might not find the sacrifices worthwhile.
  12. We've been discussing build-level solutions, but there's also inspirations. They drop like candy, so don't be shy about using them.
  13. Dark, Elec, WP have psi resistance; Shield and SR have positional defenses. Aegis and 5xImpervium Armor IOs can get your psi resist to 35. Additionally, everyone gets ripped up by Arachnos, that's their thing. If you post your build, we can give more specific advice.
  14. Here's a pet-positive Crab build to start from. Pretty good leadership, defense, and resistance; five pets w/o lore. Could trade the toughness for another pet and/or taunt.
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