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Please offer a minFX for Field Operative <- Devices


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Just found out Field Operative, of the Devices blaster secondary, leaves us quite translucent even in combat. This, unfortunately, ruins the set for me, because I actually want to see my character in combat. This power must be on all the time, as it's the set's "sustain" power, or the one which grants +50% end recovery. Not using it isn't an option. 


So please, please, please offer a minimum FX for this power so I can just see my character - I was excited to level up a Devices blaster for the first time, but I can't do it if I'm going to be see-through the entire game. It's not the same issue as the stalkers' hide, as that stealth effect is intermittent. The stealth translucence from Field Operative stays on permanently.


It'd be incredible if you could sneak this change into Issue 27 =DD


Thank you!

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