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  1. Depending on your armor you can just ignore sappers, or if not using one of the armor sets that grants either immunity or near immunity to end drain opt to either kill them first or hit them with a control. Or have a MM send a minion to get drained, have a kin fill you back up or any of several other methods of dealing with them. While malta might not be something you steamroll without looking at the screen, they're not too bad if you pay attention and adjust accordingly.
  2. Can the modifiers for blast's secondary effects be changed with a simple change to the AT modifier without also adjusting armors, or would the values of each power for sentinels need to be manually adjusted? Other than that question of how much work it'd be, sounds interesting and seems like it could use a spin on test server at the very least.
  3. Not a huge fan of this set of regen revamp ideas, but if the rez got the same treatment as the sentinel version, where you can click it while alive and it'll heal you based on how low your HP is, I could go for it being t1/2 As for the MOAR CLICKS version of regen, maybe another offshoot like willpower got regeneration's regeneration, and your version of IH would need a very fast animation for this idea, and I'd vote for this version of reconstruction having a reduced cooldown , as well as 10 seconds of moderate +regen.
  4. Well, the P2W vendor has temp powers to make things easier, how about some for challenge mode powers so people who want everything to suck can have their fun, while the rest of us don't have to suffer? Can add temp auto powers to cut your damage by 20/50/75%, ditto for range, end recovery, to-hit, recharge et cetera, purchased an hour at a time and stacking for 8 hours.
  5. Quoting myself (again) from one of the topics this got brought up in some months back As I also brought up in the old thread, there is no aspect of healing where regen is the best and feel that needs to change. It doesn't need to have the best clicks and best passives, but it shouldn't be 2nd for self healing. I also like the idea of maybe sticking fast healing and and quick recovery together to maybe make room for another power for more tools in the kit so to speak (and as a bonus, stalkers would finally get some end recovery), as well as the other idea of adding a little absorb to reconstruction so you're less worried about wasting it. Another idea I just had regarding instant healing, if it's uptime doesn't get significantly improved, maybe throw in some major debuff resistances, sort of giving the idea of "yeah you poisoned me 3 seconds ago, but I got better", to make it a better oh crap button.
  6. I'd actually love to be able to stick a bowler hat on top of a giant exposed brain as a disguise as my rogue wanders around paragon monologuing to himself about how he's fooled all the foolish fools. I wonder if there's a chance any of the old devs had the old 3D modeling software on a computer at home that might one day get released into the wild or if something new will ever be made from scratch.
  7. Was just looking through Mids and based on MM numbers at least, it has one of the fastest cast times for a heal (only beat by transfusion and rejuvenating circuit), but it has the travel time and it's among the weakest ST heals (only O2 boost looks to be weaker) and has fairly standard recast for a single target heal. Add that standard radius for area heal seems to be 20 and I'd again say adding 10 radius heal for half strength and it should be fairly balanced.
  8. My ninja/poison was 50 and incarnated before servers came down and Alkaloid was never good, but it was eventually worth using on occasion. Can't remember how I had it slotted on live but do know once it had some IOs it'd save the occasional ninja or shorten downtime between fights slightly That said, faster projectile speed and an 10 foot splash that heals for half the amount would go a long way to making it see regular use.
  9. Adding another +1, never got any of the con codes or anything, but did have at least 1 shapeshifter in my DP/Psi blaster (had ideas for others, but they never leveled enough to materialize). He was an anime nerd mutant who developed shapeshifting and psionic powers . First he used his psi powers to pull knowledge of gun katta from another hero, shifted into the form of Vash the Stampede, then started fighting infected, later adding Spike, Alucard as other costume slots. Would've been nice for him to be able to get the idea of shifting into villain groups to infiltrate and gather info before taking them down.
  10. Some might say your 2 times merc summoning goes too far, but I say 2x merc summoning doesn't go too far enough! I say change things so rather than doubling up on summoning mercenaries, you summon other merc masterminds as your pets with differing secondaries for each one. Tier 1 could have 1 secondary power with no updgrades, 2 with 1 upgrade, and 3 with final upgrade. Tier 2 can have 2/4/6 and tier 3 will be 3/6/9. This will be somewhat balanced by the karmic scale of mercs having always sucked and AI not knowing how to properly use powers. Downside of course is your tier ones summoning their tier ones at -6 to you, their tier 2's at -5 and their tier 3's at -3 (though your tier 3 will have normal adjustment). Upside? 6 times the mercenaries being thrown at the problem. Hell, you get 3 merc summoners working together I bet they'd outdo a single thug/time
  11. So, an idea I had for freeing up some slots for MMs, but what if there was a free inherent power, comes with 1 slot but can't add more, that lets you put in a single enhancement that affects all pets. For example, throw an accuracy in there, that's less accuracy you need to slot in your tier 1, 2 and 3 pets, or maybe a damage. And I'd say this proposed freebie slot shouldn't take any sets, so no adding a proc to all attacks or freebie spot for the ATOs.
  12. You seem to be misunderstanding recharge. For one, +100% recharge doesn't mean your powers come back instantly, rather they come back twice as fast, and two you can have negative recharge (and granite armor for example has it baked in). The range iirc is -400% to +400% recharge. That said, I don't object to the idea of inspirations that add a bit of recharge and have some -recharge resistance (and for resistance, 100% would make you immune to -recharge debuffs).
  13. Boy Hits Car - Man Without Skin Yes, that's Robin from Teen Titans on bass.
  14. VAST - Touched In the few places it would matter, VAST is all caps, it's an acronym for Visual Audio Sensory Theater, which is also the name of their debut album. This is their most famous song according to wikipedia, but they have quite a few other good songs.
  15. Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix)
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