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  1. That's just a result of super-steroids making your tail shrink /nod (if it can be done, tail slider would be cool though)
  2. From what I understand pet commands work because they make your pets do something (and thus any animations come from the pets). The detoggle and power suppression is because making animations work while on the carpet (or skiff) would be extremely intensive so the original devs never bothered. So even if they made it so powers weren't suppressed, any animations would be messed up. That said, if HC devs ever figure a way around it, or one day become a full studio with resources to devote to new animations, then I'd be all for this.
  3. Controller/Dominator ATOs primarily boost control strength and MM ATOs are for pets rather than personal attacks, but other than that yeah they are for attacks. I think the problem with buff/debuff/armor ATOs is that there are such differences between the different buff/debuff/armor sets it'd be hard to have something that is good for all of them without being horribly overpowered for some.
  4. I think you mean that DDR was added since defense doesn't resist defense debuffs, which might be true, I don't remember defense debuff resist being added and other than maybe avoiding the hit, defense offers no innate protection against defense debuffs. But to be clear, resists only resist resist debuffs, having high resists offers no protection against -recharge, defense debuffs, or anything else.
  5. They do, resists resist resist debuffs. Or to explain that confusingly worded but grammatically accurate phase, if you have 90% smashing resist and you get hit with a 50% resist debuff, it'll only debuff you by 5% since the 50% will be reduced by 90% down to 5% (at least for smashing, if your energy resist is only 50%, then it'll debuff your energy resist by 25%) So being overcapped has the advantage at letting you stay capped even after being hit with debuffs.
  6. For what it's worth, in another ancient MMO, Everquest, object scaling is possible for the player housing in that game and rumor is that code is even more of a mess + instanced housing was tacked on later rather than being in from the start. Granted, it just takes the code being the wrong sort of mess rather than comparatively cleaner to make this impossible, but until a dev chimes in I'll hold out hope it can be done.
  7. Sorry to hear about your dad, and yeah, no idea if such an IO would be possible though I know little about what is and isn't possible with the IO system.
  8. Well once more options with the tailor are made available there could be a sort of pet flagging fee, where you dump X influence at the tailor to flag Y costume as being usable for pets and before you pay the fee the / command can't use the costume, but after it can. I'm also thinking it'd be nice to be able to combine costume change emotes with costumes for pets if there was a / command.
  9. Yeah, as long as it doesn't turn out to break anything (as I hear /enterbasefrompasscode had to potential to do) I'd vote to leave the currently theoretical / commands. I'm sure the bind wizards would be able to do cool things with them.
  10. So, you can do this but some others can't, almost as if soloing at 4/8 with a petless mastermind takes some sort of skill or thought on how to approach the situation... (also bit off topic, anyone know how to edit a second quote into an existing post so I don't need to double in the future?)
  11. Sounds like you're starting to intentionally mis-represent things to make a point. "The trick is to...." is a fairly common saying, and doesn't need to involve doing something you're not supposed to do or some form of deceit. "The trick to driving at night is good headlights" or "the trick to not suffocating is to inhale non-toxic levels of oxygen" are valid sentences and shouldn't imply the "correct way" of doing things is to drive at night without headlights or sucking down >15% or <80% oxygen for extended periods.
  12. Regeneration relies on regeneration (and click heals) even more, but not only does it not have any more -regen resistance than willpower, but no native defense (outside MoG) to avoid being hit by debuffs and no DDR for the little defense it scraps together or any other debuff resistance. As I said, sets *should* be made to stand on their own without IOs proping them up, and IOs and sets should be a nice bonus. So sets whose main defense is also a hole should get that hole patched natively, and sets whose third layer has a hole, well they can have a little something but don't need as big a patch because every set doesn't need to be immortal.
  13. Sounds like Architect Entertainment (frequently shortened to AE when people talk about it) and Supergroup bases (SG bases). You can build your own missions with many of the enemy groups in game available and even make custom enemies with their own powersets in AE, and SG bases used to require multiple players and special currency on live, but now you can make a new one for every one of your characters if you desire with everything being free, or make one base and invite all your characters to it. Ninja'd and editing to add On the other hand, maybe "unkillable" (yeah, know how that works in this game with people who are determined) training dummies in the base with adjustable resists, rank and level range might be cool for testing. But I'd say have them offer no exp or drops for when people figure out how to beat them.
  14. Well, think armor sets should be able to stand on their own and not need to rely on IO set bonuses to be good, but think a tiny bit of debuff resistance would be ok. Maybe along the lines of a new set where the 6 slot bonus is 25% end drain resistance and one of the pieces is a unique with 10% resistance for example. Then only one set for each of the major debuffs.
  15. Also, if they run through another spawn, so do you.
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