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  1. Second and Third images aren't loading for me. No objection to sending in animals to attack for you or attacking in a way reminiscent of animals, but no idea how easy/hard it would be to add such powers.
  2. Nah, swords, blasts of fire and massive amounts of radiation are used for non-lethal arrests, flowers are used for killing people /nod
  3. Don't know about programming for CoH, but you would need a way to detect when they make contact with the wall/ground so the effect doesn't appear before they hit, detect direction of movement, force (tripping with dragon tail for example shouldn't cause craters). Suppose just doing something vs doing something that looks good and makes a degree of sense would be different levels of difficulty.
  4. IH was nerfed 2 weeks before my scrapper was high enough to train it, so can't say if that would be good enough. And while I don't want/think it needs a complete revamp (think it should require more active participation with clicks than other defenses) I do think it needs a good bit of updating. And since summers replied right when I started typing this I will say, the idea of scaling up regen/resist the lower HP drops is sounding better and better.
  5. It'd likely be a coding nightmare, but I've love the ability to just pick up baddy A, throw him at baddy B, and both take damage from it.
  6. Yeah, went through the numbers in another topic on regen, there is no aspect of healing (regen, recovery, click heals, +hp, whatever) that one or more sets don't do better than regen, usually by a fair bit. Someone had said that upping the regen would step on WPs toes, but as I said then and will say again, regen was here first and should be the best at regen/self healing. As for the -recharge resist, I've said I want some, but I will accept ice being better there. I think should be able to get 30-50% in set (though won't argue too hard against more)
  7. Then I'd say we have differing definitions of "take away all the weaknesses". I'm not seeing anyone saying give it a ton of innate defense, give it resist to -def to prevent cascading failure of whatever you scrape together from sets and pools, or perma-MoG or anything else that is without weaknesses. The main things people seem to be asking for are the ability to survive alphas more often than not, and use the rest of the tools in set to have a chance of staying upright through the rest of the fight. I feel those should be things regen should be able to do regardless of primary, but if you scrapper lock and don't hit your heals while fighting something other than +1/3 council then you'll have a bad time.
  8. Yeah, you can plug -resist with winter set frankenslotting, but IOs shouldn't be needed to make a set functional.
  9. For me anyway, it's not resist all the negatives, it's let regen stay good at what it's good at and not have it's defenses shut down entirely by debuffs. I can accept not having end drain protection (though to my previous point, might argue for -recovery protection) but clicks are a big part of regen's defense and inexhaustible opened the door somewhat for "heal/recover good makes you resistant to slows" so I'd say it fits. If there were a way to make debuffs last a shorter duration rather than lower magnitude I might try to argue them recovering faster from to-hit and defense debuffs, but for now I'd say there's no reason for protection for either of those holes.
  10. No idea how it could be implemented, but a combo of the "moar zombies" and damage on death could be that when a zombie dies 2-6 (depending on upgrades) underling class zombies spawn and swarm the enemy that killed it for 20 seconds. It'd have to have a cooldown timer so you can't just keep re-summoning pets to have them die and summon more pets, but if each of the 3 zombies had a 2 or 3 minute cooldown before they summon zombies on death I think it could work. Not sure how to justify it however without the assumption that there isn't a horde of zombies nearby that just aren't attacking though.
  11. From my perspective it feels like every month of the past year has been at least 50 years, and few years before that each month was a decade. I hope time returns to normal sometime soon.
  12. And to TL/DR what I've said in the past, I think regen could use better version of dull pain, more regen in powers, some absorb (preferably constantly ticking/stacking in a passive or toggle) to better handle alpha strikes, more -regen resist, sentinel version of rez, and -recharge resist so can keep clicking those heals.
  13. I'm willing to justify it as you regenerated before the attack even finished. Like if someone slices through you with a sword left to right and your left side is healed before it's halfway through.
  14. While imagining things that almost certainly can't happen, imagine the dev team 20,000 volunteers strong while still being organised so they could work toward a cohesive vision instead of splintering off on 5,000 different projects. I have a few vague ideas of how it might be possible to create the cratering effect on walls, but it involves tons of assumptions on how the graphics can be manipulated and would only result in the cracks being there for a few seconds before fading. So while it might be cool, I don't think it's feasible.
  15. Fair enough I guess, but it seems to be working against you. Though I suppose you may be swaying the opinions of people who haven't bothered to respond and we wouldn't know. As for the mechanics, I can agree they could use a change, I just can't think of a good one, and I would hate the idea of another build up clone. In fact, I wish less sets had build up and each had something at least slightly different for their version of aim/build up, even if it was as simple as martial arts build up recharges 5 seconds faster et cettera.
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