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  1. You seem to be misunderstanding recharge. For one, +100% recharge doesn't mean your powers come back instantly, rather they come back twice as fast, and two you can have negative recharge (and granite armor for example has it baked in). The range iirc is -400% to +400% recharge. That said, I don't object to the idea of inspirations that add a bit of recharge and have some -recharge resistance (and for resistance, 100% would make you immune to -recharge debuffs).
  2. Boy Hits Car - Man Without Skin Yes, that's Robin from Teen Titans on bass.
  3. VAST - Touched In the few places it would matter, VAST is all caps, it's an acronym for Visual Audio Sensory Theater, which is also the name of their debut album. This is their most famous song according to wikipedia, but they have quite a few other good songs.
  4. Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix)
  5. I think showing last couple mobs on map is something that already happens, I know I've seen last 1 or two show up before.
  6. Well, electric armor is immune to end drain, rooted from stone also grants a ton of end drain resistance. Kin defenders/corroupters/controllers can be drained and immediately refill their end with transference, poison can neuter the end drain if you hit with weaken first, MMs can still send pets to fight if they get drained or let pets eat the drain. Then there's the strategy of take it slow, target sappers first and either open with control or 1-shot kill. Also can use ageless destiny, refills end when popped and one side offers +recovery, other +end drain resistance (as well as other debuff resistance).
  7. Not a lawyer, but to my knowledge disney keeps the rights because they still *use* the IP in parks, cartoons, et cettera as well as re-releasing their movies every few years. If you just sit on something and don't use it the rights expire much quicker than if you raise your hand and still say "I still own this" once a decade or so. That said, since they did something with statesman back in 2017, I think it'd still be something like 2080 before it expires the normal way.
  8. Gary Hoey - You're A Mean One, Mr Grinch Gary Hoey has several christmas albums if you want some guitar instrumentals for the season.
  9. Gorgol Bordello - Gypsy Part Of Town Strange band, honestly don't remember how I was introduced to them, but they've got some good stuff .
  10. Go Betty Go - Ticking Bombs Kinda wanted to go with "Crumbling Down" but decided against it this time due to more swearing, maybe when I get around to second pass for these artists. Go Betty Go has a nice range imo, from punk to sadder songs like this, and perform in both English and Spanish.
  11. There were numerous attempts to buy the IP when the shutdown was first announced, and to my knowledge they just ignored any and all offers while claiming that they considered any and all offers. I think they wanted to kill the game, misrepresented sales to do it (they were turning a profit just based on subscriptions, cash-flow from in game store wasn't made public as far as I know) and didn't want to face the possibility of someone else doing it better than them. Suppose things could be different if everyone involved in shuttering the game has since been fired.
  12. At the very least good S/L/F damage and pulsing chance for KD, but wouldn't be the first power to sound/look like it should be more powerful than it actually is.
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