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  1. Fireball, exploding shuriken, and ball lightning are targeted AoEs scrappers can get from epic pools. I think the abundance of cones is just related to the pool's themes and being old. I wouldn't mind seeing more themes for scrapper pools and DP as another natural style would be nice, although not sure about ammo swap as is. I don't think there's any other epic/patrol pool power that would be useless as a single dip. Maybe make the scrapper version add a small buff depending on the ammo type? Un-enhanceable 5% to-hit for none, 10% damage for fire, 7.5% recharge for ice, and occasional tick of 5% absorb for toxic? Can't really think of what would fit and not be OP.
  2. OP said "regen tanks/brures" in that context it seems like they meant tankers/brutes.
  3. Delta Heavy - Hold Me So, using this video since it's where I discovered the song, it's a comparison between the original video and someone's pony-fied version of the video, so if you are heavily anti MLP that's the first warning. Second warning is that the original video features a pet cat dying and being dug up and re-animated (the video is animated).
  4. While those examples don't seem too problematic, some fonts can be rather difficult to read for some people (not even counting the intentional ones like windings). If something like this was done I'd propose the compromise of it only affecting the speech bubbles and not the chat log. Still good for RPing, and still readable by others.
  5. 1) Think this might fit suggestions more, although maybe with lack of meat to the suggestion maybe not? 2) Back on live I think the devs said stretching powerset was impossible with the engine, not sure if anyone's figured out a good way to fake it since. 3) +1 for seeing whips, whether they're made of leather or energy for a powerset.
  6. Add to the fact that with how buffs/debuffs work in this game, every defender in the group is a force multiplier, and adding a second defender/controller/corrupter/MM will usually make the group do more damage overall than adding a second blaster, regardless of the damage they do solo. Also, it's "nerf" as in Nerf brand foam darts/toys, not "nurf".
  7. While not needed now of course, I would hop up to the roof/over to the rail line, then follow the line across the zone to the other station hopping over trams as they came. And my very first hero was elec/fire blaster (and being my first hero, he didn't have the best build) he had all his debt badges by 25.
  8. One thing I think regen could definitely use would be more debuff protection, and think it should specifically have good deal of -regen and -rech protection (some -recovery/-endurance protection would also be nice). Defense sets all get a good bit of -def protection, resists resist resist-debuffs (if you have 50% S/L resist, get hit with a -50% resist debuff, it will only be half as effective on your S/L resist, reducing it down to 25%), but regen only gets a tiny 25.9% -regen resistance and no -rech resistance to help keep click healing.
  9. That was CaptainYesterday spouting easily provable falsehoods, not DrRocket. DrRocket seems legitimately confused to me. To sum up what others have stated in the thread, the way attack mechanics work no matter what your defense or the opponents to-hit, there is a cap of 95% chance to hit and a floor of 5% to hit. No matter what your defense, even before streak-breaker you have at least a 1 in 20 chance of being hit, and streak breaker will only kick in if one individual somehow misses 100 times in a row (NOT once you have been missed 100 times total). Confounding matters somewhat is that some attacks auto-hit, and some lack positional tags, thus ignoring SR, ninja's or SD defense.
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