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Frequent DIsconnects While Zoning into Maps


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@Mediocretes and I have both been running into something strange lately...


We'll click a mission door and get the loading screen as usual, but the map loading bar never moves and after a minute or so we get kicked. In his case it typically crashes the client back to desktop and generates an error report. Mine sends me back to the game log-in screen like being map-servered, though there are never "lost connection to mapserver" messages associated with this, nor are any error reports apparently generated in my case.


It's been hitting both of us and seems independent of zone, level or character. I don't think it's our net connection, either, since it never hits us both at the same time.

I've had it happen twice so far this afternoon in less than half an hour of play on Tesamun in Dark Astoria. 


(We're both on PCs, running Win10, build 19041, if that matters. We're both loading with Tequila. )  





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