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  1. You're making the assumption that everyone is going to have those, for one thing. 10m a pop isn't cheap for non-farmer/non-marketeer players, so you can't bank on every team having people that bought them. (I *am* a farmer and can still count on one hand the number of my characters here on Homecoming that have the Team Transporter power, for instance.) The recharge timing on the Supergroup portal and Team Transport are both pretty brutal, too. If only one person on the team has it, it's probably not going to be available for every hop if the gang is at all speedy about completing missions. That's one of the reasons I'm in favor of lowering the recharge time on at the least the Supergroup portal summoning. Making sure it's likely to be back and available after a mission would help a lot, I think. As for the two base transporter powers... They're freebies, which is good... But you have to know the day job powers exist, and you have to have gotten them. That's not going to be universal. Also, the number of charges can be an issue if you don't routinely remember to park yourself next to a portal when you log the character. 30 charges is better than 10, certainly, but forget to log in the right place a few times and you may still find yourself out of luck on the far end of Crey's Folly. (Ask me how I know that. 😆 )
  2. Time is the bulk of it. Not only do I have fairly slow load times, but all of my characters are fliers. By the time I've flapped my way to the tunnel or tram or base portal, waited to load the zone, and then flapped my way to the mission door and waited for the map to load, my team of Superspeed fans may be half-way through the mission. The quick hop to the base didn't help with loading times, but it did save me from having to wing my slow butt across at least one zone. 🤣
  3. I can see where it might look that way, yeah. But... no. I'm thinking of this LRT addition as a replacement for "hop to the Sanctum, port over to Zone X" on my gang. That's something that's really come in handy when I'm running with "content" type teams.
  4. I can try to take a stab at part of this... First off, not all of us are badgers. In my case, I "went there/did that" with Kestrel and Palrah back in the live days and haven't had the least bit of interest in repeating the process here or on closed beta. Aside from picking up a few specific badges to use the titles, they just aren't "a thing" that I chase... That means, like I said elsewhere, that *if* I want to add this fast-travel option to my entire crew, I'd be looking at grinding those accolades a pretty ludicrous number of times. My issue with that is that I have neither the time nor the interest in collecting the same set of badges that many times. Since this LRT transport power is one of the more practical bits of replacing the enterbase command where travel is concerned, NOT having it on the bulk of my crew is going to have an impact. It's likely to mean that I just won't play the ones who lack it quite as often, since they may have more trouble keeping up with their team-mates than the ones who do.
  5. Uhm... You DO know that this is a power independent of the Teleport pool now, right? It's granted to everyone who gets the Accolades.
  6. That's my only issue with it, as I've already mentioned elsewhere. It's hell on people with a lot of alts. Realistically... there's no way I'm going to hunt down all of those accolades for every single one of my crew. (Keeping in mind it's a "gotta do BOTH sides" thing for a fair few of them.) Not as things stand now. And that's likely to have an impact on travel for the ones who end up getting skipped when I say to heck with the grind. Otherwise? I love having banners for the Shard Zones at long last... second the request for adding Cim to the LRT list... and agree completely that the 30 minute cool-down on the supergroup summonable portal power is way, way longer than it needs to be.
  7. I tend to use the Dynasty sleeves with it... I never use the fur thing.
  8. I have... one Rogue among my Excelsior "bird-things". Huh. I'm not really helping the situation any. <_<
  9. It was probably deemed "Not Sexy Enough" by the former costume guy back when it was introduced. <_<
  10. No... but it would be the same design. And given the amount of work that some builders put into their bases, having Joe Anybody make a copy and use it for their own group might be a very sore point.
  11. I'll also point out one other potential issue... though I'm sure some people would consider it a petty thing and so not worth mentioning. ANYONE can make a demo-recording of any base, and anyone can claim that the base in that demo is theirs. Some base-builders might not mind the possibility of having duplicates of their base design floating around, but I can imagine that there would be others who'd take that possibility poorly. The only way to avoid duplication like that would require some sort of "ownership" check and I'm not sure how possible or practical that would be.
  12. Stalkers are Love. Stabby, hard-to-see love. Welcome, sneaky sibling. XD
  13. Oh great gods, that Daeva Armor... *facepalms* And what did you end up with after all that? A gear set that was really only useful as a pretty skin for something better. Let's not repeat that particular madness here. It was the complete opposite of fun. (Yes. My Sorcerer had that nerking piece of crap armor. <_<)
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