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  1. I remember some of the discussions about the AT from the pre-public server days,.. and there was a pretty straight-forward concern about making them "too good". As you say, there was the fear of making a tank mage. Sentinels were (and still are-) essentially an unfinished project that's never been completely settled. Starting out with them on the not-all-that side damage-wise was absolutely a choice, not an accident.
  2. Here we go again... This apparently endless routine of someone grouching on the forum about "OMG Sentinels suck! Because they aren't Blasters!" is really getting old. Yes. Sents were intentionally undertuned and need some tweaks. Some of the damage sets feel very uneven. AR is just-... yikes. Their inherent isn't a flashy Big Deal when you're in the middle of an 8-toon Incarnate smash team. But they aren't useless and some of us have a hell of a good time playing them, in spite of the AT in general not suiting power-builders. They're solid soloists, and that's ju
  3. I ❤️ my DarkityDarkDark Defenders. They are made of win. And tentacles.
  4. Chibi-Scir says "Why you do this thing to your clix, Hew?" Im1.jpg (533×800) (domuscygna.com) Yeah. My G-Dub sort-of got claimed by one of the Resin Minions... I don't think I'm getting it back. XD
  5. And every bloody one of them is player-targeted, just for a little extra "sticking it" to the sneaky sorts... Anyway, I never said it was impossible to stalk your way through Praetoria... My very first Praetorian was a KM/WP Stalker way-back-when, and I just caught a rift gate with my most recent one yesterday afternoon (DB/Energy). The heat-seeking ambushes are just something to be aware of. Depending on the path you take and the contacts you run, you'll spend more time scrapping than you would red side or blue. That's particularly true if you stick around and carry through to F
  6. The pearl-clutching in this thread is epic... and over what? Someone possibly seeing something saucy that someone else may once have said in a video game. Keep some perspective, guys.
  7. I think I used the Wedding heels with the stocking bits when I made the Unquiet Bride's outfit using Angelic Plus.
  8. What App said... I've taken Stalkers through Praetoria successfully, but... yeah. Just go into it knowing that you're basically going to be playing an occasionally-sneaky Scrapper for the duration of your stay gold-side.
  9. I've always felt as if that particular arc was like a mystery authored by someone who had never actually read one... They'd *heard* of these things called "mysteries", and kind-of sort-of got the gist of what they were usually about... But didn't quite understand it well enough to really pull it off. It's like the Mystery-story version of one of those AI-generated inspirational quotes. 😝
  10. I'm in it for the LOLs... That is to say, I prefer roleplay done with a light touch and good humor. I'm not the least bit interested in angst and scenery-chewing interpersonal drama. I don't give a single flying rat's bum about the deep, philosophical ramifications of using power and violence to address the symptoms of systemic social injustice in a modern fictional setting... But a friendly, cooperative team where the IC jokes, terrible puns and saucy commentary are fast and furious? Oh, heck yeah. Bring it. I suppose that makes me terribly shallow... But I think ther
  11. There's definitely an aspect of experimentation to the City for me, even after all this time... "Hmm. X and Y sound like an interesting powerset combination. I wonder how it would handle solo/small team/full team/in Praetoria/whatever?" or "A random roll challenge gave me *what* as a combination? Seriously? What kind of build is it going to take to make THAT MESS work?! Let's find out!" The majority of the game being as casual-friendly (read: Easy Mode) as it is allows me the freedom to play around and make decidedly sub-optimal and 'off meta' characters, concept builds and other strangeness a
  12. Memo to self... Never go AFK waiting for a raid to start if Mr. Coyote is also attending. 😝 I can see why it might look iffy, but the whole "Nope. Not buying it."-thing when offered a pretty reasonable-sounding explanation does make me raise an eyebrow. (If you DON'T feed the cat you'll probably end up with a fuzzy butt parked right on top of your keyboard. It's very hard to bash jello when there's a fuzzy butt on your keyboard. Trust me on that one. *eyes feline side-kick*)
  13. I don't play Villains... I play Rogues. And Heroes. And Rogues who pretend to be Heroes because they hate randomly getting dropped from blue-side teams if they dare to go to a base or through Ouro at the wrong time. <_<
  14. While I do sometimes miss the "old school" Circle look, which was probably more appropriate for a group of anachronistic mages than a lot of spikes and skin-tight lizard leather, I'm actually glad that the redesign put them in parts that are (mostly-) useable by player characters, too. It made designing faction-matching outfits for my own Oranbegan characters a WHOLE LOT easier and less annoying... I mean, really. We would *never* have gotten anything close to those robe meshes for player use. Ever. Now, if only those Death Mage bits, the horned gloves and the caped shoulder piece
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