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  1. Yes... I know when the data was pulled. It showed that as-of March there were 267 at level 50. One of those was mine. I'm positive that there were even more that, like yours, hadn't made it to 50 yet. Just like there are bound to be others now that have been made and leveled since those statistics were posted. What was odd to me was that it was one of the more popular Stalker combinations, but my own was the only one I'd actually seen in-game.
  2. Peanut butter, bananas and mayo is a combination I've actually had. It wasn't bad. It's just the pickle I'm having trouble with... Are we talking standard kosher dills here, or sweet pickles of some kind?
  3. I tend to keep things tidy... And almost always Egyptian... Which probably doesn't surprise anybody...
  4. I'd love to see an update, too. I want to see how many of us took the low numbers on some combination as a challenge and in response built Unicorns of our own. XD
  5. *nods* Calculating the aerodynamic properties of level 1 Hellions....
  6. Funny that one should come up... I was on a team night-before-last with a Grav/Time character on Everlasting. She was a terror. XD
  7. I'm with MT here... I wouldn't trust it to always use the available resources wisely. The game's just not that smart. XP
  8. The jail cell does give you a little more lead time... at least as long as the door is intact.
  9. And with that, I'm adding another name to my ignore list. I suggest you do the same with me.
  10. I'm suggesting they don't get to matter more than anyone else. But then, I'll admit that I'm not someone who really gets the whole American 'worship of the military'-thing, so my opinions there are probably not the norm. At least not in some circles.
  11. I like that we eventually "outgrow" the goons in lower-level zones... It would be annoying as all hell not to be able to walk through Atlas with a 50+ Incarnate character without being harassed by a bunch of punk-ass Hellions. XD
  12. I'm not sure the entire proposed policy ought to be considered invalid just because some of the people potentially effected by it are in the military.
  13. I've got Grey Kestrel and Nemissary's names... but... Still haven't rebuilt them. I'm really waffling on that point. I sort-of want to and I sort-of don't. Which is more wishy-washy on the subject than I was the first time I posted in this thread. I *did* end up rebuilding one other old favorite, though. I have a new version of my "gentleman monster", Shonokin, over on Torch. Given how infrequently I play with him and how odd it feels to me when I do, I guess that probably doesn't bode well for any eventual v2 versions of Kes and Nem. But... yeah. Still debating. <_<
  14. KM/Bio brutes are great fun.... A friend has one and he's just about the most brutal brute I've ever seen. XD I was really surprised how few Broadsword/Bio brutes there were. My Semnai was one of something like 13?
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