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  1. We've had bus stops this whole time... so I'd add a bus or two.
  2. Agreed. I read that thread with pretty much equal parts dread and annoyance. My thoughts after those posts about the planned changes? "Damnit people. STOP trying to make Sentinels into something they aren't!" If you want an armored Defender pick up the 'Guardian' name and make a whole new AT. Stop trying so hard to 'fix' Sentinels that you end up ruining them. <_< But I'm saying that as someone who plays them and likes them pretty much as they are. Yes, they need some tweaks. Yes, the damages sets are really uneven. But for the love of pete, cut it out with the "Let's make these guys .~*team players*~. who are only going to be useful in the context of 'guarding squishies' or something like that!" To me, the real appeal of Sents is HOW WELL THEY SOLO as blasty types. The new powers guy seems determined to scrap that completely.
  3. Back on Live I had a few of my VERY non-human, VERY not-of-this-Earth "bird-things" who were Praetorians... (My Elysion were a non-canon species of Rularuu. Faathim's creatures.) The idea was that when the boundaries around the Shard, their home dimension, started to weaken and they found themselves able to go 'elsewhere', that wasn't in any way limited to Primal Earth alone. They and their human survivors could have ended up anywhere in the multiverse... and did. Humorously, that wasn't even limited to the City game world! My tabletop 13th Age GM was also a City player, and ran with a few of my birds. When we started the tabletop game? He pulled my Elysion into his version of the Empire. There are a flight of them in the city of Horizon, in service to the Archmage. Proof positive that those creatures could have ended up ANYWHERE. XD
  4. After missing so many times that I'm now half-convinced that my Build Up actually adds a -ToHit? Darn right it is. >_<
  5. Everybody has to start somewhere, and a lot of time as passed. There are bound to be a lot of folks in-game who are brand new, or rusty, or VERY unpracticed or otherwise not-exactly-up-on-everything. I think communication is the real key in this situation... Leaders need to set expectations and maybe take some time to explain how they want a run to go. Don't assume your team are just automatically all going to be on the same page. Near the end of the Live days, for instance, a lot of speedrunning practices had begun to creep into even "regular" TF play on the servers that I played on... so people who primarily remember those days, or who only ever knew the speedster's way of doing things, just might not realize that what they're doing ISN'T the traditional, low-key way to go about it. To them, that *is* just the usual way the TF was done. So, talk to your team. Odds are good MOST people will listen if you're reasonable about it. If they don't? That's when it's time to get grouchy.
  6. My KM/Fire Stalker... one of only 14 out there... has not yet hit 50. But finishing them is going to be my next project after getting Ajda (PsiMelee/EA Stalker) done.
  7. THIS. SO very. very much THIS. *em/facepalm*
  8. Any regular mission that takes place on an outdoor map will be like that. Those outdoor instanced missions will still have their regular day/night cycles.
  9. Like I said in the OTHER thread on this subject... You guys get your "sunny City" eleven months out of the year. I think it's not too much to ask that you spare *ONE MONTH* for those of us like the change and who find the Perpetual Night appropriate for Halloween. If you just can't deal with it... Ouro and Cimerora are both locked in perpetual daylight. Go run an ITF, or do some bashing for Marcus, or spend some time standing around with the Menders roleplaying. (Edit to add: Living in the Pacific Northwest, I know all about the lack of light and the seasonal funk that is SAD. I have two daylight lamps sitting on my desk as I type this. If the dark is getting to you, picking up one of those might help. I know the idea sounds silly to a lot of people, but even if the effect is purely a psychological one, they do help.)
  10. Cimerora, likewise. It's a perpetual sunny afternoon there. They don't even HAVE a night cycle.
  11. Nope. I *like* the perpetual night thing for Halloween. It's the right and proper state for bashing zombies and banners and giant, angry pumpkin-things. You guys get your "sunny city" the other 11 months of the year... I think you can bear to spare us night-owls one month of dark.
  12. Eh. If they fix the base access vet/p2w power so that it's actually USEFUL? I'm fine with it. I *like* the macro option and have found it really nice to have... And I wish the PvPers and Master Of- badge-runners who were abusing it as an exploit could have just man/woman/othered-up and stopped being exploitative with it, which might have allowed us to keep some version of it active. But I'm realistic enough to know that the odds of their doing that is somewhere between 'slim' and 'none', so here we are. XP
  13. The vendor in the Vanguard base is easy to get to buy SO enhancements. Sure, you can always run to Talos or another higher level zone without much trouble, either, but it's a nice option to have if you happen to hit 22 in Atlas.
  14. My crew typically tend to have their "basic"/signature costume... a "street clothes"/casual outfit... something fancier or formal... and maybe an alternate-color/slightly-different variation on the signature look. It's very, very rare for me to use more than four or five of the costume slots. Kai/White Thorn was one exception, since I also did her motorcycle leathers both with and without the helmet when IC she got her bike, and then I also added that spooky "Void Form" black spectrum look to match her partner's very ethereal "Astral form". Semnai's costumes are also a little unusual for me... I used all ten slots, but she only has five outfits. She just has two very-slightly-different versions of each... One that's equipped with her Thorn Blade, Xhelethe, and one that's carrying some kind of regular. "mundane" sword instead. Because that sword has "opinions". And there are some things that Xhel just DOES NOT want to deal with. XD
  15. You want a Task Force that's difficult for a full team to complete... and your answer to my concern about that kind of content locking out solos is to say "solo it". Right.
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