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  1. More attachment points on our character models for costume bits.
  2. *laughing* Mr. Coyote named his Roman brute Mediocrates. 🤣
  3. My main is a Kin/Bio Stalker... I *like* the set on Stalkers... But, I pretty much give it a huge "meh" on anything ELSE. That's mostly due to Stalkers getting an actual, straight-forward build-up rather than being stuck with the annoying gimmick power that the other ATs have to deal with. When I leveled my old KM scrap, tank and brute having to juggle that ridiculous mess just made me face-palm. It added absolutely zero fun. I don't mind it being slow. I actually like the animations and don't mind the "race car" sound effects.
  4. Or make it a purely optional setting in the costume editor along redraw/no-redraw lines.
  5. *laughing* I have a Heliomancer in my crew... WHo needs garlic when you're basically a walking, wise-cracking sun-spot? 🌞
  6. I can't say I'm a fan of the idea. Start-up animations that would do nothing but delay our being able to move, just for the sake of "visual roleplay"? No thanks. An added animation delay would put fliers even FARTHER BEHIND the super-speeders and super-jump users on their team. You know, those guys who *already* get to the door long before our slow-ass flying selves can? I'd rather not miss any more of a mission, or make people have to wait around any longer than they already have to.
  7. With my middle nephew and his mum in the game now, and FCM and I teaching them the ropes and financing their first builds, I've found myself doing a little more crafting-converting-and-selling instead of just dumping all the recipes I get when I go farming onto the market as raw drops... Little Dude picked a (very) smashy and (very) ambitious Brute as his first character, so the build I'll eventually pull together for him isn't going to be cheap. His mom's Dominator won't be quite as much of an investment, but I don't want to have to worry about scrimping with that one, either... So, for a bit at least, I'm being more Ebil than the average farmer. I've suddenly got dependents, 🤣
  8. Oh dear... Somebody's gone and got themselves a sno-cone-flavored gambling problem. 😝
  9. Coyotedancer

    Pet Names

    Ananka's "dead guys" all have pretty common Egyptian names. Her lich is, of course, Karis. (Yes. My affection for old Hammer Studios horror movies is showing here. They were absolutely named after THAT Karis and Ananka. 😄 ) Amtes' demons are named after Sumerian constellations. Previous Masterminds had minions named after Jane Austin characters (The Unquiet Bride had Wickham, Darcy, Brandon and company... Zombies, of course) and the cast of an obscure anime/manga/game series (Hanano's ninja were all named after the Guardians from Harukanaru Toki no Naka de. Her oni was Akuram)
  10. 'Was about to say, if you want controllable Crits... play a Stalker. 🤣
  11. All I ask is that they NOT become overly focused or dependent on "team play" with any proposed changes... At the moment, they're great solo characters and as someone who often plays them solo or duo/small-team, I would really hate to lose that. (In other words, don't try so hard to 'fix' Sentinels that you end up ruining them. <_<)
  12. Make a second version of the Hami raid... Let's go beat up that Praetorian Jello in all his over-powered, slimy glory.
  13. I was running around the other night, collecting prezzies with Konoha, one of my pair of zinko foxes, and darned if every single one he opened wasn't full of snowbeasts! SOMEBODY out there has obviously bought into anti-kitsune propaganda. 😝
  14. My Oranbegans would say they're ageless. Because "immortal" just... doesn't work... like, at all... when you're a spooky-ass body-snatching ghost. It's tough to convincingly claim that you can't die when you're technically already deader than a proverbial door nail. 🤣
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