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  1. I may have grabbed Gentleman Spectre for Dorian Stanton. It just fits him way too well. XD
  2. Point Du Hoc... The fort where the ship raid groups typically gather.
  3. I'm actually going to be... well, not snarky exactly, but a little cheeky let's say... and seriously suggest the combo on a Stalker. KM Stalkers can be monsters, but for some reason they just never seem to get much attention at all when the set comes up for discussion like this. It usually seems to become 'All About The Broots', and then everyone forgets that sneaky-sneak burst-damage types even exist. Granted, I'm biased about them... but I think KM Stalkers rarely get the attention they deserve. The character that's arguably my "main" here on Homecoming is a KM/Bio Stalker. My "unicorn" character? KM/FA. (If you PUG on Everlasting, you may have met them. Kaikara and her blue-side White Thorn "alter ego" are the former, while the Red Traveller is the later.) The very first Praetorian I ever made back on Live, when "gold side" was brand new, was KM/WP... Soloing her through those early, pre-"rebalance" days was actually FUN, and really won me over to the combination. Shade went on to become one of my favorite go-to TF and iTrial characters... So, yes. Biased about them, but it does come from experience. (And for the record, I've also had a KM/WP scrap, a Bio/KM brute and a WP/KM tank for comparison. Yes. I'm also a serious WP fan-girl. XD) That said, what advantages do the Stalkers have? The Stalker version of KM gets a regular build-up, which is really the big one for me. I've found I actually do prefer that over the somewhat gimmicky "wind-up" replacement the Tanks, Scraps and Brutes got. Also, Burst right out of Hide crits for some good AoE smashiness. (Throw the Stalker ATO Hide proc into the mix for added silliness. BU->AS->*proc*->Hide->Burst->Placate->And-We're-Off-To-The-Races as an opener is *great* fun. And painful for whoever's poor life choices put them in your Stalker's path...) Over-all, with its combination of damage types, KM ends up hitting like a load of bricks on pretty much anybody, so you can't go too far wrong whichever one you pick... But I do think that it really shines on a burst-damage AT.
  4. Anchor it on the grate closest to the bowl. Everything that spawns near it will aggro to you. XD
  5. Unless I'm in food-induced hibernation, I can bring Amtes, my Demons/Time.
  6. That's been happening for awhile... The Assassin's attack will go off as usual, you'll be taken out of hide, the target will react as if hit but no damage will be applied to it. I haven't been able to figure to how to replicate the issue, though. It really does seem random.
  7. *Nods* Yep. "Green Machine" (all-Empath) teams are terrifying, too. 'Most hilariously-silly-yet-scary team I ever saw in action? Back on Liberty, post-IOs but long. long before Incarnates or side-switching became Things, I watched FlyingCodeMonkey (That's Mr. Coyote), on Projector, join seven other Storm Controllers to take on... And complete!... Statesman's task force. Which, at the time, was pretty much considered the toughest content in the game.
  8. I don't know, Solar... We seem to have had very different experiences with that. I've been spending most of my play-time recently running a Time/Dark Defender on Everlasting. I haven't had any trouble at all finding teams (PUGs or otherwise-) with her. She's been welcomed in all of them I've joined... Even the one with the peacebringer who kept blasting groups out of my Distortion Field and the fire Dom's Bonfire, and then wondering why we were both facepalming. XD I'm just not seeing this "support characters left in the dirt"-thing... We may not be absolutely NECESSARY to success these days, but we're still force multipliers and other players typically are smart enough to recognize that in my experience.
  9. What VT said. XD It's just a mess any way you look at it, and very early-on I think everyone sort-of collectively shrugged and said, "Yeah. It's too tangled to make any real sense of, so do your own take." 'Not a great answer for people who really like to dot the I's and cross the T's on every detail of a codified world with well-understood assumptions, but it's about all we can do under the circumstances.
  10. This. Back in the day, I did an "Ouro Project" with Grey Kestrel, my favorite Rogue DB/WP Stalker... Every entry on the Ouro arc list red-side. Then I moved her to Vigilante, and did the same thing for every arc on the blue-side list. 'Took for-flippin'-EVER to finish, since I was soloing them. But she handled the missions just fine.
  11. My concern would be the effect it would have on solos and duo/trio/"small team" players... The "Oh crud. We're just going to get *wrecked* by Rewritten Arc X. Because neither of us is Archetype Y or Powerset Z"-situation. One of the things that really makes this game great, at least in my opinion, is its flexibility. Want to run on a full team of 8? It supports that. Want to solo? You can do that, too. Want to team up with a couple of besties and smack some Council goons around while you're having a IC pun-war in team chat? Yep! The game works just fine for a small team. And, just as importantly, with some mission-scale tinkering you can do those things with just about ANY character, or combination of them. All-Defender TF? All-Melee ship raid? Two crazy Stalkers and a Brute? A matched pair of Illusion Controllers? It all works just fine. Each situation has its merits and each has its fans. I've done all of those things myself. That makes me very, VERY wary of proposed changes that would threaten that flexibility. Like adding or rewriting content to "encourage" (ie: add a de facto requirement-) for specific team/character compositions.
  12. I have to say, I've had a great time with most of the PUGs I've joined on Everlasting. I've met some really fun people... A couple of assholes? Sure. That's inevitable, humans being like we are. But for the most part it's been good fun, chaos and all. /salutes, grabs her Time defender and jumps into the middle of the next massive pile of goons, right beside some crazy gnome of a scrapper with a sword twice as tall as he is. XD
  13. So. This is The Red Traveller… my "unicorn" Kinetic Melee/Fire Aura Stalker. Hitting 50. There are no longer NO CHARACTERS AT 50 with that powersets/AT combination. There's at least one. ^_^
  14. *chuckles* I play Oranbegan magi... So, I kind-of already have my "fantasy genre" characters... in the form of my ancient, body-snatching ghost-wizards... all up in this super-hero game-world's business. XD
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