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  1. Nice! 👍 I admit I've been curious how that one stacked up. I do love a good, smashy giant monster movie.
  2. I don't recognize any of those names, I'm afraid... But still... Welcome, fellow Libertine! 👍
  3. Dennu the Grav/Dark Controller made it to mighty level 9 yesterday. We had great fun comparing notes about who saw what when she hit something with Propel. 😆
  4. /Bio Stalkers are Love. Stabby, stabby love.
  5. <_< >_> Too much monkey-business?
  6. Well, yes. Obviously. People's goals and priorities aren't all going to be the same. Not every Dominator is going to have, or even want, a Patron pet. Of those that do, not all of them would have the build space or desire to pick up Spirit Ward. My point isn't that 100% of everyone ever will want or need it, or that it's The Optimal Choice(tm) for us all. My point is just that the power... and the pool as a whole... probably shouldn't (And I would argue, won't-) be seen as one that's "only going to be for Pet ATs". (ETA: Also keep in mind that I was tryi
  7. [Olive voice] You bwoot! [/Olive voice] *slaps with purse*
  8. Also, just a reminder that you don't have to be a "Pet AT" to have pets... The Spirit-Ward-as-Leashed-Toggle may not be great for scattery human-controlled team-mates, but it works just fine on Lore, Patron and mission pets. Trying it out over on closed with my Energy Mage, Tosca (Electrical Dominator) and her Mu sidekick (Yes, his name is Mario. 😝 ), it seemed to work just fine for them, for instance. Adepts are glass cannons, so the extra absorb was nice. And they tend to stay close enough that leash range wasn't an issue.... So, yay. Thumbs up there. I still think
  9. I'm a nutter... I tend to read everything. But, as others have said, the Clues are usually the least useful bits involved, since they're rarely in any kind of order that makes sense.
  10. Well, I guess that does make it crystal clear which group of players' feedback actually matters...
  11. Nope. Like I specifically said in my post about testing the prior version, my Mastermind doesn't even have Hasten. Amtes isn't a recharge-focused character. That's actually one of the reasons I liked the longer duration. If I hit RoP, I could be pretty sure that at 90 seconds it would last long enough to finish the particular fight I needed to use it in... Which was good, because I *also* knew it wasn't going to be back quickly enough to use it a second time. The current version coming back more quickly is fine as far as that goes, but at 40 second duratio
  12. I mentioned this to Mr.Coyote... who, back in our Liberty days, took a Mercs/Dark named Hollowed all the way to 50... and he said: "You have my sympathy." He grumped about Hol all the way through leveling him. 😝
  13. I'm still iffy on the leash issue, personally... How that plays out using it on other player characters, anyway. For pets it'll likely work out fine, but the way other players bounce off around corners and across the map, keeping them in range may be a little dicey. Also, while no trouble to maintain on a finished 50+ WIllpower character, the END cost might feel fiercer at low to mid level on a character without a complete build. I can't really test that myself with Shonokin, but hopefully someone who has it on a lowbie can transfer them over and give it a try. Arcane Bolt I actual
  14. I sometimes forget what having good damage is like if I've spent a lot of time on my support characters or Sents and then bounce back to a Stalker or Scrap. There's almost always that moment of "Holy crap. I just stabbed that one into next week!"... followed quickly by "Well, yeah. Build-up. Assassin's Strike. Character built for damage. That's what's SUPPOSED to happen." 😝
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