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  1. I still want to see a giant monster Wailer in Saint Martial...
  2. Buster had better be a Regen something... 😆
  3. I also came from Liberty, so never got involved with the VirtueVerse site or that server's players. By and large, I still don't interact with the people in those circles. They've never seemed particularly open to those who weren't part of their original set. I do have a character list here, but to be honest it's more for my own amusement than anything else. I suspect I may be the only one who's ever looked at it beyond the first post. I'm not a huge fan of Discord, and only use it for voice-chat when I'm playing the game with my nephews. I don't post "wan
  4. *imagine that Joker "not sure if serious" meme picture here* <_<
  5. I'm tired of beating this dead horse... I really, really am. It's not even horse-shaped anymore! At this point there's nothing left but a vaguely equine-shaped puddle of goo. If people still want to pontificate endlessly about how horrible farmers are and how we're just murdering "their" game? Okay, Have at it. Everyone's entitled to their option. But I'm done talking about it. That's proven to be about as useful as punching a brick wall. <_<
  6. A clueless, power-leveled n00b is going to be a clueless, power-leveled n00b rather they got to 50 by door-sitting on a farm map or being side-kicked into a dozen taskforces they don't understand or hauled along on a day of PI Council scanner missions. The "AE Baby" issue has never really been limited to AE.
  7. They can be annoying at low levels... but if you don't just Leeroy into a group without picking your targets they're not so bad. Madness Mages popping up before anyone has mez protection are worse. Learning to keep a few breakfrees handy whenever some mean contact sent me into Perez was a lesson picked up the hard way. 😝
  8. It's the pearl-clutching about how we farmers are just *ruining* teaming that really makes me face-palm... Miss M's head might actually explode if they knew just how many of us in the City prefer to solo, or to run with duo/trio small teams instead of joining their 8-player task force slog-fests. The idea that everyone would just flock to some wonderland of easy teams and instant leagues if only those terrible, terrible farmers were all forced to change their Evil Ways is... well, pretty misguided, to put it kindly.
  9. I'm a frequent "active only" farmer (AFK farming just feels too much like an exploit to me, personally, so I don't do it out of principle-) who runs two accounts tandem... my active farmer and follow-along sidekick built to help hold aggro. Together they tend to average about 60m or so for an hour's run after everything is sorted and sold. (ETA: Obviously, that can vary quite a lot based on exactly what drops. Looking at my notes from when I was actually figuring out averages, to see if having the second character in there was worth it or not, it went anywhere from 50m on the low end to 71m at
  10. Just as an aside... Nope. Not unless you get very lucky with recipe drops (to the tune of multiple purples in that hour-) and then sell them on the AH. AE's influence earnings have been nerfed twice since Homecoming went live, so even a well-built speed-farmer isn't regularly pulling in 100m in an hour. Drops are fickle. You need to marketeer to get that kind of potential rate.
  11. That's pretty much the way it goes with my Oranbegans (who tend to be Rogues, alignment-wise), as well. No one seems particularly concerned that they have a Death Mage along for the ride... as long as it's the Rikti, or the Romans or the Talons who are getting covered in inky darkness and a mass of creepy tentacles. Once in a great while I'll run into someone who gets testy IC about it... A few even to the point of being disruptive and, frankly, really assholish... but that's been pretty rare. More often it's a nervous laugh and a "You're not going to body-snatch me are you? No ma
  12. Don't let Granny White hear you say that... She'll thwack you into next week! (She's also a staff brute who uses the broom. 😆 )
  13. None of the Above.... (I play Oranbegan magi. They all have Sorcery. 😝 Is its Mystic Flight really just Fly? Is it Teleport? Both? Neither? I dunno... but it's fun. )
  14. I'd have to build one on my second account and set it to "follow"... I've never had much fun soloing a Defender on its own. 😝 (Yeah. Not all of us team.)
  15. "And really, we're ALL playing immortal characters frankly. Unless we choose to actively kill them* then each of our characters can (and DO, according to the gameplay and narrative) survive events which should be undeniably fatal." Hey now... some of us are *undead*. Don't be all Livingist. 😝
  16. I have to agree with Laxx here, and I have the same reservations. To give a little context... I mostly play this game with my nephews and their mom... They've only been playing for a few months and are absolutely NOT in l33t pro-gamer territory where City is concerned. (CoyoteSib-in-Law can only navigates using keyboard tank controls. It took her over a month to learn how to move her camera around to look up, something that finally let her fly at altitudes greater than ground level. I'm not kidding. 😅) One of the reasons FCM and I pulled them into this game was its very "casual f
  17. Since it's been about a dog's age since I posted any screens at all... A few from my recent shots A random industrial area sunrise on the red side A study in darkness and light Mister Skinnylegs (My middle nephew's creation-) is a strange spider.... Sabine (an agent of the Nova Primeva Temple Guard's notoriously pragmatic Intelligence Division) keeps some odd company 'Know what you get when you put four controllers together? Ab
  18. Honestly? If they managed to pull it off well, like Granny White's player does, I wouldn't have a problem with it at all. Execution of the concept would matter a whole lot more to me than the basic idea that they were playing someone related to a canon character, or with more of a position in their NPC faction than Random McRedshirt. But then, like I said, I play Oranbegans myself. None of them are minions. A few of them are Death Mages. One of them, Amtes, is described in-character as the unfortunate soul charged with leading the cabal at the temple complex in Primeva. She isn't one of the ca
  19. The Crazy Office Designer can stay underground, helping to rebuild collapsed sections of Oranbega. Those are at their best when they're an absolute maze made of of weirdness and giant stone heads.
  20. Right... So, like I said, /gignore is likely to be your friend here. You're going to find out that there are quite a few of us who play characters with "NPC affiliations" of various sorts. That's been a thing for as long as roleplaying in the City has existed. I doubt your disapproval is going to change that...
  21. If that's enough to count as "god-modding" in your estimation, just do us both a favor and put me on /gignore the next time you're in game... You'd be offended by every single one of my active characters. ('Oranbegan magi and their assorted apprentices, Abyssal side-kicks, living spells, arcane artifacts and such-) 😝 Personally, I think it takes a little more than just knowing Statesman, say, or being affiliated with the Council or even being Michael White's granny (Yes. I know the person who plays Granny White. That character's a hoot. I love her.) to count as anything problematic
  22. I still need Banana Blast to make that Curious George pastiche...
  23. I love my Stalkers... and my Time/Dark Defender.
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