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Add slash command to cancel specific buff


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I find on some characters from time to time, there are buffs I don't want. Sometimes it's simple just to ask people not to cast them on me, but sometimes these buffs are applied to the group.


Now, it's currently possible to have your buffs displayed as the icons under your health bar, hunt down the one you don't want, right click on it, and choose "Cancel". So there's a way to do this already, and I use it now and then.


I think it would be a significant usability improvement if I could macro or bind this by the name of the buff, something like /buff_cancel "NameOfBuff", which would behave identically to canceling the buff via right clicking the icon, and only apply to buffs which can be canceled via right clicking their icons -- not a new functionality, just a different way to invoke the existing one.

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