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  1. I think I did that there too, but only for a few hours -- I think a lot of players tried it, it was almost a rite of passage for new marketeers. I remember losing money on the effort though. It would take deep pockets, a lot of marketing slots, and constant attention from me to keep ahead of it, and I just couldn't keep it up. I've tried short term experiments on HC to corner markets, and it's harder; possibly due to the greater overall market/game literacy here and market bucketing and seeding. I've not looked far into the inspiration market. They're hard to store
  2. I don't know if there's a guide per se, but some of the threads here will give you some good overviews. And we're friendly, and will answer questions and offer advice.
  3. Market manipulation puts the "E" in Ebil Marketeering. This is not a how-to guide, but I am curious about what people have seen, experienced, or perpetrated; either here on HC or back on Live. I also want to draw the distinction between manipulation within the game rules, and any abuses or exploits which violate the code of conduct specifically or in spirit. If you believe someone is breaking the code of conduct report it through proper channels, please don't bring it up here. It might even be hard to define "manipulation". I'd leave ordinary buy/relist-hig
  4. I'm assuming even though the time is listed in "EST" the event is intended to be at 8pm EDT, since most all of the US is observing Daylights Savings now? This might seem a technicality, but if players from outside the US use a time converter, it will probably give them the wrong time, and they'll be late by an hour.
  5. /bind <key> "powexec_name Fold Space$$inspexec_name Ultimate" I actually use this on my tanker. I run on Ultimates almost constantly on them, and it's convenient to tie them to when I want to do a Fold. Ultimates help in many ways, not just for fold space, and a perk of being wealthy is I can afford it. I think most people could, once they're deep in end game and playing rewarding content frequently. An ultimate costs, reasonably, about 750K on the Auction. (You can also buy them with your excess Threads). They last for three minutes, which resolves to 250k per m
  6. Lol, nice. Sounds like the sort of team that's not fun to be on.
  7. This is a bit off from the full context of Tidge's post, but on most normal teams when I join and find another tank who's either leading or joined before I do, I say right out front in team that I'll be off-tanking and the other tank will be main tank, unless they'd prefer otherwise. Sometimes I have to be extra clear -- "Stay with So-n-so, they're main tank, don't follow me if I bounce around" An off-tank also has the stern responsibility to not make a mess of things. Which they can. Easily.
  8. If this were a second, account wide, stash of such things, it could work. But if it were just a consolidation into a single account wide aggregation, this would be an absolute disaster. The OP may not realize this, but the upper limits on these per character are not very high, and many of us would lose tremendous amounts of all the currency types. The limit on Influence alone is only 2 Billion, and this an extremely difficult thing to change, if not flat out impossible. Anyone with more than 2 Billion inf collectively on the characters on their account would instantly overflow, and lose all t
  9. Don't forget Amplifiers -- great to use on higher-level alts that need those last few levels, but they're (relatively) expensive to buy from P2W by then. Or the Experienced temp powers, which also help speed up getting Veteran levels for Emps and Threads.
  10. The features of the auction in CoH are pretty limited compared to real world markets, and the terminology isn't always a good match. I mean, what I wouldn't give to be able to short-sell Winterpacks in November. 😄
  11. I never plan to have to be lucky to get a profit. I work out the averages, and then I count on the law of large numbers for doing what looks right on average in great volume. I'm going to make a profit doing X ten thousand times over or I'm not going to do X at all. When ever you do a conversion, there are only so many things an IO can convert into. Some of those take you closer to what you want to end with, and some don't. For making, say, LoTG's from a certain start, count the number of equally likely outcomes at each step and then ratio the number that y
  12. I deliberately didn't use the "Flipping" term, because from where I've been, this is buying, fixing up, and reselling for a profit, generally in a rising market. So, if one buys, for example, IO's in certain sets, and then converts them more valuable ones in the same set, or into rarer sets, or uniques, this would be flipping in that sense. To me, buying something only to immediately relist it higher for a profit is speculation (time-arbitrage) -- buying in today's market where prices are relatively low, with the intent of selling in tomorrow's market where prices are relatively h
  13. Are any of you "Pure Marketeers"? A pure marketeer, as I define it here, would be a money-making strategy which did not act as value-added processing, but only as an arbitrage. Buy low, resell high. Not buying inputs, creating a more valuable product, and then selling it. A pure marketeer might also farm, craft recipes, and do conversions, but only on things they acquired via missions and play, not buying purely for that reason. There's probably a better term for it. Back on live, I was what I would consider a pure marketeer, and did pretty well
  14. I had a news radio station SG back on live on Virtue, but there were only a couple of us in it -- it was "WSPDR World News" or something sort-of like that. If I'd had more a mind for recruiting and leading, it frequently got inquiries. So the idea of having a group like that has a draw. You might also try going to the SG Adminstrator in City Hall and doing a search over group names for the usual suspect "News", "Newspaper", "Reporter", "Radio", etc. If you want to see a SG along a certain theme, and don't find one, then there might be draw to creating one
  15. I understand where you're coming from, but in a more strict accounting sense, they're worth what you could sell them for, which is pretty consistently 1.8M each. (2M less market fee) When I do analysis of my marketing schemes, I value everything, no matter how cheaply I buy it, at the price I could reasonably expect to sell it at, less fees. Let's say some kind benefactor was gifting me rare salvage, and I was using those to craft recipes to feed up-conversion marketing, I'd still estimate my profit margins counting those at 450k. Because if I can't sell what I'm making for more th
  16. Right; the point is what you can do with it, the market valuation is what you could reasonably liquidate it for. 🙂
  17. According to Bopper's calculations: You should average 9.7146 reward merits per pack for both of them.
  18. I agree with the disagreement. 😄 It's certainly possible spend a billion on a build, but it's not the same as the value of the build. When i talk to people who're doing builds and who are concerned it's going to cost "600 Million" or more, I try to ask them how they are coming up with that number, and often it's because they're expecting to overpay hugely for IOs. The market will let you overspend on things incredibly. We even have threads for this. But even without putting in accidental extra zeros, most players have a poor strategy for how to get good value off the m
  19. I would not count boosted IO's as being more valuable than any others. Boosting your IO's is pure consumption and has no resale value. It does cost quite a bit more to do, but it isn't a store of wealth, since the boosted attribute can't be traded, and is stripped if you try.
  20. I think a lot of people would be interested. I sometimes forget to use most of my incarnate powers in regular missions anyhow. Why not get a chance at a reward merit for it?
  21. Aha! Well, you can also immediately convert one Empyrean Merit to ten Reward Merits, and that's the basis I generally use. Astrals, go through the extra step of going 5 Astrals to an Empyrean first. I think on the market, going to threads to buy Super/Ultimate inspirations is both a poorer deal and lower volume. 1 Emp -> 20 threads -> 2/3 an Ultimate worth ~750K or 2 regular Super Inspirations worth ~1M vs. 1 Emp -> 10 reward Merits -> 30 Converters worth ~2M
  22. Almost all assets. Total wealth; including anything that could be sold and those pegged to current market price, but excluding anything that cannot be sold.
  23. I'd recommend https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Alignment instead, as it's a fork off the old dead paragonwiki archive, and is kept more up-to-date for Homecoming.
  24. It could be a lot worse.
  25. It does add up fast. I keep track of mine -- at least stuff that's not slotted into builds. I've figured we had a Trillionaire or two out there in net worth; it's not impossible, just difficult. In the two years HC has been up, if a player has been accumulating 10 Billion a week for 100 weeks, that does it. As Yomo has noted before, keeping that rate up is very hard purely from market operations; but if someone is also farming consistently, then I think it's very doable. I think it can be done, approximately, using mark-to-market, but one has to settle on a method for readi
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