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"You cannot target yourself" attack fail, spam


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Last night on a door mission in Talos with a level 30 Stalker (Ninja/Street Justice, IIRC).


My usual pattern: Hit TAB, then F to follow Family thug, once I get there hit Assassin's Strike, then spam all my other attacks until he falls down.


That didn't work last night. Instead, hit TAB, F run up to thug, try firing off all my powers to no effect. Thugs start blasting away with their gats...


Sidekick takes out thugs, I try to see if one of the dogs unplugged my keyboard. Finally think to look in the combat tab, where I see a long string of "You cannot target yourself" spam. It was repeatable, and I wondered if the game somehow thought by targeting the guy who was targeting me, I was trying to assist him? Did it think the Family had bought my loyalty?


In any event, the problem went away as soon as we took an elevator, so zoning fixed it. But I thought it odd enough to report. And coincidentally showing up on the night of a new release seemed to make it worth a look. 


BTW, thanks for the new release, very nice work!



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