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Master Midnight, first mission of Revenge: Served Chilled arc got stuck


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Master Midnight's First Ward story arc, Revenge: Served Chilled; first mission, Talk to Cerulean about an alliance. My wife and I did this mission in Flashback, and we had to repeat it three times to get it to complete properly.


The first two times, we cleared the map, rescued all the War Carnies, killed all the Talons, and then the mission just stalled. We got a few more ambushes, but finally the ambushes stopped, and then nothing. Mission objectives still said: Talk to Cerulean about an alliance, Rescue the Carnival Survivors, Stop the Talons of Vengeance. Both times, we finally quit the Flashback task force and restarted the mission.


The third time, the mission completed just fine when we rescued the last Carnie. For that attempt, we changed our difficulty settings from +1x3 (which we had used for the first two attempts) to basic 0x1. Also, we noticed that the map on the third attempt seemed larger and there seemed to be one more Carnie rescue spawn than with the previous two attempts. We didn't specifically keep count though, so that might have just been our imaginations. But it got us wondering if maybe this mission sometimes loads up maps that are too small for the number of rescues it needs to spawn, making it impossible to complete.


Or maybe it was something funky with those difficulty settings.


Or maybe it was something completely unrelated, and third time was just charmed. 🙂

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