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Free Flight After Respec


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Bug Report Team,


Hello!  While respeccing last night, I had Mystic Flight active.  After the respec, I was still flying, although no powers were active (I respecced out of Mystic Flight). 


I was able to fly at normal speed, without air control, while using powers and fighting.  This ghost flight cost no endurance.


Activating another flight power canceled this effect.


Thanks for your help, and thanks to GM Impervium for pointing me this way from in-game petition.

formerly @JimmyVine (on Infinity & Victory)

currently @Cenozoic (on Reunion)


Cenozoic (Mind/Psionic Dominator) ... Los Infiernos (Fire/Devices Blaster) ... Slof (Stone/Spines Tanker) ... Zen's Furnace (Illusion/Dark Controller) ... Cryovolcano (Earth/Cold Controller)


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