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Times have changed


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On live my absolute worst combination character to play was an Energy Blast/ Traps Corruptor. He was the first villain that I made when CoV was released. I think I got him to level 45 before the game ended.


About two weeks ago, I recreated him on Torchbearer, this time as a heroic character. He's already to level 32, just soloing content and farming zones.


He seems so much more user friendly now and capable. Blue sides easier? Definitely. Am I a better player? Sure. Having Double XP all the time and no debt ever is a big help as well.

His kb is such an important part of his battle plan that I will never use the KB to KD procs on him. Already decided. Battle TP makes quick adjustments of position so easy now to keep knocking the foes back into the trap zones. He's delightfully fun and a change of pace and I can't stop playing him now.

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