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Grimz's Categorization and Thematic Guide to Power Sets


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This is a fun, fancy little thing I figured I'd do. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.



Damage Type: Lethal/Smashing/Fire

Archtypes: Blaster, Corruptor, Defender, Sentinel

Single Target Powers: 5

Area Of Effect Powers: 3

Buffs: 1

Utility: 1


Archery follows the thematic of precision, being the master of the bow and arrow. This theme gives Archery a small buff to the Accuracy stat of all of it's abilities, allowing you to hit your attacks more often than other powers. Users of Archery utilize a variety of aiming techniques, from steady Aimed Shots to recklessly firing a Fistful of Arrows. They are even fast enough and precise enough to fire a full Rain of Arrows into the sky to pour down upon their foes. Not to say an Archery user isn't without a few tricks. Not only has their aim been perfect to the point of reliably landing fast Snap Shots, but they also carry various gadgets to rig their arrows with. Grenades for a big Explosive Arrow (with non-lethal Stunning variants) and oil tipped arrows that can be ignited for a Blazing Arrow of death. As a Ranged set (and because it's makes sense), Archery have access to the iconic buff Aim, which increases their Damage and Accuracy for a short period of time. If you want to slay evil doers with the precise, calculated attacks from a distance... Archery is the way to go.


Assault Rifle

Damage Type: Lethal/Smashing/Fire

Archtypes: Blaster, Corruptor, Defender, Sentinel

Single Target Powers: 4 (5 for Sentinels)

Area Of Effect Powers: 5 (4 for Sentinels)

Buffs: 0

Utility: 1


The power of modern firearms fuels your ability to fight crime. As a user of a fully customizable Assault Rifle, you embrace the balance between precision and rapid shooting. Your rifle utilizes multiple modes of fire, from Burst to Slug rounds and even Full Auto. Don't let the in game model fool you, your rifle comes equipped with a specialized scope, increasing your Accuracy and allowing you to use your weapon like a Sniper Rifle. With your rifle in hand, you never were one to aim (Ironic, I know), but you did get some fancy attachments for your weapon. M30 grenades designed for your built in launcher attachment as well as a makeshift Flamethrower to Ignite your foes and send them scattered across the floor. You even figured out how to load Beanbags into your gun, 'cause why not? Whether you are precisely sniping people from range or spraying down hoards of criminals, you can always trust your Assault Rifle to get the job done.


Beam Rifle

Damage Type: Energy

Archtypes: Blaster, Corruptor, Defender, Sentinel

Single Target Powers: 5 (4 for Sentinels

Area Of Effect Powers: 3 (4 for Sentinels)

Buffs: 1

Debuffs: 1

Utility: 1


Thematically, Beam Rifle showcases the power of energized (and potential unstable) rays from a technologically advanced weapon. You quickly, or slowly, melt your foes with beams of energy with your Rifle that you fire with great precision. From Charged Shots to Piercing Beams, this rifle as plenty of firing modes to work with. The Beam Rifle shines, however, in Disintegrating foes and using your vapor to spread it's disintegrating element to others. How this rifle does this? Well, that's really your decision to make. And, as a Ranged damage set, Beam Rifle gets access to good old Aim, an ability that fits the precise nature of this laser of death and destruction. Looking to turn your enemies to dust? Our state of the art Beam Rifles got you covered.


(More Power Sets will be added soon)

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