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Bricktown Council vs Pets


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Or lack of vs. Been playing several kinds of Controllers for some time now. Anytime it is a Council mob in Brickstown, the pets go on standby and don't even defend. At first I thought it was a situational thing where a vamp would stun them but it happened again on a Elec/Elec Affinity Controller against all regular Council mob. They just stood there while I was ganked by reds, both the Galvanic Sentinel and the Gremlins. This is the only zone and the only mob that seems to do this.

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I noticed this just the other day on my Plant/Nature Controller; she was zipping through Brickstown, and decided to whack a group of Council that were standing there with a group of 'brainwashed citizens' who were handing out flyers, and my Flytrap ran up... and stood there. Fortunately, the character was 50, so I had no concerns about using minor attacks to lock them down and grind off their XP, but it was an odd experience.

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My fire dominator's imps are attacking council in brickstown without any coaxing. There was a spawn where they ignored the council, but i've been unable to reproduce it.



edit: 3 spawn of council standing behind an NPC 'council recruiter', the pets ignore the council



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