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  1. Stone/Mace Tanker Test [2353.1 0.0 -3838.2] Entering Eastgate Park. [2471.1 -3.7 698.2] Superleap. infiltration, sprint, combat jumping (and rooted no effect) One jump with double jump triggered along the way, hits the ceiling limit (several times) and goes for 3140 ft ???! How about we shave some of that back and have Rooted no touch the Granite like it says it does. Combat Jumping and Infiltration should still be allowed to be active, just no buff to jumping --the one is all defense and the other is supposed to help all movement, stealth and def --just remove the j
  2. As a Controller player, I would just like to point out that this +2 stacks with whatever Mag is already applied. So if you put it on a +4 Mag hold, you get 8 seconds of +6 --or if there was already another effect like immobilize or sleep (even from other players or pets) it stacks. If you put these on two different powers, they can stack with each other as well. Plunk down the 2 or 3 slots in the Controller Archtype sets to get bonus to all holds/sleep/immob... and consider what that gets you. And even if it doesn't effect the boss when it goes off, that is 8 seconds where another effect may a
  3. Or lack of vs. Been playing several kinds of Controllers for some time now. Anytime it is a Council mob in Brickstown, the pets go on standby and don't even defend. At first I thought it was a situational thing where a vamp would stun them but it happened again on a Elec/Elec Affinity Controller against all regular Council mob. They just stood there while I was ganked by reds, both the Galvanic Sentinel and the Gremlins. This is the only zone and the only mob that seems to do this.
  4. A simple option would be to adjust the mechanic the in a similar way to how buffing on Masterminds was adjusted --buff one buffs all. In this case, doing any of the prep work for traps other powers would reset the timer on their FF generator as if they had just summoned it. You still have to be doing 'something' to keep it going. but it no longer times out in combat simply because you've moved on to the next group and the timer is getting close --as long as you did some of the scut work or the power set as well.
  5. I would not tie it to the completion since that is so fast. Tie the total merits to the number of side missions completed, maybe 1 merit for each type of side mission aside from the main. That would make it rewarding for those who will stay, but not exceed other sources of merit.
  6. Manufacturer: NVidia Model: NVidia Quadro M1000M Operating System and version: Windows 10 Pro 18362 No stuttering that I noticed. Playing windowed 99%. Haven't tweaked any options. In Rikti fights there is a bit of stutter in refresh, can end up chasing shadows or unable to click targets until after destroyed --but that may simply be other faster systems killing before I get going on the animation.
  7. For October we need Ghost Ships, Troll Raves and Croatoa critter parades showing up in the regular zones, at level for those zones. Having a Rikti attack could be something triggered by a number of folks buying in on it with heroic merits. Say 50 merits to trigger the potential and another 50 from other people (not from the same account) to seal the deal...
  8. Yes, it would be nice if leaving the range of being able to cast it toggles it back off again. But that would be too small a change to ask for. Now, a low FX option that didn't obscure combat would be a benefit to all.
  9. I really don't mind the granite look, but can we do something about the movement limitations? I feel like playing a stone sheep (they won't cross a line, thinking it a fence). Not being able to cross a tiny crack in the ground or shadow across the way because the figure can't lift feet is crazy. Having to take teleport to just sort of keep up is highly annoying. I was around for the attempt at mixed armor look for granite and it basically is what the BIO armor looks like now, just a grey version with rough texture. It was a clipping nightmare, but if they solved it for BIO, why not let that BE
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