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Mastermind upgrade


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I been playing a Mastermind, who allegedly fights thru their pets. That sound all good, but the pets get no survival or damage benefits from IOs or the player unless in general they are within 40ft (which some melee attacks can reach), their ranged attacks are a miserable 40' and a second one at  80'. The Pv2 Vendor attacks tend to be 80'


So as an improvement on MMs, can you make the IOs and player buffs that helps the pets have a range of 80', and all ranged attacks of them be 80', please?


Otherwise, the game system forces the MM to go in with their pets, and lose the "protection" allegedly provided by range which is not very smart for a class devoid of status effect protection, very few opportunities to raise their defense and resistance. The concept that the pets share the damage with the MM is impractical, for they have to be in defensive mode; so much for quarterbacking, and dictating how they fight, so in practice this so called advantage is moot.


In fact all ranged combat powers should be 80' with the exception of snipe. I can see an exception with Sentinels, whose range attacks should be 40 and hit as hard as a scraper, who does have reasonable status effect protections and opportunities to boost their defense and resistance.



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