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AE custom critters could use more power options

Take One

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We don't just need the missing powersets to be included in the AE (psionic melee, etc), but something that has been lacking from day one: Brawl.


Besides the standard Brawl power that basically every enemy has, but which custom AE enemies don't get, we could also use a list of other standard attacks like the typical club, knife, pistol, submachinegun, rocket launcher, grenade launcher, minigun, etc. These seem to be shared among enemies from Crey to the Council, on every level, and it's a mystery why they weren't included as options for custom mobs from the start.


It would be nice to have a review of the power selection process too so that maybe we could select from more than two powersets and have enemies with both a rifle, armor and martial arts, for example.


Or put in a third category, a free-for-all where we can select from powers that standard mobs already have, like their various resistances and simple weapon attacks, as stated above, and especially Brawl.

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