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  1. I'm in a bit of a slump when it comes to making my own arcs, but I'm sitting on a ton of influence and merits. So I thought to myself, why not do something useful with all this loot? And what better way to make more quality arcs available and encourage more writers, than by hosting an AE story competition? The competition ends on midnight on July 31. Your arc, whether it's new or already exists, must be published before the cut-off date. The theme for the arc is HEATWAVE. Interpret as you see fit. Post information about your arc in this thread, the most important of wh
  2. Everlasting Zone/Mission: Tech_60_Layout_05_01 Position: [-3300.3 0.8 -476.1] In this spot on this map there's an invisible wall that blocks a corridor in the laboratory.
  3. You don't have to hover over to the combine part with your mouse. You can just press "C" on your keyboard, and then the number.
  4. If you're desperate for content to play, I have a bunch of arcs you haven't reviewed. Just look in my signature here, or search for @Take One in the AE.
  5. But... it already is an auto-attack with no endurance cost. Ctrl + click and it will attack automatically. And it goes with every powerset already since everyone can punch. Can you describe better what you are looking for?
  6. Endolphin... that's a character name, I can feel it.
  7. Agreed, we shouldn't be moving or removing anything if it risks breaking existing arcs, but I'm sure Faultline is already thinking of that. Duplicating bosses/unique mobs into the factions they belong to where they are missing should be the right way. And then there's the question of what to do about those bosses who don't belong to a faction but are available as Generic Hero or Villains or similar. Should they be placed in an existing faction such as Longbow/Arachnos, or should there be a new placeholder faction only to hold these critters so they can be included in custom factions?
  8. But long before they get around to this, can they add a couple of zeroes to the stack limit of converters in the AH?
  9. Just found out that there are high level Warriors in Pandora's Box. Release the Warriors! Oh and Sky Raiders too I guess.
  10. They spelled her name wrong... gah! Miss Thysle???
  11. I don't think we can get too specific here. Most of the groups are correct after all. We're looking for the really obscure stuff now.
  12. I wanted to make it close to the original while cutting some of the chaff. If I was to make an entirely new Synapse TF it would have been about Crey instead. The intent was to see if it was possible to fit the gist of the story in 5 missions, which I believe it was. The devs can do with this knowledge as they wish. I have no doubt that they can "fix" the TF if they really want, however they want to do it. As far as I know they haven't played my arc anyway, but now, if the question comes up, I can point to it.
  13. Some of The Awakened are missing: Immanence Astral Mindstorm Mindcrasher Channeler Astral Conduit
  14. Angry Citizens are missing, but they seem to be an "event" group so they probably can't be added since they don't have ordinary levels. But I'll let the poor devs sort that out. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Angry_Citizens
  15. I don't see why not. Report them all, let the devs sort them out.
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