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  1. I commented on the other ones in-game so here's for All That Glitters 3.2: Mission 1: Once I had my shell there was no map-marker to show where I was supposed to go. Not sure if that's something you can fix, if you did something new with it or what, because all the other map markers had worked previously. Debriefing: "Reveal's their real allegiances" should just be "Reveals". Clue: Consciousness Uploader Demo Device "Mr. Serenity explained the the Consciouness Uploader Demo Device uploads a copy of your conscious that they can insert into a Shell, a human template. If your body ever dies youc an go on in a new one!" - The first "the" should probably be "that". Clue: Reborn Shell Creation "insert a consciousness into it, and htey have a demo" Clue: Consciousness Installer "The Consciousness installer has reticulating arms that install a consciousness into a Shell." - I think this should be "which". "The consciousness it installs does not have to be the consciousness of the original bodies owner." - should be "body's". Mission 2: Briefing: "But Paragon City is has had to get creative" Mission: Some Wyvern patrols are hostile? Unexplained Praetorian troops and warwalkers on every street corner, but maybe that'll get an explanation later. Somehow clicked past the debriefing so I don't know. Mission 3: Briefing: "hopefully your consciouness is stored within it too and we cab purge it all" Clue: Dr. Whorisky's Terminal: In this clue, the company is called "Infini-Life", but I have seen it called "Infi-Life" in other places. Can't remembere where though. Clue: Revenant Spinal Devices "She wonders if they will work her shell" - missing an "in" or "on" after "work". Clue: Revenant Amplification Ingredients "Based on the ingredients she things the serum wil make their shells" Debriefing: "We can't let anyone else get dupped." - should it be "duped", or is it The Doctor making up slang for "duplicated"? Mission 4: Briefing: "The time for subtlty has passed." Mission: This kind of stuff is just confusing and overwhelming. I'd rather see "Defeat all enemies in office!" than this. Mission 5: I will have to come back to this later because I have to stop playing for the moment. Please ignore the screenshot below, I don't know how to delete an attached file :S
  2. I don't know. The contact for 2.1 has proper information. So something weird is going on. On with All That Glitters 2.1! Mission 1: Capt. Jim was supposed to have a special beam rifle and complained about not having his sonic gun. But he was an ordinary Goldbricker boss as far as I could tell, with a sonic gun. Debriefing: "Seems like Capt. Jim to think may not be" Mission 2: Debriefing: "And was that the same voice as beforespeaking through it?" - missing a space "He started a constuction company" Mission 3: Clue: "no one has seen Demolition Dan since they he went to Steel Canyon" Debriefing: "you freed some their own" - missing an "of" Mission 4: Found a battle with hostile workers vs hostile robots, but the other workers on the map aren't hostile. Debriefing: "vigillantes" Mission 5: Alton Langston: "Yeah tthe lab turned out" Debriefing: "you're lawlessness should be monitored" - should be "your" Did you know that the map you picked for the construction worker protest where we go to save Demo Dan is in a part of Steel Canyon called "Royal Overlook"? Since you're you I'm going to assume you know. Maybe you could use that and hint at "King" Midas owning or having a hideout in the big building in the middle of the map. You should definitely mention the name of the neighborhood, just to further associate Goldbrickers with their King.
  3. All that glitters 1.3: Mission 1: Briefing had a typo - "his hoard of fiery demons". Should be "his horde of demons". I found a patrol of hostile Luddites, which is weird since the other Luddites are friendlies. Or the protestor Luddites should also be hostile. Mission 3 debriefing: Not sure if it's a typo or something: "Who is his Duchess, and imaginary friend I hope?" Should this be: "Who is his Duchess? An imaginary friend, I hope." Also: "No one took him that seriousl and one one thought he had that kind of power" Mission 4 briefing: "Perhaps it's the Duchess that who really summoned Bat'zul"
  4. All That Glitters 1.2: The contact for this mission also had default AE hologram information: Mission 1: Seems like padding? Investigation is cool and all but this didn't really feel necessary. If Vicious really wanted to "size us up" he could throw a couple of Mooks at us and see how we handle them, so the mission isn't just "click one thing and leave". Now, having finished the arc, I still think this mission could use a quick fight. 🙂 Mission 3: Found some leftover html in some dialogue, see attached screenshot. And here's the combat I was looking for in mission 1. I guess it could be a bit samey if this kept happening.
  5. I'll put some odd things I find while playing here, so I can use screenshots. The contact has default AE hologram info: Starting with All That Glitters 1.1: Mission 2: Some Longbow were friendlies and some were hostile. One of the battles had friendly Longbow. Some Longbow wardens remained standing around, also friendly. Not sure if you can work around it but the battle should be fixable. Mission 3: The navigation has a weird extra "Biopulse" showing up in it, like this: I also found a Dr. Geist held captive by some Infected, and none of them were hostile. Looked weird, until I checked the Captions tab and saw that they were actually talking. So no problem there I guess, except the typical bug with npcs talking all at once. I really like how you get one npc to lead you to another npc who leads us to a third npc, I have tried to get similar things to work but I have never figured it out. You'll have to reveal your secrets. Ve hav vays ov makin you talk!
  6. Should be "Your objective". Should be "I'm actually a big fan".
  7. Maybe, but if you are truly desperate for the badge you can set your affairs in order, transfer to a high-pop server, get the badge and transfer back in probably less than an hour.
  8. Yes, I know. I was wondering why they might have allowed Blue Steel to change body sliders, speculating that it might be because there's no surgeon in the zone.
  9. I wonder if that is because Kings Row doesn't have an Icon or other tailor in it, so they let Blue Steel handle it instead of making a new building. But then it would have to apply to the Talos and Skyway and Faultline trainers too. Hm.
  10. I made my own high-level Sky Raiders. Check them out if you want, in my West Libertalia arcs: "West Libertalia Born And Raised", and "West Libertalia: Global Empire".
  11. You can unslot your SOs and replace them with TOs or nothing if you think it's too easy.
  12. Socks with one color we can pick, and black or white stripes (please let us have both options, not at the same time obviously) would work. Oh and also solid color socks, of course.
  13. Hey that's really cool. On Everlasting there is no end to MSR taking place in the normal RWZ so I have never heard of this instanced version.
  14. I thought the title said "Biggest Mama Builds". I came here with entirely different expectations.
  15. If the stockings can come in different patterns that would be swell. Striped (both directions, different thickness of stripes), perhaps other patterns too like stars, hearts, other shapes.
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