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  1. I played these today. Arc 1. I have no real comments except that you should try to make the level range consistent. If this means that you have to make a few custom mobs (like Atta), or make the whole arc lower level, I think it would gain from it. However, after playing arc 2, I think your story could gain from showing off 'upgraded' and higher level Skulls and Trolls, as a new and more potent threat to Paragon City. So I would try to bring the arc up to whatever level seems reasonable. With the events going on in arc 2 I feel like this could be up there with Dark Asto
  2. I want to nominate DETH ETERNAL by @boilinghands Arc ID: 43772 Description: Are you a bad enough DETHSLAYER to RIP and TEAR your way through an army of DEMONS that LITERALLY came from HELL?? It's Doom, okay? But it's funny.
  3. I was just curious, since the original devs also used a limit of two arcs at a time, if I remember correctly. I thought maybe there was some technical reason.
  4. Is there a technical reason for this? How does it work?
  5. Yes, he followed me. If you want him to stay put, I think you could make him an allied boss instead of an ally. Or maybe a hostage, who will then run away when you get close to him, and hopefully leave the map before you find the other one.
  6. Do you want Speed to be the pool for Speedsters, or do you want it to be any of the pools that lets you slot Luck of the Gamblers? Since Flurry is so lackluster it would have to be a good bonus if you're going to spend time using it.
  7. Flurry should be a cone, but also have a good chance to give +Recharge so you can spam it to get your good powers up faster, as an alternative to Hasten.
  8. Mission 2: This is weird. There are two Vinces. I think I know what you were trying to do, but the first one didn't run away when I found him. Might be a bug, might be a setting.
  9. Every day is Colemas, citizen. Mother loves you.
  10. Short answer: yes. Long answer: Council/5th Column robots have artificial intelligence and are capable of independent thought. There's a whole arc of a robot uprising in their ranks, where they try to break free and form their own group. Sky Raider jumpbots have the tactical knowledge of fallen Sky Raider officers stored in their memory cores. This last part might just be me remembering some ancient head-canon though, since I can no longer find out where this information came from by checking the wiki.
  11. Commenting on 4.3 Gods in the Planes First mission send-off has a broken <br>-tag, right after "TUNNEL". A little confusion in the first mission when a random Spirit got attached to me after I found the main objective, and the target for the escort changed. But I sorted it out. Considering that Marchand seems to be mostly conveying information from Nadia I wonder why our contact isn't Nadia directly, but that's just a minor questionmark. Getting used to the spirit guides in mission 2, they can be helpful to find the things I need to click... clever trick I might h
  12. It's more like an extended and interactive cut scene than a mission.
  13. The AE doesn't provide any rewards besides xp, influence, regular salvage drops, recipe drops, incarnate shards and threads. No merits, no incarnate salvage. Apparently no day job rewards either, as you have discovered - this was new to me. Maybe if we're nice we can convince the devs to add merit rewards or something to Dev's Choice arcs, but that would require some programming labor, I'm sure.
  14. Stumbling on the finish line, half a step behind Darmian, comes my entry: The Last Crystal Out Of Cimerora Arc Id 43014 Marcus Valerius has disappeared just as he was about to board the ship that would take him to the end of the world, carrying the idol of Mot. Sybil Bramlett is contacting you across the eons to plead for help from an increasingly uncertain future. [SFMA] Levels 50-54.
  15. Sadly there is no tag to mark a story as a story or a farm as a farm. Several suggestions have been made to introduce such a tag, or a way to separate them somehow. Many authors will "tag" their stories by adding abbrevations like SFMA (Story Focused Mission Architect) to the descriptions of their stories, but not all know about this old tradition, or care to follow it. There are still enough of us who do, so that if you enter SFMA in the search field you will find a whole lot of stories.
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