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  1. People have asked for the "finish" to the Skulls storyline, and now there's people begging for a BAB Task Force. Naturally these two things should be combined into a KR Task Force set at level 10-20. It can be quite short. Maybe 3 missions will suffice. No reason to outlevel all the other task forces at that range. First things first: hunt down Deathlok, make him talk. Find out about the Lords of Death and a huge shipment of Dyne the Family is supposed to deliver to them. Draw out the Lords of Death. Take out the Dyne delivery. Fight some Family goons along with t
  2. "Story Focused" I believe it was originally but I can't really remember. It's been so long. As for thinly veiled farms under that tag, I can't say that I have seen any, since I've been playing through all the arcs I could find marked SFMA (except a few). I have an explicitly marked farm with the SFMA tag, because it is still telling a story but can be used for farming with a typical fire farm build, if desired. It's not a great farm but I like it.
  3. I like gimmicks. They make things interesting. If I don't want to mess with gimmicks there are plenty of powersets without them, and many with gimmicks so insignificant that they can be ignored.
  4. All That Glitters 3.1 Revised: I won't go into detail for each mission since I've played it before but here are some things I noticed. Mission 1: Clue: Praetorian Tech Weilding Pirates ConDev, as a seperate company was absorbed by Langston long ago and renamed Langston Labs. Clearly they are reusing the name for these new force of Praetorian-armed pirate units. Langston Corp. really has used all the tech they can get their hands on. I might write this as: Praetorian Tech Wielding Pirates ConDev was absorbed by Langston lon
  5. Another Vigilante-To-Villain tip mission, has Sidewinder mentioned as male but presenting as female. The name of the mission is "An Unreturned Phone Call".
  6. A vigilante to villain tip mission exit popup seems to have the wrong text. I'm not quite sure what it should say, but probably the real mission title, whatever that was. Here's a screenshot, and in case that gets lost somehow, it's for "Vigilante To Villain SL6-7 Five" which also appears in the title of the popup.
  7. There is no reason to remove an Echo map. Just add another Echo map. "Hostile DA" or whatever, where people can PVP. Make up some IC reason for it. "The mists and Mot's influence have fogged the minds of all that enter the area, and they are now hostile to each other." Make it like Warburg, where it's a free-for-all. Similarly, Echo: Warburg and Echo: Bloody Bay could be PVE maps "before the hostilities began" where there is no pvp. It's moments after Blitz's defection / the meteorite strikes, and nobody has yet figured out that there's gold in them thar hills. Thus, villains are t
  8. I see that I am late with my suggestion. So I'll just agree with this.
  9. You wouldn't have to remove the existing Striga or change any of the contacts. You can have a separate instance of Striga for villains, with new contacts but otherwise identical (or updated to another level range if you prefer but that would be a lot more work, and I for one would love another place to go from level 20-30 than Sharkhead). So you don't have to remove any NPCs anywhere else, or anything of the sort. Just come up with stories for villains to enjoy on Striga. For inspiration, I suggest my own modest AE arc "Fear And Loathing On Striga", which I only recently learned was the offici
  10. If it's that simple, why not create pvp versions of all or many more maps? I don't even know if Villains can get to Echo:DA. But even so, wouldn't it be "easier" to create PVE versions of Bloody Bay and Warburg, and then let people choose whether to enter the pvp or pve version of the maps when going there?
  11. In honor of the year we've had: Masked Virulent Quarantined Distant
  12. Prodigal, as in the prodigal children have come back home.
  13. In the AE, the Civilians faction contains both "ordinary" nameless NPC civilians, the likes of which we see wandering around the world, and lots of "named" NPCs like Amanda Vines and Tsoo Tattoo artists, Baby New Year and other such creatures. The problem is that there is a "Random" selection which picks from all of these entities and uses it to populate a Rescue objective, for example. It is much more likely to grab a named entity than one of the unnamed generic ones which usually is the ones you actually want. I suggest the creation of a new Civilians group which only
  14. Now that's a man with a beard another man might be proud to follow into battle.
  15. The mobs that don't have bows/crossbows could have spears, like the Cimerorans. A higher ranking archer mob could use some trick archery to debuff, reaching nearly Tsoo Sorcerer levels of annoyance.
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