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  1. I will also offer my time to try to prep maps, since unlike Ankylosaur I'm creatively void and need more maps.
  2. Well, I was planning an arc with some viking action so I could use snow-covered maps. Like the ones we have in the winter events, against Snaptooth and the winter witch.
  3. This place, a walkway leading up to the second floor of some kind of Arachnos structure in Sharkhead, near the Arbiter, has been like this since forever. There's a wall straight across the walkway so you can't actually walk onto the upper floor, you have to jump over that wall. It's ridiculous and annoying when you try to walk up there like a normal person. A minor error to be sure, but still.
  4. That's good, but *that* is an inconvenience because it turns off ALL my toggles, not just the stance toggle upon death. Can we have a power that only turns off the stance auto-power, so we can stand up straight at the flick of a toggle again?
  5. This is a minor inconvenience* compared to not being able to turn off the ninja run or beast run hunched standing at will. *not an inconvenience at all
  6. Hi there! Here's my submission for the AE Contest! Arc ID: 34521 Arc Name: The War On Christmas Author: @Take One Number of Missions: 3 Description: With the holiday season rolling around, Westin Phipps is busy burning donations and squandering gifts, all to suppress the hope of the downtrodden citizens of Grandville. But this year his dastardly mind has conceived of a scheme more evil than ever before!
  7. I'm not even sure what the No Fade does.
  8. Awesome. I still would have liked an explanation for why the change was suddenly necessary.
  9. Can Shinobi have the Ninja Run animation then, if it's not allowed to stack with Ninja Run, so we can at least look cool while we use it? I can live with them not stacking, if I can slot up Shinobi with runspeed and jump enhancements, to achieve something close to what I used to have, if the run/jump animation was the same. I still don't understand the changes, because no explanation was given, so I don't like them...
  10. I've been asking around on the Discord but nobody seems to know anything about how this is done, or which Dev I might want to ask about it. Maybe nobody is trying to do this at all, which would be understandable. I'm just trying to find out if there are plans to make more maps available in the AE, and maybe a little about how it's done. Maybe it's something I could potentially do with my limited programming knowledge, or anyone if it's mostly a matter of data entry/revision.
  11. That was an idea I hadn't thought of, and I also approve of this.
  12. I would like to suggest a new temporary power to be purchasable for Influence in the P2W store. It would come in the shape of a martial arts belt, and it could come in various "colors", so we could buy a White Belt, a Green Belt, a Blue Belt, etc. Each belt color would grant the use of a power from the Martial Arts powerset, a set number of times, and they would all be purchasable a number of times to allow for 100s of uses. This would let us create characters who are capable of using martial arts kicks and punches, as well as our regular powers, for greater customization.
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